patchwork rugs

Patchwork rugs are made by cutting small pieces of old or new carpets in even sizes and shapes and then joining them to one part of a unique area rug. These rugs have a cloth backing that provides strength to keep the cut joins together firmly.

Patchwork Carpet Concept

The concept of this form of rug came into existence when preserving expensive old rugs. It took to a new state of the art while trying to recycle or restore the worn and torn carpets/rugs. The neat pieces of one or more rugs were cut and skillfully crafted to form a new art piece.

Popular Types Of Patchwork Area Rugs

Patchwork area rugs are made from different fibers, including wool, silk, cotton, natural fibers, etc. And not just the fibers, these kinds of rugs may or may not have an added backing. Some may have a pile height, while others may lay flat.

If you are all set to purchase one of them, do not forget to see the patchwork’s rug construction type. Let’s find some of them.

1. Animal Skin Patchwork Rug

Due to their durability and unique look and feel, leather/hide patchwork rugs are becoming increasingly popular due to their durability. If you want to purchase leather area rugs, you have several options to choose from, including color, prints, style, etc. Some of the leather patchwork rugs made from the animals’ skin are the zebra, giraffe, tiger, and cow skin patchwork rug.

Cowhide Patchwork Rug

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2. Patchwork Persian Rug

Of all the patchworks, the antique patchwork wool rug in Persian style is the most well-known and the most admired piece of handcraft. Although it is expensive, it is worth lying in the living room or the bedroom. Try using it as a rug on the wall for unique home styling.

3. Overdyed Vintage Patchwork Rug

Patchwork overdyed rugs is a concept of creating or turning old carpets into new ones by giving them a theme color. Generally, the old knotted rug piece that has worn outs is cut to save its better parts.

In joining process of the pieces, the cut ends are first glued and bound with wool or silk. Binding the edges are done before the patchwork to secure the fiber from coming out later on.

Once the rug patchwork is complete, the whole carpet is dyed to provide it with a single tone, such as burgundy, charcoal, indigo, etc.

4. Patchwork Tufted Rug

A patchwork hand-tufted rug is an inexpensive form in the patchwork rug category. Patchwork tufted area rugs also stand out as they are inexpensive pile rugs and can carry any design or pattern in them.

Unlike the patchwork in knotted rugs, to join the cut ends of the tufted, instead of sewing, they are joined by glue.

5. Kilim Patchwork Rugs

Besides the others, the flat woven non-pile rugs or the very low pile rugs also make beautiful patchwork pieces of area rugs. Patchwork kilim area rugs are durable and cost less when compared to the knotted patchwork area rugs that have a pile.

6. Turkish Patchwork Rug

Patchwork Rug DIY

The value of what we do at FiRugs can be seen in how we do it. At FiRugs, we take pride in our one-of-a-kind patchwork rugs. The creators of these exceptional pieces are devoted artists and craftspeople who have dedicated their lives to producing dazzling handcrafted rugs. FiRugs’ patchwork area rugs are renowned for their exquisite designs, bright colors, and unique patterns.


The first step in the patchwork process is to hand-dye the source rugs. An unfathomable amount of time and effort goes into selecting perfect colors.


In the second step, pieces are measured and cut from source rugs. The selected pieces will be woven together, forming patches for the final product.

FiRugs expert artisans strategically lays out and numbers each piece. These pieces are organized, ordered, and bound together by a machine to prevent fraying.


Next, pieces are bound by hand. Each stitch is precise yet meticulously sewn. This intricate process takes days and is best performed by an experienced artisan.

In the FiRugss’ handmade process, the pieces are stitched, and the artisan applies a solid backing material behind each seem for additional support using both machine and hand stitching methods. FiRugs’s meticulous craftsmanship creates a sturdy and beautiful design.


After that, durability is reinforced by a machine used to rebind the nearly completed rug for maximum strength and support.

The finishing touch of each FiRugs rug involves adding a reinforcement material hand-stitched to the rug’s backside, providing strength and durability.

The hand stitching also provides a more sophisticated and high-quality finish, and this step creates the strength, beauty, and style of a FiRugs one-of-a-kind art piece.


Finally, the artisan adds finishing touches by finally trimming the rug’s edges. Each section is cut to perfection to ensure straight and clean edges built up by hand, knot by knot.

Each FiRugs patchwork rug evolves into a colorful and complex geometric and ornate design.

Thick and brightly colored threads give each patchwork rug a unique character. The end product is an art piece that deserves praise for many years to come.