Rug Sample

There is nothing quite like the excitement of revealing a rug sample. It is the most important and the first peek of a design, material and technique come along together.

It may not always be easy to find the rug of your choice. Every individual has their own taste bud. Some prefer blue roses while most prefer red.
We have observed from our design practices that one needs a small rug sample before placing an order for a larger rug. This is recommended also because it is by far a much better and a lot cheaper way to first inspect the sample rug in-hand – it’s coloring, it’s texture and it’s feel than to order a large rug and then return if does not qualify your expected quality.

If you like the rug sample, you surely will love the full-size rug too. Just simply share the ‘coupon code’ that we send with the rug sample and we will return the amount by deducting it from your new purchase order. So now that the rug sample price is refunded, keep it all for free.

Why get a rug sample before your final purchase!

Colors in a photograph or digital screens do not deliver the exact or the actual colors. Each differs by small or large depending upon the image’s reproduction methods, like the angle, lighting, the resolution of the monitor being viewed, and others. Hence, with a sample in hand its a way of being assured that you get exactly what you see.


  • Share your desired design with us or let us design for you.
  • If possible your color/pom codes so that we are more accurate with the colors.
  • The maximum sample size is 2×2.
  • The ‘coupon code’ can be found in the product description of the invoice as well as in the rug’s inner tag.