custom design rugs


Handmade custom rugs and carpets are a peak needy item that most interior designers eye for. Area rugs are the first and the last most integral parts of any splendid home decor. They alone can change the entire look of any space and add that cherry on top of the cake.

Well, we – the custom rug manufacturers help you get started.

Reasons You Need Custom Design Rugs

Ask yourself why you would need custom design area rugs!
There are obvious reasons why you would need custom made rugs. Sometimes also because of emotional attachment with what’s in the home for too long. You need just the same kind of rug already laying in your room. We believe there are a few reasons why we need a custom carpet.

  1. The rug you wanted to buy is out of stock or you don’t find it online anymore.
  2. You liked a rug but need it in different colors/sizes to match your space.
  3. You want to blend the design pattern of the rug with your room’s surrounding interior.
  4. Retail rug stores have limited choices. One may need rugs on demand for more personalized space.

Download the CUSTOM DESIGN RUGS FORM, fill out and email it back to us at [email protected].


Become A Custom Rug Designer For Your Home

While interior designers carry a deep study locating the right design, color, and size to their rugs, you need not be an expert to do so. For custom design rugs all you need is your own rug choice.
Getting custom design area rugs from Faisal International is now as easy as buying a rug from your nearest store but on the choice of your home’s interior.

  1. Select your design: This could be your creation or a designer’s creation. Look up to the inspirational pictures you may want to extract the design/pattern for your custom rug. Share it with us. Our experienced and creative designers will do that for you.

  2. Colors change design: Share your color code. Choose from ARS color codes or the well-known Pantone color codes. Go with simple designs with light colors if you want the room to look large.

  3. Select the fiber: Choose the material type you want in your custom rugs. Select from some of the most used fibers like New Zealand wool, viscose, bamboo silk, banana silk, jute cotton, and others.

  4. Select your rug type: The difference in rugs can be classified in the different methods hand-tufted, handloom, hand knotted, flatweave, Moroccan, or any.

  5. Size: Not all spaces are equal in shape and size. We get you any size rug out of the box. Yes, any size.

  6. Quality: The quality of a rug is as important as its size and color. In knotted rugs, the number of knots per square inch determines its price value. Ideally, denser the fiber in a rug higher is its quality.

Why Order From Custom Rug Manufacturers?

Did you know, Faisal International produces custom made designed rugs for some of the finest rug importers in the US and European countries!
There are significant benefits when placing an order for custom design rugs directly from the makers themselves. This gives a wide opportunity for personalization by shouting out your creativeness louder for something more and more.

Benefits Of Custom Design Area Rugs With Faisal International

We let you be your home’s custom rug designer. Design your handmade rugs from a variety of [types of rug] and [Rug fiber] in your way.

  • Eliminate middlemen handling costs and save your money.
  • Rug customization includes custom color, size, design, and also material.
  • Every custom made rug is new, washed and fresh.
  • On your request, get a video or pictures of the making of your rug. The video/pictures would include the process of the color dying, weaving, and finishing.

Custom Modern Rugs

Modern rugs are like a ticket to everywhere. They can very well fit and adapt themselves nearly anywhere without any fuss. Enhance an elegant splash of design, color, and solid pattern to any space with custom modern and contemporary rugs.

There are just tons of patterns and colors for modern rugs. They reinforce a unique and special touch to every interior decor.

Sometimes it is so and so like bringing a wall painting canvas itself on to the floor. It is just that amazing style of rug flooring.

Try the modern hand-tufted area rugs or Indo-Tibetan rugs in loop and cut styles.

Custom Area Rugs With Borders

Rugs with borders are like a framed artwork laid on the floor. Oriental rugs are the best examples of bordered rugs. Some oriental even have borders within a border. Each border holds a variety of creative art distinct to each other with different matching colors and designs. It is because of this very complexity of work that it takes a longer time to get them done. This also makes these rugs a lot costlier than others.

On the other hand, rugs without border look modern going for modern design rugs is an easier option.

rug with borders
rug without border

Personalized Runner Rugs

Runner rugs work wonderfully for spaces that are small or places that have short width walk-ways. These are places where large width size rugs cannot fit in well. Such narrow places can be located in every home like in the kitchen, pathways, bedroom, staircases, etc.

Custom runner rugs become much in need when you do not find the size in your nearby stores. When you know you can get your personalized rugs in a few clicks, then just go for what your space needs for itself.

Custom Design Wool Rugs

Area rugs made of wool are the real and the most versatile form of rugs. They are considered the top and original form of area rugs. The wool comes in different qualities depending on the quality of sheep’s hair and their texture.

Custom design rugs made in NewZealand wool are amongst the finest and softest wool go with. Blended wool and silk rugs have completely added creative favor in the world of carpets and rugs.

Silk highlights the designs and makes rugs look just more than sufficient.

Fringes In Rugs

Fringes in rugs generally tell that they are handmade. However, you may not find them in every handmade carpet.

Fringes are one of the most features of traditional area rugs and hand knotted rugs. They have 2″ to 3″ inches of fringes on both ends.

Sometimes on the client’s demand, the fringes are hidden by binding them to the rug’s back. (see in the image).
Cotton fringes are the most common fibers in knotted carpets.

rug with fringes

Why Need Custom Made Area Rugs?

Professional guidance to a rug installation is as important as other interior works including the lighting, curtains, furniture installation, wallpapers, paintings, etc.

Good flooring is something that cannot be left untouched either. The well-known home designers say that real home design decor begins with an area rug.

If you ever noticed, even a floor with the most expensive Italian tiles is incomplete without a piece of an area rug!
Every space is treated differently.

Not all room sizes are the same. Colors and designs specific to your interior may not always be available with rug stores.

Finding the right rug match may be crucial. You need to match a rug depending on different factors, and here is when custom design rugs are a must.

Watch Out For Unplanned Rug Flooring

There are tons of floor covers flourishing all over the internet. Each claiming to have the best of all, but what ‘is the best’?

The best is ‘the right match’. Do not let yourself do the sin of an unplanned rug purchase. Most people tend to buy rugs without making a proper decor plan.

So helping yourself or your client with the correct piece of rug can help conserve the eclectic look space deserves.


Sometimes home stages and home designers may not be very sure about the rug they would be getting from the vendor. Therefore, before placing an order for a custom made rug it is a good notion to first talk to the producers for a rug sample.

A discussion with the rug producer about your desired rug will by far win you 1/3rd of the game. This way you can inspect the quality of the rug, its fiber, the colors, the quality, etc.

If there has to be some change, then it’s all a great opportunity to discuss the changes before ordering for the final large size rug.

So just gather and pile up all your imaginations, we will creatively weave them to reality. Get started with your personalized CUSTOM DESIGN RUGS right now.