overdyed rugs diy

Overdyed Rugs DIY

What are overdyed area rugs?
Vintage overdyed rugs are produced by a multi-dimensional bleaching process, color saturation, and a unique drying process. The process of making these rugs gives the rugs their unique, bold, deep colors. It’s a great way to get the look and feel of a traditional Oriental rug with a more modern, updated look.

Why Rugs Need Overdyeing?

There basically are two purposes for rugs getting overdyed.

  1. Firstly, the beauty of these overdyed Persian rugs is no less than any others. Some interiors complete to their highest decor potential only if these rugs are layered.

  2. It is a skillful way of saving old rugs from going to waste. So it is also a way of recycling a carpet/rug that still adds has tremendous value. Go around the web, and you will find that overdyed oriental rug’s price can be as much as the Oriental rugs themselves.

Over-Dyed Rugs Pink

Overdyed Rugs DIY

Painting the rug using paints available in the market is different from the actual overdyeing of rugs. Painting the entire rug may look good and may even create a similar look, but they aren’t the natural type.

An authentic overdyed area rug will not have paint but will have actual eco-friendly wool color dying on them.

To find if the rug is painted or overdyed, run your palm over the rug’s surface. An original overdyed rug will feel soft to touch, as much as feeling the wool itself. If the texture of the rug is crunchy or gives a feeling of stiffness, indeed, it’s painted.

Overdyed Rugs Blue Color Theme

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Overdyed Rugs Green Theme

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Types Of Overdyed Wool Rugs

Overdyed Persian Rugs

Unlike overdyed patchwork rugs that take up more time to develop, simply over dyeing a knotted rug takes lesser time. Persian rugs are simply given the theming color to the rug after learning the most suitable color.

Patchwork Overdyed Rugs

Patchwork area rugs itself is a popular form rug to put on the floor. Overdyed patchwork rugs creates a new and unique theme to the space. It’s like quilting, putting blocks together and dying them to give a fresh look. Overdyeing rugs is a also a creative way to give a rebirth to old rugs.

The way it is done is that the pieces are collected either from one rug or more than one irrespective of the color of each piece. Then each block of cut rug is attached by sewing together to form one finished rug. Next, to give a single tone color to the whole rug, the desired color is chosen and dyed using natural dyes.

Overdyed Kilim Rugs

Not only do hand-knotted Oriental rugs make a fine overdyed rug, but even the kilims create a similar effect. The only difference with kilim overdyed area rugs is that they don’t have any pile; hence they cost less than the prior.

How To Clean Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed area rug cleaning follows the same methods as you would treat to clean any other woolen rug. As long as the rug gets overdyed using the proper techniques, you will not have to bother about the color fading or bleeding.

Go spot cleaning:

  • Dilute eight parts water with one part white vinegar and one part mild dish soap.
  • Apply the solution using a white piece of cloth, towel. Do NOT rub the spot – this could damage the rug to irreparable damage.
  • Remove any dust with a vacuum cleaner that does not have a hard bristle or any beater bar attached to it. Your rug’s wool fibers will be pulled out by the beater bar if it is too powerful.

Here is a free guide to wool rug cleaning.

What to Look For When Buying Overdyed Area Rugs

Overdyed wool rugs are a must for many homeowners. Suppose you want to include one of these exceptional rugs in your interior design, or you already have one, but you want to add to the rich atmosphere that these rugs provide by purchasing another one. When purchasing any of these beautiful pieces, keep in mind a few things.


The rug is vintage, so please remember that. You won’t go to any retail store to find one for sale. The options for overdyed vintage rugs are plentiful; know that you will need to be prepared and ready to shop to find what you are looking for in it. The varieties range from wool to Turkish, quilting to a solid color, and are available in every color imaginable; there is a style that will suit any decor.


When it comes to buying an overdyed rug, never settle for anything less than what you deserve. These rugs start with their uniqueness and then go through a dyeing and washing process. This process essentially deteriorates the fibers of the carpet, aging it and giving it the perfect unique look for your home.


Best overdyed rugs undergo many washing and dye cycles that speed up the aging process and blend colors. The finished result is a stunning rug with exceptional color depth. This depth of color does not appear in new rugs or carpets that have undergone the traditional dyeing process.

The process also dramatically relaxes the fibers of the carpet, which is especially lovely with a wool carpet because they are rougher. The result is a rug with a softer texture than expected. These two qualities combined give the rugs a rich look and texture.


It is essential to check for the colorfast of the rug before purchasing overdyed area rugs. An authentic rug piece that is an overdyed one must not fade away color. To check the color of the carpet will not get washed out with time, dip a cotton ball in water and rub on the rug’s fiber with slight pressure. There will be will no color visible on the cotton if the rug is genuine and well dyed.


Authentic vintage overdyed rugs will be genuinely unique. The dye cycle gives each rug its appearance, with variations in color and texture. You can be sure that your vintage rug is authentic because no two overdyed wool rugs are exactly alike. These carpets cannot be mass-produced.

Whatever look you want, whether you want to cover the floor of your dining room, living room, bedroom, or foyer, choosing an overdyed rug means that you will be laying a rug with a character of its own, giving your home a unique look.

How To Style Space With Best Overdyed Rugs

  • Wall Hanger For Extra Pop-up
    Overdyed rugs work amazingly well on walls. One of the fundamental reasons for hanging a rug on the wall is, of course, to show off an art piece in full-fledged. Go ahead and replace your old boring framed art with a real piece of ultimate creativity. Bring these rugs that can create that magic in your house, even if your walls are to be the excuse to let that happen.

  • Kids Room
    What makes these rugs suitable for a kid’s room is that the soft wool rug is treated with natural and harmless color dyes. Hence such rugs are ideal for allergy sufferers too. For a girl’s room, choose a pink overdyed rug to give the room a feminine theme.

  • Living/Special Room
    A unique room in the house needs special treatments with some exceptional home decor accessories. You will agree that every one of that special spaces requires a special rug too and how better could it be to choose an overdyed rug for the purpose.

  • Layering
    The trick to trim down the budget for rug layering and get the overdyed rug in focus is simply adding a large, inexpensive rug for the base layering. For that purpose, choose a roll of jute, seagrass, or sisal rug, as they have no pile in them. So they stick entirely to the floor. Next layer natural painted rug on top of the base rug.