deer skin rug

Deer Skin Rug – What is it and are the benefits of a deer hide rug? Deerskins, like leather, are delicate, malleable, poriferous conserved hide of an animal called a deer.

It is draped almost in the same system as deerskin. The dress or cloth made up of leather is an advert to as buckskins which are typically worn by the native of America.

Like the cow hide rug and sheepskin rugs there are many uses of deerskin. The leather helps in making different products like rugs, coats, belts, delightful handbags, and shoes. The Native Americans made it very famous and popular and became perimeter fashion amongst them. The marvelous color of the deerskin is dark brown.

deer hide rugs

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How To Care

Make sure to avoid deer hide rugs from getting wet. If they get soaked in water, the tanning will surely not wash out as they are not waterproof in itself.

No not use carpet rake or any hard bristle brush to remove dirt and dust. Doing so can pluck out the natural hair from the deerskin which you cannot fix back.

Cleaning Of Deerskin Rugs

  1. To wash deerskin mix water with detergent powder in a bucket.
  2. Next, soak a clean white cotton cloth in the made mixture of detergent-water.
  3. With the foamy cloth gently and thoroughly rub on the dirt or spots.
  4. After that, remove the excess water with a dry towel.

Things to consider

Usually, the color the deer hides have are shades of brown. Some hides have white or black polka dots while others may remain plain.

Consider the size of the hide rug. A well-tanned hide rug can stretch to its full length and width. A not so well-tanned hide shrinks to a smaller size.

Benefit Of Deer Skin Rugs

  • As deerskin being tender and springy, it becomes favorite in making many by-product items out of them.
  • Deerskin leather is quite lasting, its stifling nature and softness catch oils and dirt from the skin over time. Luckily, this type of leather is comparatively simple to care and handle freely.
  • Adds a unique and rare piece of beauty to any space.
  • Ideal for placing in a living room or spacious bedroom.
  • Walls can create a look that otherwise others cannot do. Hanging deerskin can get that magical decoration with ease.
  • Place the skin of the deer rug on top of the carpet. It is all in fashion. This style of laying a rug on top of a rug or carpet is called Rug Layering. 

Why Custom Made Wool Hide Rugs

Get a custom-designed handmade hide rug in 100% pure New Zealand wool.

Custom deer hide rugs can add just the same elegant look and save these beautiful animals from being the hunt for their skin.

Contact us at [email protected] for a Printed Hide Rug made in pure and high quality wool. Do not hesitate to try new designs and patterns. We will get your imagination woven for real.

Not only that, here is a chance to try for patterns beyond deer hide rugs. The other woollen made animal skin designs are a peek decor for a chic look. Go with skins that imitate the design pattern of a butterfly, skin of zebra hide, tiger skin, giraffe skin, and Leopard skin. Who knows a bear skin rug could be your next close choice. 

The rugs are hand-tufted and are inexpensive. Look at the images of some of the animal skin and birds tufted in 100% NZ wool.


Slaughtering of deer or cow for their skin or any purpose is a strict offence and a crime in India.The hide rugs on this page are not Indian products. 

Faisal International does not support the killing of animals. These skins are from animals that died from natural causes. They are all sold for charity purposes only.