best rugs for dogs

Best Rugs For Dogs

Cats and dogs are excellent pets, as those who know the joy of having pets know. But they tend to catch the hair; this is particularly right in the case of cats. If you have pets, you’ll want to get rugs that are easy to clean, short piles, and have a color scheme that doesn’t make cat or dog hair too obvious.

There are many rugs on the market. Many of them are easy to clean with the solutions available. The same goes for wall-to-wall carpets. This solution is called by several different brands and allows you to clean up spills before they become stains.

If you have pets, you know, even your favorite pets can sometimes get accidents. You don’t want your carpet ruined because of such an accident. By getting an easy-to-clean mat, you can avoid the problems that arise with pet accidents. You can quickly clean up any clutter, and the carpet in your area will look like new.

Having A Dog With Carpet!

Most rugs on the market today are short piles, although heavy plush rugs are making a comeback in some circles. It is best to use short pile rugs when you have pets, as they will make it easier to clean the pile of the rug. You need to vacuum the carpet as you would a carpet so that you can lift the animal’s hair.

Another consideration that you will want to take into account when owning a pet is to choose the right rug color. If you have a white cat, you will probably want to stay away from dark-colored rugs. If you have a black color pet, avoid very light colored area rugs. Whatever color your pet is, your best bet would be to choose a rug for your home that has a pattern so that the pet’s hair is less noticeable, even on days without a vacuum.

Area rugs are a great way to make a statement with your entire home interior. Having a pet doesn’t go on to say that you don’t have to have a rug in your house. Besides adding style to your home, they also bring warmth to the house. They are an excellent add-on to any home decoration.

Pet owners should consider their pets when choosing rugs. They should look for short pile rugs that are easy to clean and have colors or patterns that don’t make animal hair look like. There are many rugs on the market that fall into these categories. Pet owners can expect to decorate their homes with beautiful rugs in all shapes, sizes and styles that they will enjoy with their pets for years to come.

How To Pet Proof A Rug

  1. Use pet rug protector
  2. Use entryway rugs
  3. Vacuum at least once a week
  4. Train your dog to excrete to a place you choose
  5. Use pet-friendly carpet cleaner for cleaning dog puke/poop/urine
  6. Trim your dog’s nails to protect them from damaging the rug fiber

What To Consider When Buying Best Types Of Rugs For Dogs


The fiber of a rug has an essential role in determining the area of the rug to place. When it’s about rugs for a dog, there is a specific rule to them while choosing a rug for them. Fibers such as cotton, jute, etc., that are not moisture resistant are not ideal rugs for dogs and cats. These fibers can instead create issues when your pet pee of the rug. So look for a rug that is easy cleaning.

For pets, look for rugs made in polypropylene, nylon, polyester, or low pile wool rug. Not only that, your dogs or/and cats will enjoy the warmth of the high-quality wool rug during winter.


Still, thinking what the pile of the rug has to do with dog rugs? First, what is a pile in rugs? Well, the pile is the height or thickness of a rug, and a perfect pet-friendly rug is one that does not have much pile height. When a rug has a higher pile in them, it can cause problems and take extra effort in cleaning them.


While designs and patterns should not be of great concern, colors should be fun and chosen cleverly too. If you ever played Holi, the festival of colors, or when you go out for mountaineering, or camping, what dress color would you choose to wear. Most would choose any but hardly white or any light color dress. Reason being that stains are more visible on white colors and light shade fibers than those dark-colored. Since pets tend to have dirty paws and maybe a treat to staining the rug, avoid light shade color rugs. Instead, choose rugs in darker colors such as navy, brown, black, and several others.

As for the rug pattern, if you do not choose a light color rug, go for a structured, patterned rug. Try avoiding full plain rug in a lighter color.


Care and maintenance must be the peak priority when buying a rug for your dog. Cleaning your pet’s rug daily can be a hassle. So if you take care of the points as mentioned above, you can save yourself from putting extra effort in maintenance frequently.

How To Protect Carpet From Dogs

Area rugs, besides serving as a tool for decorating homes, also benefit in many different ways. They can sum value and character to a room and change the home space’s whole atmosphere. Unfortunately, rugs can also be quite challenging to clean. There are several potential dangers that rug’s face daily. One of them is pets. Yes, the pets are great. They provide companionship and security, but they can also leave your carpets dirty and dirty.

Area rugs can be quite expensive, and one must view them as an investment that requires proper care and maintenance. Hence, this is why all owners of pet rugs need to keep them free from pet stains. Here’s a guide you may find helpful in removing those annoying animal stains from your favorite carpets.

The first thing to remember is that the sooner an accident occurs with your pet, the better your chances of having it fixed instantly. If you see your pet urinating on the mat, take quick action. Please do not allow the stain to settle as it will only be more challenging to remove.

How To Keep Rugs Clean With Dogs

Click to learn more about how to clean carpet stains at home.

  • Use a paper towel or neat cloth to soak up the urine as much as possible. Take care not to scrub the spot, as doing so will only push the fluid more into the rug. Know how to clean pet vomit from carpet.
  • Dab the towels over the stain and apply light pressure. You may want to place an object on the towels and walk away for a few minutes.
  • Once done with the soaking, pet friendly carpet cleaner available in the market to clean the left-out stain. However, if you do not prefer to spend money, use homemade ingredients, such as detergent or vinegar.
  • As for vinegar, prepare a solution mixing water and vinegar and pour into a bottle having a nozzle that can spray. For detergents, add a teaspoon of detergent (without bleach) with water and pour it into a spray bottle.
  • Next, spray the mixture on the stained spot of the carpet. Redo this process till there is no hint of any stain remaining.
  • The final step in cleaning pet stains from your carpet is to remove excess water and cleaning products. Soak the area with water and then use a towel to dry it. You can also use a dry/wet vacuum to help remove excess fluid.

So, cleaning pets stains from carpets is something you now don’t have to worry about anymore. Just follow the steps above, and you are sure to get rid of those nasty pet spots in no time.

Top 3 Best Types Of Rugs For Dogs | Best Pet Friendly Rugs

1. Original Faux-Chinchilla Area Rug


  • The rug is made in faux chinchilla fabric and has a thick texture. It is immensely soft and the faux material provides nice warmth and great look to the entire room.
  • Faux material rugs are very durable and have durable underside as well, hence perfect for pets at home.
  • Additionally, this rug can withstand heavy traffic in spite of its thick texture.
  • The fiber is water-resistant, and cleaning them is easy and simple.
  • The rug is available in 9 different sizes, and 19 different colors, including, light and dark shades colors.


  • It is a plush, cozy, and highly rated waterproof rug for dogs with more than 8835 ratings.
  • It is ideal for laying in a bedroom, living room and entryway. Perfect rug for babies to crawl and learn walking on.
  • Available in 19 colors- black, dark gray, navy, green, brown, pink, red, taupe, burgundy, etc.
  • The rectangular shaped rug comes in different sizes to choose from ranging from small to large.
  • Washing gets easier as they are rugs that can be machine washed.

2. Faux Sheepskin Rug | Softest Shag Rug For Pets


  • Do not be confused about buying this high pile rug, you can go for it if your pet is well trained not to dirty it and is obedient to what you teach them.
  • Apart from the warmth, the thick, soft and fluffy texture of this Faux fur rug is what your dog is going to love the most. Also, consider these pet-friendly cowhides in faux fur.
  • Faux fibers are very durable and rugs made of them very strong and last long. So they can greatly withstand heavy traffic as well.
  • It has thin TP rubber backing which helps the rug to stick to its place and also to stay flat on the ground.
  • It is easy to clean them, use any mild shampoo or detergent to wash them with your hands.


  • The rug is available in 10 different colors. So now you can play more with the colors by choosing what suits your kind of pet.
  • Beige color among them can really look appealing and help hide dirt and stains.
  • There are a variety of 5 different sizes of the rug, so you get to choose the most optimal size according to your pet’s size. A large rug will give more space for your pet to play on it.
  • The can also be usable as a chair throw or a bed throw. It is so flexible that it encourages you to play around more with your home’s decorations.

3. Contemporary Transitional Blue Area Rug 6x9


  • The fiber of this machine-made rug is the strong polypropylene and has a cotton backing.
  • It has a decent thickness and is available in sizes other than 6’x9′.
  • It is a tightly woven rug making it durable, and it is also a stain-resistant rug, so better for those having pets(dogs and/or cats).
  • The abstract pattern of the rug with the navy blue makes it a fine combination for perfect home decor.
  • Cleaning rugs, which is one of the most crucial aspects, and it’s easy with this rug. Vacuum regularly, and for washing, use mild detergent or shampoo.


  • Pets cannot resist playing if their rug is soft, large and more fun. The color and the pattern of the rug can very easily hide those little stains that generally occur no matter how much you protect.
  • You can lay this contemporary rug just anywhere in the house – either the living room, bedroom, dining room, entryway or also outdoors.


For a pet owner,  just because you have a pet doesn’t mean you have to give up the fun of decorating your home with pets. If this is what you are looking for, look no further!  Area rugs are undoubtedly the most suitable option for the owner of a stylish pet.