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Hug Rugs – They Make Walking Beautiful

For over 50+ years in the rug manufacturing arena, making exclusive handmade rugs in pure new wool and finest silk using natural dyes.
FI Rugs employs the most experienced artisans, and each rug is woven by one person, from start to finish product, ensuring the quality piece to its topmost.

Rugs are adapting the traditional patterns into designs that are suited to modern styles. We do custom made for the clients with particular care taken in choosing the right wool colors for the room. Designs can be adapted for the size or quality of the rug with borders scaled up or down as required. So any size or design is possible.

You can always begin with Fresh New Rug Samples as a suitable rug must serve as an integrated part in an entire interior instead of stealing the attention from other things in the space.

Below is a brief showcase of our rug production. Should you require something a little different from the options shown ─ FI Rugs specializes in custom-made rugs.

To receive high res pictures & price quotations, contact us.

Note: We Strictly DO NOT Share Private Artwork Of Our Clients Unless Permitted.


Truly A Bespoke Work Of Art

Whether texture, tonal, colorful, patterned, or plain, a rug should be designed to work in harmony with your furnishings. Our bespoke hand-knotted rugs will act as a frame, pulling together and perfectly finishing your room scheme. So take your rug as an investment purchase.

Modern Knotted Rugs

undyed hand carved NZ wool rug
30 KPSI Undyed NZ Wool - Hand Carved Rug
natural undyed modern knotted rug
30 KPSI Natural Undyed Modern Knotted Rug

Persian Rugs

We produce knotted rugs in a variety of qualities in pure virgin wool and silk. Know more about Persian Oriental rugs.

26 KPSI NZ handspun
26 KPSI NZ Handspun Wool
26 KPSI NZ hand-spun
26-KPSI NZ Hand-spun
26 KPSI NZ-handspun
26 KPSI NZ Handspun
40 KPSI in twisted NZ wool
40 KPSI In Twisted NZ Wool
40 KPSI in twisted NZ wool
40 KPSI - Twisted NZ Wool
Multi-color Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Rug
Multi-color Persian Gabbeh Loribaft Rug
40 KPSI Low-pile Semi-twisted NZ Wool
40 KPSI Low-pile Semi-twisted NZ Wool
50 KPSI Mir Rug In Indian Wool
50 KPSI Mir Rug In Indian Wool
50 KPSI - Fine Indian Wool
50 KPSI - Fine Indian Wool
90 KPSI Hand Knotted NZ Wool Rug
90 KPSI Hand Knotted NZ Wool Rug
59 KPSI, 2-Ply 60c Plain NZ Wool, 1-Ply 30c Handspun NZ Wool
59 KPSI, 2-Ply 60c Plain NZ Wool, 1-Ply 30c Handspun NZ Wool
78 KPSI Ultra-low Pile Twisted NZ Wool Rug
78 KPSI Ultra-low Pile Twisted NZ Wool Rug

Vegetable Dyed

The Veg-dyed rugs by FI Rugs are so very versatile too, not only are they effectively used as some of the most distinctive floor coverings.

natural vegetable dye rug
Natural Vegetable Dye Rug

Herbal Wash

Herbal washed rugs, often you will see FI rugs used as a wall hanging very much like a piece of art.

borderless tea washed rug faisal international
Tea Washed Border-less Rug

Aubusson - The Carved Rug

30 kpsi Knotted aubusson Indian Wool Rug
30 KPSI Knotted Aubusson Indian Wool Rug

An Aubusson rug make a too high impact statement in any room, whether on the floor or the wall. Click here to learn more.

runner rug sw wool
Runner Rug In SW Wool 2'6"x6'

Tibetan Rugs

A Rare Art Form!

For centuries Tibetan rugs have been made from natural wool offering durability and unique traditional styling. Many designs are available, most based upon customary designs.

Recently, Indo-Nepali rugs are crafted with more modernistic designs with the discerning consumer in mind. Vibrant colors combined with quality materials and age-old handwoven techniques make Tibetan rugs not only a wise investment but a centerpiece for almost any room in your home or office.

The natural beauty of wool & silk combined with traditional designs, will change your room from fair to fabulous!

loop and cut pile rugs
Loop & Cut Pile Rugs

Bamboo-silk rug give the richness feel of its incomparable shiny surface and softness. Also, bamboo fibers have reliable durability, tenacity and stability, and peeling diminished to nearly nothing.

Galaxy 100 kpsi silk and NZ wool
Galaxy 100 KPSI Silk and NZ Wool
Forest 100 KPSI Silk and NZ Wool
Forest 100 KPSI Slk and NZ Wool
Loop and cut pile Nepali Rug
Mehndi 100 kpsi silk and NZ wool

Viscose and Bamboo have a similar characteristic and finish as velvet. It creates an optical illusion, as one color blends into the other, and reflections switch depending on the light.


No contemporary interior, it seems, is complete without at least one Moroccan-design rug. Here we look at some of the best examples on the market, with or without some vibrant colors.

15 KPSI NZ Wool Moroccan rug
15 KPSI NZ Wool Moroccan Rug
30-KPSI Thick Moroccan NZ Wool
30-KPSI Thick Moroccan NZ Wool


By using a hand-tufting gun, yarns are short into the canvas until the entire frame sets a thick pile. The design is then carved by hand, attended by a close examination to make sure each carpet keeps the highest standards before shipping to the client.

Floral Woolen Tufted Rug
animal skin tufted wool rug
Animal Skin Tufted Wool Rug
modern style tufted rug
Modern Style Tufted Rug
modern hand tufted in Indian wool
Modern Hand-Tufted In Indian Wool
floral elegant tufted rug
High End Tufted Rug
Persian Oriental Tufted Rug
Persian Oriental Tufted Rug
loop and cut pile modern tufted NZ wool
Loop & Cut Pile Modern Tufted NZ Wool
aubusson tufted rug
Aubusson Tufted Rug


The Affordable No-Pile Rugs

Looking for a sophisticated yet fun and easy way to update your floors? Flatweave rugs are an intricate, lightweight and stylish choice.

Handmade rugs that combine areas of flat weave and pile inventive ways have grown in popularity recently. The mixing of techniques gives a carpet an added dimension through a varied texture and associated play of light, and shadow.

Punja Dhurrie

floral punja dhurry rug
Floral Punja Dhurry Wool Rug
woolen punja dhurry rug
Woolen Punja Dhurry Rug


Interior trends can often be muted versions of global fashion crazes. What people are wearing can transpose into how they decorate their homes. In recent years, there was much talk about wearing earthy tones, so it’s only a matter of time before we are encouraged to get earthy at home too.

natural rugs fi rugs

Jute & Hemp

flatweave in jute
Flatweave In Jute
flatweave jute rug
Flatweave Jute Rug
felted wool and hemp
Felted Wool & Hemp
100% NZ wool flat weave rug
100% NZ Wool Flat-Weave Rug
wool and hemp flat-weave rug
Wool & Hemp Flat-weave Rug


chindi rag rug
Chindi Rag Rug