sheepskin rug

There is nothing more elegant than a sheepskin rug, and so cozy! You can buy both traditional and designer sheepskin area rugs. Add charm and a lot of luxury and warmth to your interior space.

There are many choices in sheepskin area rugs including, the faux sheepskin rug. Also, know how to soften sheepskin rug and how to clean sheepskin rug the right way.


The texture of the sheepskin is a high priority. It should be smooth, well maintained, flexible, and produce little or no shedding. The material used for the support must not be artificial or rubbery. A sheepskin brush and occasional shaking should keep the rug in good condition.

When looking to buy a sheepskin area rug, it should be pulled back vigorously with a good wire brush, using a gentle motion to reshape the fibers.

Different Types

They can be of two types of sheep fur rugs according to the nature of the existence:

Natural Sheepskin Rug

These are the real sheepskins of sheep with real wool on them. These soft furry area rugs are a bit expensive compared to the faux but have a similar look and touch. It is produced in the traditional form and processed with several times of wash followed by the dying.

Faux Sheepskin Rug

The faux sheepskin area rugs are the artificial-made skin that mimics the real. It does look and feel the same and is more affordable as well. These faux sheep fur rugs have a backing for the fiber to secure in strongly. Since they are artificial, there are various colors and sizes available in the market.

Sheepskin Area Rug History and Heritage

It would make sense for the sheepskin mats to come from a region of the world with extensive experience in raising and shearing sheep. These countries include Australia, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. That’s not to say that sheepskins from other countries aren’t also full of quality; It’s only a beginning.

Many times ancient traditions have been passed down from generation to generation regarding the processing of sheep’s wool to make it durable over time. Traditional washing methods and a long drying and combing process can give sheepskins a superior quality not found anywhere else.

Where To Put A Sheepskin Rug

1. Designer

Designer sheepskin area rugs take the natural beauty of sheepskin and sculpt it into a work of art. The designer will contrast short and long sheepskins or sometimes mix different species to achieve the desired effect. You get a natural color palette of white, black, brown, gray, and ivory by mixing species.

New Zealand sheepskin rug is highly prized for these designer pieces. And, of course, the artist also dyes the wool to achieve a wide variety of color options for his work. The designer’s unique pieces of art look fabulous in a contemporary room, in front of a fireplace, or anywhere with the right decor.

The black and white combinations are really impressive. Use them just anywhere and make your interior feel more special.

2. Bedspread / Quilt

Many people choose to place their sheepskin fur rugs on top of their beds. It combines well to enhance beauty with the sheepskin pillow. It’s a great look and easy to complement the room decor. White is an attractive option in bed, and everything is so stylish!

3. Sheepskin For Carpet Layering

Layering a sheep’s skin on top of a carpet or another rug is the trend. People buy Persian rugs and many other exotic rugs and place them where people won’t step on them. They warn people not to step on their expensive rugs.

The only thing you will tell people to do with sheepskin is to remove your shoes before walking on your sheepskin rug. Putting a sheepskin on an oriental rug is not to prevent the rug from getting dirty or showing wear and tear, but rather so that you can feel how good they feel on your feet.

4. For Babies

Even a baby can enjoy his sheepskin area rug and take his walking lessons. They are ideal for her little ones to crawl on the floor, sit and play. These sheep hair rugs are one way to calm most fussy babies. It should be your natural, warm comfort that gets the job done.

You may not have known that sheepskin rugs are hypoallergenic. It simply means that dust does not accumulate on these mats, preventing babies from sneezing and coughing. Many also use them in car seats or strollers to provide extra warmth and comfort for your baby.

5. Sheepskin Rug On Chair And Sofa

You will always see the modern houses in the West use these fluffy and soft rugs on the chair or their couch. It is high time to understand that even such simple things can make an interior look elegant.

6. Wall Decor

A full sheepskin area rug is a beautiful addition to a room. It will add warmth, luxury, and comfort to the room like no other rug. These fluffy rugs come in various sizes, with the smallest generally measuring around 6 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Even these larger ones look great, used as a wall accent, or thrown over a corner sofa.

7. For Yoga

With the growing popularity of yoga, yoga mats made from sheepskin are also gaining popularity. They are softer than traditional yoga mats and thus more popular because of their fragile nature. Also, wearing this type of mat sets you apart from the rest of the crowd.

8. For Pets

When there’s a sheepskin rug for you and your baby, why not a rug for your dog or cat? Dogs and cats love to snuggle up on their own piece of cozy rug and may stay away from yours.

9. For Motorcyclists

An essential feature of sheepskin area rugs is that motorcyclists use these rugs to cover their seats. During the summer, these sheepskin mats help keep the motorcycle seat cooler, and in the winter, they help keep the seat warmer. These rugs are available in black that easily blend with the motorcycle seat.

Sheepskin Rug Care Instructions

  • Sheepskin mats/rugs are relatively easy to maintain on our own.

  • When you get your new sheep skin rug, it may appear flat due to the packaging. But don’t worry, the wool bounces fast. Just shake it and spread it out. The wrinkle marks will disappear in a few days.

  • Note that it should be safely cleaned in a washing machine, on a gentle cycle, using a non-organic shampoo. They can also be dry cleaned if this method is preferred.

  • It is common to spill food and water. It would help if you didn’t wash the rug in a machine under such circumstances. It may require an extra sort of treatment. Rough handling can make your charm and smooth appearance fade.

  • In conditions like a stain, use a mild shampoo or detergent. You have cleaning solutions adapted to sheepskin.

  • Gently rub in the solution and wash it off with cold water. You can dry it simply by distributing it.

  • Once dry, use a sheepskin rug brush to remove the skin from the carpet, and you can have the same old, fresh and alive carpet.

For softening the fur, use a soft bristle brush for sheepskin rug available online with soft bristles.

Helpful Tips:

Never store your sheepskin mat in plastic bags. It can damage fur or skin. Let it breathe for a long and lasting life because they are a worthwhile and worthwhile investment.

Medical Benefits

In the health field, sheepskin area rugs have also proven beneficial. They provide additional comfort when integrated into wheelchairs and patient beds.

CSIRO’s Research Center for Leather with Fiber and Textile Technology and Royal Melbourne Hospital conducted tests before confirming that medical sheepskin is beneficial in preventing and treating patients with ulcer problems. These furry rugs offer the most incredible comfort.

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning - How Clean Sheepskin Rug

The rugs are quite large, generally around 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. They’re perfect on the floor, displayed on the wall like a work of art, or hung over a sofa. They make a great room accent, but how to clean them? Well, it is simple.

  • When washing a sheepskin mat, use only warm or cold water. Machine or hand washing is allowed. Suppose you are using your washing machine, use Woolskin Sheepskin designed for sheepskin cleaning. Do not use common soaps or detergents.

  • Lay it flat to dry, or you can stretch it into a narrow line. Avoid direct sunlight or any artificial heat source such as a radiator. It can damage the carpet.

  • Suppose the wool is rolled up after washing. Don’t panic; this is all-natural. You can brush it when it is wet and let it dry to get that luxurious, fluffy look.

  • Sheepskin area rugs are one of a kind with little competition other than rabbit or bear. Few large rugs are as beautiful as them, so why not try it yourself?

Bottom Line

In the article, you learned how to clean a sheepskin rug. And when there are just plenty of ways to use sheepskin mats, why not get one for your home, pet, or baby. If you own a sheepskin, what is its color? Please share your experience with us.