how to hang a rug on the wall

What To Consider When Hang Rug On Wall

  1. Location – Ideally, the location must be such that there is enough light. A good amount of light will enhance the beauty of your oriental rug.

  2. Weight – The rug’s weight matters in the rug hanging on a wall. Oriental rugs have a good pile height in them hence are heavier. A heavy rug will need a little more of the rug hanging tools and kits.

  3. Size – Match the rug’s size with the rug; of course, larger ones look cooler, but they turn out to be expensive. However, do not worry, as even a piece of small oriental rug on the wall brings about a drastic change.

  4. Fringes – Decide if you want to show the fringes of the rug or hide them.

5 Easy Ways To Hang Rug On Wall | Rug Hanger For Wall

METHOD 1 - Hanging Rugs With Velcro

This is the most common technique used in hanging any rug on the wall.

Things Required:

2″ inches width Velcro tape/stripe
Plain cotton cloth
Sized thin and flat plywood
Strong rug string
Pair of scissor
Driller, staple gun, and nails

  • Cut the velcro tape upto the point to match the rug’s width.
  • Hand-stitch the Velcro tape’s fuzzy, soft side to the muslin and then sew the muslin onto the carpet.
  • Cut the wooden board to fit the rug’s dimensions.
  • Next, the rough side of the velcro tape, staple it to the wood.
  • Drill holes in the wood and screw in the area rug, and then attach it to the wall with velcro.
  • Replicate steps 1-4, if necessary, to attach additional pieces of velcro in the same manner as lines down the rug or along the sides.

METHOD 2 - Using PVC Pipe/Rug Hanging Rod

Things required:

3/4 inch PVC pipe
Driller, and screws

  • Be sure to cut the PVC pipe to no longer be visible when the rug is hanging.
  • Cut many pieces of twine.
  • The twine should go through the pipe. It would be more secure when multiple pieces of string are used.
  • Fold the rug so that half of it drapes down from it on both sides.
  • Tie the twine loosely around the pipe. When the rug and line are held up in conjunction, it should form an equilateral triangle.
  • Attach the rug to the wall using a twine.

METHOD 3 - Use Curtain Rods For Rug hanging

Things Required:

Sturdy fabric (heavy cotton, linen, etc.)
Curtain rod
Carpet thread
Unbleached muslin
Drill, screws
Wall anchors

  • Make a muslin strip that matches the rug’s width.
  • Make a tube of fabric the exact width of your rug. It must be large and ample to fit your rod snugly; this serves as a casing for the rug when hung on your rod.
  • Sew the rug with muslin.
  • Put the fabric over the rug to form a tube.
  • Attach anchors using anchor screws and a drill.
  • This rod should be inserted into the fabric tube on the rug and hung on the wall.

METHOD 4 - Using Rug Clamps And Rod

If your question is how to hang a Persian rug on the wall, following this method is the best way to achieve the purpose easily.

Putting up a rug on the wall can also be achieved by using metal clamps and a rod. This technique is ideal for suspending heavy carpets on the wall. If you have noticed, many rug showrooms, and in carpet fairs, use these popular tools to showcase rugs and carpets.

Clamps are available in any hardware store and you just follow the instructions to hang a rug on the wall.

METHOD 5 - Using Push Pins

The rug hanging on the wall does depend on the weight of the rug. One of the simplest ways to hang a rug is to use pushpins. Simply use push pins and then dangle on the wall. This way of rug wall hanging is ideal, especially if it’s a lightweight rug such as a Dhurrie or kilim rug, etc.

What Kind Of Rugs For Wall Hanging?

What rug to hand is of personal choice and some factors we discuss here. The rug can also be in different shapes and sizes. Consider round rugs and runners. However, some unique [types of rugs] that are best suited for hanging on the wall are:

Helpful Tip:
Prefer to avoid long pile rugs for wall hanging. Tall pile rugs on a wall, like the fluffy shag rugs, can make the cleaning process more challenging.

Tools For Hanging Rug On Wall | Rug Hanger For Wall

There is not just one way of hanging an area rug on a wall; instead, there are more ways to rug hanging systems using different wall hanging kits for the purpose. Below are some ways to easily hang a rug on the wall.

1. Push Pins And Brads

Installing a very expensive rug requires great care. Using push pins or brads may be necessary to accomplish this. These are only temporary ways that you can use. Use push pins and brads to secure the rug in various locations on your blank wall. Your rug can be permanently hung just about anywhere if you have found the perfect spot to put it.

2. Hang Rug With Velcro

Hang your rug on your wall with Velcro for an ideal solution. It is applied to the backside of the wall to attach to the wall. Velcro has two sides. The firmer side of the rug is applied to the wooden board, while its softer side goes on the rug. Use enough Velcro to secure it firmly to the wall. You do so by drawing lines all around the rug. After that, you’ll need to apply at least two pretty thick Velcro strips to either side of the rug.

3. Rug Clamps And Rod

Rod and rug clamps are one of the most used tools for hanging carpets and rugs. Get a rod, silver, gold, or any color matching the rug’s background. Although most parts of the rod will not be visible, the ends will still be exposed.

The rods and rug clamps are strong enough to bear even the heavyweight of large carpets. Also, the overall look is beautiful, neat, and decent.

4. Tacks & Stapler

Installing the rug on the wall is the last step that you have to take. Essentially, you can use either a stapler or tacks to do this. When you choose to sew tacks instead of a stapler, make sure that the tacks match the rug. Keeping those things in mind, you will have a stunning wall decoration that you will be able to make your own.

5. Rug Hanging Rod

Hanging a rug using a rod is easy and simple, but then the rug has to have grommets to it one end. Like the grommets in a curtain, rug grommets can hold a rug up on the wall by letting a rod pass through the rug grommet. 

Rug stores practice this way of hanging a rug to showcase their rugs and carpets to their customers conveniently.

6. Rug Hanging Clips | Rug Clips

Advantages Of Hanging Rugs As Wall Art

  1. Hang rug on wall for sound. A wall rug can prevent your room from echoing as it tends to absorb them.

  2. Lets rug on wall decor essence to guest.

  3. Even a small rug on a wall can bring a massive change to any empty and dull wall.

  4. It is the best way to protect expensive Persian oriental rugs from wear and tear.

Tips For Wall Hanging Rug Tapestry As A Wall Decoration

  • It would help if you remembered that you never should sew curtain rings into your carpet or staple your carpet to a wall with nails. The damage will result from putting these kinds of supports in the area where the rug is being reshaped and will lead to the end of the carpet looking wave-shaped.


  • An oriental carpet can be displayed in plenty of light to portray its best beauty, but do not place the rug directly in the sunlight, as this will cause your rug to fade over time.

    Hang the rug outside on drywall or a large sheet of plastic or bed sheet and show some sunlight and air at least once a year for the rug’s good health.

How To Hang A Persian Rug On The Wall

Buying a hand knotted Persian Oriental rug is more like buying an investment. In addition to being pretty expensive, Persian Oriental rugs also are works of art. Antique oriental rugs have a lot of history attached to them. The effort and skill put into creating the rug itself make it even more valuable.

It can almost seem like a sin to lay this masterpiece on the ground for a daily walk anywhere. Yet, they must be valuable, and Persian rug owners often decide to use the rug as a wall tapestry. Hanging rugs on the wall can help protect your beautiful and expensive Persian wool rug, and it’s also a great way to display your precious possessions.

Historically, Persian rugs have been used as wall hangings in many Eastern traditions. Such rugs have been displayed in royal homes, museums, and palaces for centuries with other art and paintings.

Hanging A Heavy Persian Rug

To hang a Persian oriental rug, using the clamp method is best if the rug is oversized or too heavy. If you choose to hang using the Velcro stripe method, put enough Velcro from the edge to the center so that it can carry the weight of the rug.

As a general rule of thumb, any rug can hang nicely on the wall, but a lighter rug is better. It is too heavy to hang a carpet on the wall since the weft and warp of the carpet will stretch over time, causing it to warp. Some vintage rugs would not last as long as if they were crammed to the floor; instead, they would last longer when hung.

There are beautiful silk and pictorial rugs that will suit well for hanging for more visually pleasing reasons. Put Oriental rugs where there is good light. A good amount of light will enhance and represent the images and design while protecting them.

How To Hang A Rug With Fringe On The Wall

It is vital to protect the rug fringes from getting damaged while hanging fringe rugs on the wall. For this:

  • Take two slender pieces of wood, the size of which is wider than the rug. Make sure that it can carry the total weight of the rug.

  • Take the top end side of the rug fringes and place them between the wood and screw tightly.

  • Next, make a decorative knot in a cord such that the rug will hang from the cord. Tie tightly around the two pieces of wood on both sides of the rug. Hang it up, and you’re all set.

Where To Hang A Rug On A Wall

1. Entryway

No matter if the rug is antique and colorful or modern and abstract, it spontaneously transforms any boring entryway into a captivating one. As soon as your guests set foot in your home, this conversation starter will kick in.

2. Living Room

Even though original prints or original paintings are beautiful, there is nothing wrong with a slight texture added above a living room sofa. Did you buy a rug that does not precisely fit where you expected it to? Do you love your rug so much that you do not want anyone walking on it? Your most likely place to use it is where you spent the most time.

3. Bedroom

Are you looking for a comprehensive method to make the area above your bed the focal point of your bedroom? If you’re looking for a headboard with a cozy and contemporary look, consider a hanging rug.

Please take advantage of high ceilings’ spaciousness by hanging an enormous style, or for a smaller style, hang it horizontally to make the most of the available surface space.

4. Office And Work Places

Hanging a business logo rug in the office isn’t the new concept. It is something you will find mostly on the wall of well-designed and furnished offices. It adds more uniqueness and professionalism to space. Logo area rugs are best placed on the wall of offices, receptions, waiting rooms, etc.

Never hang an area rug on the wall directly above or close to a fire source (e.g., fireplace or heat vent).

How To Hang A Rug On The Wall Without Damaging It

How to hang an Indian rug on the wall?
Just like the others, the type of rug depends on whether it’s light or heavy. It is easy and effective to hang a light-weight rug with the first method. A solid circular rod made from metal or wood that is very strong is more important than anything else.

Attach a strip of fabric or binding tape to the rug’s entire top edge, being careful to use tiny stitches that will catch the rug’s warp and weft with each stitch you make. The circular rod should be at least two inches longer than the width of the carpet when you pass it through this newly formed pocket. You’ll have your perfect wall hanging if you attach the rod to the wall brackets.

Instead of stitching down the front edge for the whole width, the second method sews it into different sections with space in between. A heavier rug can be attached with this method. Since they have space between them, secure the rug/carpet three times for support.

It is recommended to place a heavier rug flat on the floor for a few weeks after being removed from its wall mount. Essentially, this is intended to help spring the fibers back into shape after they have become stretched and misshapen while mounting on the wall.


Never hang a heavy rug using nails or pins on the wall. In this situation, the rug will suffer irreparable damage as the weight of the rug pulls against the nails.

Bottom Line

When you have learned “how to hang a rug on the wall,” only remember what rug goes with which hanging technique. So there you go, a few easy steps above to help you hand a carpet on a wall that makes a beautiful accent.