sari silk rug from india

Sari silk rug is a handcrafted or hand knotted rug interwoven with the first-class remains of silk collected from silk sari manufacturers.
The waste silk is classified into colors and reprocessed among a partly thicker fiber to get it in use of producing rugs or carpets into noticeable distinctive showpieces.

sari silk rug india
Recycled Sari Silk Rug, India

What Is A Sari?

Sari is a traditional garment, especially woven by the Indian women and Indian women love wearing them. It is one of the most famous clothes as more than 500 million women across the globe wear them.

Most ladies of all ages admire the fabric of silk. It is such a luxury, stylish, classy, sheen that it has a significant impact on the minds and hearts of millions.
India is the largest consumer of silk saree, and for hundreds of years, it was a symbol of aristocracy, grandness, hopefulness and wealth.

A sari is a woman clothing that consists of an unsewn drape differing from 4.5 meters to 8 meters in length. It has a width of 60 centimeters to 1.2 meters and is generally tied up or wrapped around the waist by having one end draped on top of the shoulder, exposing the waistline. Click to know more.

model in silk sari
Model In Silk Sari

Hand Knotted Sari Silk Rugs, India

Sari silk hand-knotted carpets are a product of natural materials. A proper way of using it will have long durability and will last for decades. These knotted rugs can have different qualities from low to high. Most of the time, since the recycled saree has uneven thicken, they are mostly woven in medium quality.

Sari Silk And Wool (Mix)

The respective rug is an exclusive work of art, and it all relies on the assemblage of sari waste.
The blend of various sari silk and the luster from the silk fabricates the carpet assuredly precious.
Saree silk and the wool combination is not that common, at least not as common as the saree silk all alone.

Texture Of Sari Rug

The composition of sari silk rugs are very soft, silky, and the obtainability of these carpets are quite precise in counts.
Generally, this happens with all handmade crafts that the fabric retains an energetic irregular texture which almost calculates its uniqueness and attractiveness.
The yarns like bamboo silk, tensile, viscose twisted/blended with sari silk will have a thread incomparable in lasting longer by maintaining its delicateness.

Sari silk and high-quality New Zealand wool woven together have distinctiveness, and the beautifulness of all sari silk rugs become an artwork.

Recycled Sari Silk Rugs

Gathered sari silk from various places is the reason for not getting consistent tone color or coloration in these rugs.
Colors are composed of different shades and tones, and generally, there are about more than forty tones on single colorant collectively mixed.
All this provides the pattern convincing difference and depth that adjoins lavishness and satisfaction.

Sari silk is used in raw condition preferably rather than dying it again to acquire the specific difference. Therefore, each carpet is unique in its style.

Durable And Eco-friendly Sari-Silk Rugs

You can treat saree silk area rugs like other silk rugs such as viscose carpets and bamboo silk carpets. They are durable and suitable for a medium level of foot traffic. It would be best if you vacuumed them regularly to remove dirt and dust to keep them fresh.

Authenticity Of Sari Silk Rug

Sari silk is a cheaper material than any other grind silks. It is the product of India and is known as the Aqua silk.
Sari silk carpets are just like other carpets such as a transitional rug, a contemporary rug or traditional oriental rug.

  • Sari-silk rugs do not have the artificiality and evenness of fine silk.
  • Sari silk carpets have luster, gleam, and have a very similar look of silk.
  • Sari silk is not as excellently seeming as the blend of it comes from different kinds of colors.
  • Although sari silk is very different from regular silk yet, it is quite beautiful, which has similar qualities of the real silk. Undoubtedly, one will experience an unlimited assortment of exciting colors in sari silk carpets.


  • Double washing of every carpet is the need to get the affluent look.
    The fundamental type of wash is by using water and mild washing powder. This simple method of washing cleans all impurities from the carpet.
  • The other wash is a massive and deep wash that helps remove all the extra waste yarn and oxidizers the carpet. A proper washing helps the magnificent fabric pattern come about with an appropriate setting.

Care And Maintenance Of Recycled Sari Rug

  1. Always avoid placing these rugs away from direct sunlight. Doing so can make the color fade.
    For spotted stains, wipe them off with cold water.
  2. We highly recommend, never machine wash.
    Sari-silk carpets need tender vacuuming with decanting or pump exclusively.
  3. Make sure not to put these soft silky rugs in a place that gets heavy traffic. Better to lay them on top of a standard carpet pad to prevent it from moving from its original position.
  4. Set your patterned work of handcraft where one can easily see it first at sight than run down.
    If your sari rug has become dirt, then handwashing it by a professional cleaner is required.
  5. The best place to lay these rugs is in the bedroom, below a dining table, a corner setting region, and living rooms, or any area with less foot traffic for a classic Bohemian feel.

If you have any questions regarding sari area rugs, including free samples or custom orders, please contact us by a call drop in an email at [email protected].