how to get dog poop out of carpet

“How to get dog poop out of carpet?”

Dog pooping on the carpet is an issue that is annoying when cleaning them up. Some of the frequently asked questions are what to do if your dog poops on the carpet, how to clean up dried dog poop, how to get baby poop out of carpet, etc.

In this article, we will cover “how to clean dog poop from oriental rug and other rug types. Also, know about best way to clean carpets using common household items and some dog poop removal tools.

How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Wool Carpet

Even your dog isn’t immune, and it’s a fact of life. With good home training, you can teach your dog that the right place to empty his intestines (i.e., if he’s a dog) is outside, but there will inevitably be accidents on you wool carpet over the years.

If you own a puppy that hasn’t yet learned a lot or your dog is sick or old, this could be a problem. Regardless, if you own a dog, you will likely need to figure out how to clean dog poop from the carpet.

So why not today? When dog poop appears on the carpet, it is best to clean it up immediately, so you will know how to approach the problem promptly when it occurs.

DIY - How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet

  • You need to begin by removing the poo. There are many choices to do this. A dustpan, paper towels, rubber gloves, or a plastic bag can all be helpful.

  • The tools above will help you remove the poop without having to touch the feces with your bare skin. After that, you must wash up your hands thoroughly.

  • To remove stains from the carpet use any DIY carpet stain remover [aff]. A stain remover must be a prewash product and must indicate “oxy” on the bottle (OxiClean, Oxi-Action, etc.). Or, you may choose to apply a product particularly prepared for pet stains. Follow the guidance on the bottle before applying it over the carpet if you are not sure how to clean carpet stains.

  • Next, prepare a bucket of cold, soapy water. Put some water on a cloth and rub the stain. To clean your carpet fibers thoroughly, substitute between soapy water and stain remover. Make sure to rinse the cloth several times so you don’t rub the droppings against the carpet.

  • Using a paper towel or rag, absorb the liquid left on the carpet. Press with your foot or hand as you repeat the process until the carpet is slightly damp.

  • Finish by mixing quarter cup vinegar in a quarter cup of water. Pour the solution on the carpet and allow it to dry again.

  • To get rid of dog poop smell, make use of kitchen products like baking soda. Spread baking soda onto the carpet, making sure to cover the whole area and that it seeps into the fibers. The baking soda needs to sit overnight, then vacuum in the morning. Follow the above steps to ensure your carpets are odor-free.

That’s all! You have learned what takes poop stains out of the carpet. You can restore your rug to its original appearance with a few simple products and with a little effort.

Best Carpet Cleaner For Dog Poop - Top Tools

Below are some simple dog poop remover products, including some devices, Dawn and vinegar carpet cleaner, etc.

How To Get Dog Poop Smell Out Of Carpet

Cleaning your pet’s poop off your rug or carpet can be overwhelming. But cleaning carpet stains is only part of the job. Once you have successfully removed the stain, there is still a problem that you will have to deal with, the leftover odor. Yes, even after the poo has left the carpet, an unpleasant odor may remain.

And no one wants to be able to smell cat or dog poop once walking into a room. Removing this unwanted odor is just another step in the cleaning process.

The following advice can assist you in completing this task.

  1. After the dog poop clean-up, the first step to deodorizing your carpet from poop smells is to mix a solution with a cup of white vinegar and a cup of lukewarm water. Apply this mixture to the now cleaned area with a spray bottle.

  2. After application, allow the area to soak in the mix for 5-10 minutes. Soaking will enable the solution to penetrate the fibers of the carpet and neutralize the odorous components.

  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after soaking. Use a shop vacuum or towels to extract the water. Make sure to dry the area thoroughly, squeezing out as much of the liquid as possible. Allow the area to air dry.

  4. Once the area is arid; You may notice a noticeable reduction in the odor or even completely eliminate it. You will have to take additional steps if the smell does not go away. Take baking soda and sprinkle an even layer over the area where the smell is coming from. It is normal to spread a generous amount over the place, as the baking soda will not damage the carpet. You should use a soft bristle brush to distribute baking soda evenly throughout the rug. Gently brush the baking soda into the carpet. Doing this will ensure that the baking soda will not miss out on any spot.

  5. Leave the baking soda on the carpet overnight for best results. The following day, use a vacuum to remove all of the baking soda and the remaining odor.

Getting rid of the unpleasant smell of animal feces doesn’t have to be very difficult. To successfully eliminate this odor, all you need is a few homemade ingredients. Add to that a little bit of effort and a little patience, and your carpet should be free of any crappy smell that might have caused you pain.

How To Clean Soft Dog Poop From Carpet/Rugs

It is easier to clean up dried dog poop than to clean soft dog poop from carpets. Dog diarrhea poop on carpet requires quicker action than dried pet poop.

Unlike dried dog poop on a rug, immediate action towards soft poop gives a chance to stop it from penetrating deeper into the rug fiber. Therefore, this can make the entire cleaning process much more manageable.

But how to get poop out? So as you notice the damaging coming, here is what you need to do on the spot. Remember to wear hand gloves for the cleaning.

Clean Debris

First, remove the dog feces. To do this, use a large spoon-like object to scoop it out, or else, use a thick cloth/towel and gently grab it. Ensure do not press it, or it will run deep in the carpet fiber.

Soapy Water

Put some liquid soap(or detergent) into a container and add water into it. You can also apply some of the liquid soap directly onto the poop stain. Spread it out evenly and leave for 5-10 minutes.


Remove carpet stains. Pour some of the soapy water on the spot and scrub the area using any cotton towel. If you have a carpet cleaner, it is going to reduce the workflow. Else, repeat the soaping and scrubbing process and check the result.

Remove hairballs when you see them.


Rinse the carpet with little mugs of clean water till all the foam is out. Repeat till not soapy anymore and till you the remove stain from the carpet.

It works much better if you have somebody pouring the water down so you can suck the water right away.


Dry the rug under the fan or take it out for sun drying.

How To Get Crusty Poop Out Of Carpet

Sometimes it happens that your pet’s poop goes unnoticed for a few days or weeks. By the time you notice it, the damage to your carpet is already done. The poop by then dries up and becomes crusty.

Hard poop won’t come out that easily, but it’s possible with extra effort. To clean dried dog poop, the first half of the action requires a different course of action than soft poop.

  • First, clean up the crust/dried pet poop. Removing it is the most crucial part of the cleaning. For this, use a sharp knife or knife-like object to scrape out the dried dog poop.

  • Once scraping out the dried debris, pour little soapy water in the stained area. The water will help soften the remains. Leave it wet for half an hour.

  • After softening the dried pet poop, use a towel or any unwanted cloth to scrub out the remains. Repeat till the spot is completely clean.

  • After that, dry the carpet.

How To Disinfect Carpet After Dog Poop

Disinfecting your carpet is more important than you can even imagine. Suppose you do not disinfect your rug/carpet on time; there can bad consequence. It can cause the carpet to give a bad smell, cause allergies, and invite carpet beetles to live and lay eggs.

1. Remove Poop

To disinfect your carpet, follow the steps given above about how to clean your carpet. First, remove the dog soft/dried poop. Soak a cloth in water and dab the affected spot. Do it many times. Wet the carpet fiber but avoid making it too wet. To pull out excess water, use this wet-dry vacuum.

2. Apply the Enzymatic Cleaner

Use each as directed on their label. These items are enough to disinfect your carpet and make it fresh and odor-free.

3. Rub Baking Soda

Spread baking soda all over the rug and leave it overnight. The baking soda helps pull out any foul smell from the rug/carpet. Vacuum the soda the following day altogether.

4. Drying

Once disinfected, it is even more important to dry the carpet thoroughly. Semi-dried rugs will have a foul in the carpet smell, which can make any space unpleasant to breathe.


We hope this article “How To Get Dog Poop Out Of Carpet” is of help. If not sure how to get dried dog poop out of carpet/old dog poop or how to get stains out of carpet properly by yourself, we advise calling for a professional carpet cleaning.