1. Collaboration Program

Our “Weave To Sell With Me” Collaboration Program is new in the trading segment. This service is currently available for USA customers only.

This unique set of trade programs is an initiative by FiRugs that offers to their existing clients and new clients (rug showrooms, rug wholesalers, and rug retailers) to produce their artwork and go further on to sell them to the final customer.

Now that’s the passion FiRugs has for their handwoven rugs. This lets each rug reach a wider and a real audience for the product.

If that sounds good to you, send us an email subjecting “Weave To Sell With Me”, and we will lay down the workable plan.

So please sit back and let FiRugs shoulder their passion part for you.

Personalized Service

  • Get monthly stats (includes GSC., & social media stats.)
  • Free service; Pay no product optimization charges that usually cost nearly $200-$500 a month.
  • Pay no percentage on any sale made by us.
  • No storage charges(preferably to support small-sized rug shops)

2. Trade Program

Save More

Always ready to consider negotiable terms. So order more, trade more, and save better. It is a joy to see more and more of our handmade products, reaching every corner of the streets. That is exactly something that FiRugs aim to go on and on.

5% off your first four orders

10% off your 5th and beyond orders.

(We strictly do not compromise with our product’s quality while offering discounted rates.)

Free Shipping

All US and European country orders are shipped for free. We can also help with any unique delivery options.