best rugs for babies to crawl on

Best rugs for babies to crawl on!

A right rug is a perfect place where babies can begin or learn to crawl. There is no better place than a rug to teach a baby to crawl. A rug sticks to the floor, and hence there is no risk of them falling from a height, such as from a bed.

See to it that the rug fiber’s color dye is not harmful as babies tend to lick the rug quite often while lying flat on their stomach side.

Fiber has to be soft to feel in touch. On the other hand, a silky rug is slippery. Slips of babies’ palms while crawling on such a rug can hurt the chin or even worse.

A jute fiber rug, which is rough, can get scratchy and hurt the knee and palm of crawling babies.

When Do Babies Start To Crawl?

Babies begin to creep around nine months or later, but some begin at 6 to 7 months, and some also might take a little more time than other babies. 

One baby crawl style that probably strikes your mind while thinking a baby is moving with their belly up and their hands and legs moving forward. Some styles of baby crawling include:

Bottom Scoot Crawling

When learning to crawl, your child can test the downward movement: by sliding the well-padded floor on the floor, he uses his feet to propel himself.

Crawl like Commando

The baby can start crawling by letting their stomach and feet on the floor and pulling themselves up with their arms.

Roll Crawling

The baby learns to balance himself, moving back and forth, and gradually strengthens the forward motion.

Crawl like Frog

Like the yoga moves, in this crawling technique, the baby thrusts forward by a pose of hands and knees in a bridge-like formation.

Tripod Crawling

Here the baby crawls with both hands, and one leg does the moving while the other leg rests comfortably.

Crawl like Crab

Crab crawling is the frustrating effect: the baby uses his arms to push himself back instead of the front.

Crawl like Bear

Bear style crawling is like the “adho mukha svanasana” yoga pose where the baby poses with his face down, buttocks out, and legs straight lifted; the baby balances on his hands and feet.

What Determines The Right Rug For Babies To Play On

Precautions To Take

  1. Vacuum your area rug regularly too.
  2. Get them washed according to the need for it.
  3. Choose non toxic nursery rugs and waterproof rugs for babies.
  4. Make sure to pad on your baby before letting him/her play on the area rug.
  5. Keep pets away from the rug your baby loves crawling as pets may bring with them germs under their paws. Pet urine stain is another issue you could face with your favorite rug.
  6. Also, make sure not to step on these rugs with shoes or slippers, especially if you wear them outdoors.
  7. Throw your baby rug under the sunlight at least once 1-2 months but for a short while. Doing so helps eliminate odors and any moisture from the rug.

Are Wool Rugs Safe For Babies?

Absolutely YES, high-quality wool fabric rugs are very safe for babies to play on a woolen rug, and it’s not harmful at all.

Wool is all so green, so you are not going to have a concern. As a kid, most of us have played and slept on a wool rug.

The comfort of wool can make tired eyes easily fall asleep. Wool carpets keep the body warm throughout the winter.

Is Polypropylene Rug Safe For Babies?

Yes, polypropylene rugs are safe for babies. Polypropylene rugs have features that make them safe for babies; they are soft, durable and easy to clean.  Polypropylene has fire retardant properties and is chemically made to become resistant to stains(excluding oil-based stains).

Top 6 Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On | Baby Rugs Online

1. Round Fluffy Soft Area Rug For Babies To Crawl

Round Fluffy Soft Area Rug
SIZE4 Feet
COLORPink (available in 11 other colors)
FIBERFaux fur
RATING4810+ ratings
SPECIALITYIt is a round fluffy soft area rug for babies to crawl. It is the perfect plush shaggy nursery rug as cute and soft as the baby. The pink color option is more appealing for a girl's bedroom room. It is the perfect plush, shaggy nursery rug as cute and soft as the baby. The pink color option is more appealing for a girl's bedroom living room.


These shaggy area rugs‘ texture is very soft and velvety made of high-quality material, a perfect flooring for kids’ room decoration. It not only looks adorable, stylish, and modern but also builds a warm and pleasant space for kids.

  • These cute 4ft bedroom rugs have a non-slip design. It can stop kids from reaching the tile floor.
  • The shaggy floor mat can be combined with all kinds of decoration styles.

This fluffy area rug is 4 feet in diameter. It is widely used in home decoration, used as a girls’ room rug, kids bedroom rug, kids play rug, nursery rug, rug for study room, living room rug, toddler room decor rug, etc.

These feathery rugs are cleanable easily; Wipe to clean or hand wash as needed, shake it to fluff the faux fur, choose a well-ventilated place, lay the rug, or hang it to dry on its own.

2. New Zealand Sheepskin Rug For Babies To Play On

SIZE34-36 inches
FIBERLeather backing
RATING65+ ratings
SPECIALITYIt's a 100% untrimmed natural unshorn lambskin that weighs 28 ounces, that light. The rug keeps warm during winter and keeps cool during the summers. It is washable and Hypoallergenic. 100% genuine sheepskin soothes babies to crawl and children as well.


  • Wash the rug at home with the hands using mild soap or detergent for more massive cleaning in warm water.

  • Do not apply products having enzymes or bleach in them. There are ready-made products accessible in the market for laundering sheepskin.

  • Try Outback Gold Wool Wash for the purpose.  For drying, do not place under direct sunlight. Do not roll them either; instead, leave them full stretched.

Note: Avoid ironing. Opt dry cleaning. Use a wet cloth to clean and revive the look of the rug.

3. ABC Baby Rug For Nursery Kids

ABC Baby Rug For Nursery
SIZE59 inches
COLOR3 colors - White, Pink, Grey
RATING215+ ratings
SPECIALITYBesides the warmth, softness, and great looks, it serves as an educational- alphabetic rug. Its non-slippy cotton made rug.


  • The rug is made of natural fiber, cotton. It will naturally feel soothing to baby knees as cotton is skin-friendly.

  • A larger crawl field with a diameter of 150 cm allows enough space for babies/kids to play. The rug is lightweight and foldable to carry. The foundation of the mat is non-slip; hence it’s excellent for a baby to crawl safely.

  • It has all 26 alphabets embedded beautifully, so some fun education is happening along with the playing.

  • The rug is of excellent cotton quality with entirely locked edges, leaving no trail of loose threads. It is easy to clean by the hands and in the washing machine.

  • This cotton rug can be a perfect gift. It is an excellent baby rug that one can give/gift to those whose baby has just begun to crawl.

  • It is soft and cozy to use as a baby crawling rug/mat. It can inspire the baby to crawl more, play more, roll more, learn to walk more without worrying about hurting themselves.

4. Soft Rainbow Rug For A Crawling Baby

Soft Rainbow Rug For A Crawling Baby
SIZE6’x9’ (also, in other sizes)
COLORLight rainbow
RATING401+ ratings
SPECIALITYThis rectangular baby crawling rug has some very unique features because it is large, non-shedding, anti-slipping, has a pleasant look, and affordable.


  • Besides using it as a baby room rug, it is ideal for use as both boys’ bedroom rug and girls’ room rug, small children’s room, and as a living room rug as well.

  • It is easier cleaning the shag rugs. A good shaking or vacuuming can eliminate much of the dust from the rug. When done with washing it, let it dry by itself.

  • The rug is non-slip with an adequate grip and gives the babies excellent support from reaching the hard floor.

  • The larger the rug, the more fun the baby will have crawling all over the rug. This 6×9 fluffy nursery rug is going to be a spongy football ground for them.

5. Waterproof Baby Crawling Mat/Rug

Waterproof Baby Crawling Mat
COLORBaby pink
FIBERNon-toxic Environmental XPE Material
RATING75+ ratings
SPECIALITYIt is a complete package that your baby is going to hug you. It is large, with a puzzle format, the form used to make it is nontoxic, non-slippy, and most importantly, it is waterproof. Ideal for babies and toddlers.


Care & Maintenance Tips:

  • Keep the rug dry.

  • Do keep it away from direct sunlight.

  • To clean, wipe with a wet cloth.

  • Prevent pets from playing on it, or they may damage the soft spongy rug.

6. Ottomanson Shag Rug For Babies

Ottomanson Shag Rug
SIZE5'3" x 7'
COLORGrey (also, Beige, Brown, Charcoal gray, Cream, Navy, Orange, Red, Turquoise, Black, Dark gray)
FIBER100% Polypropylene
RATING5020+ ratings
SPECIALITYIt is a very soft and thick pile rug. More thickness means more cozier. It is also resistant to stain, wear or fade.


  • It is easy to clean this Turkish machine-made polypropylene rug as they are stain-resistant by only using a damp cloth. Vacuum the area rug periodically, and it makes the rug look new-like.

  • It has a strong 100% jute made foundation/backing that also helps insulate underfoot.

  • The ultra-soft and plush texture of the rug adds excellent value to the mat. It is thicker and cozier than it looks and very comforting to the foot.

  • Synthetic rugs such as this polypropylene rug are pet-friendly, durable and even confront high foot traffic very well.

Those were our picks for the “Best Rugs For Babies To Crawl On“, please do comment below and share your experience with your rugs for babies.