Best vacuum for area rugs”!
It definitely was not easy to pick the best vacuum cleaner from so many competing in the market. Here we chose the best vacuum for delicate rugs, carpets, pet hair and hardwood floors.

Before we get to the top 5 vacuum cleaners for rugs, know the types and what you need to look for in them at the time of making a purchase.

Type Of Vacuum Cleaner For Home Floors

Robotic vacuums the most advanced auto functioning vacuuming device. Along with its technological pros such as operating with smartphones, they have a few disadvantages as well. Unlike other vacuums, they have an average motor power yet work very well.

This is the most common and affordable one, often with fewer features, you will find in the market. They have a powerful rotating motor and are heavier, so there is enough pressure put on the surface while cleaning. The name ‘upright’ is driven from its nature of standing straight up even when lying ideal, not in function.

They cost more than the upright vacuum cleaner and not as portable either. By the look, it has a head section and a body section and is heavier in weight—great for hardwood floors. 

These resemble the upright cleaners but are of smaller size with lesser features in comparison. Stick vacuum cleaner is inexpensive and does not need lots of power to run. Therefore, perfect for small apartments floor vacuuming.

What Must Vacuum For Area Rugs Have

Accessories – The accessories that come with the package are add-on for extra functionality of the vacuum cleaning machine. The best vacuum for carpet and hardwood must have some extra add-on included. Why? Rugs come in different piles and thickness, some are plush, and some with no piles, hence different instruments help treat each accordingly.  Some accessories include dirt collecting bags, different size nozzles to reach corner areas, and all other various tools for more in-depth cleaning of furniture as well.

Power – If it can the battery system then see the charging time and for how long it can run on one full charge. Check for the device’s suction capacity and also the power of its motor. Switching to the desired levels and modes of cleaning, let’s save power and trap even stubborn debris present in the depth of the wool and other rug fibres.

Wheels – The foremost important and a must-have feature in a carpeting vacuum is it has wheels. You wouldn’t think of one without wheels. Without wheels, it would be like dragging or carrying the machine with a lot of effort from one place to another. A good quality rubber wheel can prevent the machine from sliding when it’s running. A good grip on the surface can help exert less physical effort while operating them.

Sound – Sound is something that many don’t consider an issue as running machines tend to be noisy with vacuums. However, there are ones that sound low and worth buying. In general, carpet vacuuming sounds less as it absorbs much of the sound compared to using the device on hardwood floors of the echoes they produce.

Indicators –  Rug vacuum cleaners with a dial on its interface is more convenient working with them. A beep sound and colorful light indicators in green, yellow and red colors help work following the capacity of the device at optimum.

Reach – Another must-have is a lengthier wire connect to reach places without using extenders. If it is a cordless one, then it’s even better. Cordless vacuum cleaners are not the most advanced feature, but a robotic operable with your smartphone is one to consider before picking any other of them.

5 Best Vacuum For Area Rugs And Hardwood Floors

At 5 - Bissell 9595A CleanView

Looking for the best vacuum cleaner for home on a fair budget, here is your take – go with Bissell 9595A CleanView.

This device benefits in many ways for its price value, exceptional characteristics, and high performance. It has a bag-less upright design and a tank to empty the waste efficiently. Let’s know more about it in detail.


  • Bissell comes with many other vacuum cleaning models, but 9595A’s easy to use, and other great features make it to the top 5 list. The device is 15 pounds in weight and on the front side it has a bumper to guard your sofa, etc. from damage or scratches.

  • There is a handle to the right side of the tank to hold and carry the cleaner. The device has an excellent grip that you can quickly move to any angle to clean carpets and furniture nearly to every depth.

  • The cleaner has a single pass system that is impressive. The cleaner has a single pass system that is impressive. It says it cleans everything in that single pass but better if had more than one like other cleaners.

  • The device has a powerful 12 amp motor which works excellent with the rotating nozzle. There are more rows to the nozzle with long bristles compared to average vacuums. It has 5-levels for adjusting the height to clean floors and plush rugs efficiently.

  • Another feature worth mentioning is its adjustable level of power and its super suction. The suction works cool for carpets and pet hair with its bag-less and upright design.

At 4 - Dyson Cinetic Big Ball

Well, Dyson vacuum on area rugs is so good that it has made it to this list too. This is a fantastic vacuuming device introduced by Dyson. This sole cleaner generates plenty of strength, has an outstanding handle for mobility, maintenance-free performance, no filter but an immense filtering performance. Other than the vacuum’s cost and weight, there are no cons. So let’s take a brief look.


  • This simple to vacuum device comes with a wire, which might be a bit bothersome; nevertheless, that is not a big concern for a general perspective.

  • The company has done good work to resolve or at least lessen the issue by giving a ball shape to this vacuum cleaner. Although the bottom part of this device is not that lightweight, it is not heavy to handle.

  • The length of the vacuum’s cord is 10.75 meters, which is enough to reach distant places. The vacuum stays in the upright position as it has a low center of gravity. Hence it is easier to handle while working with it.

  • With Dysons’ this model vacuum cleaner it gives a 360-degree movement ability to handle and work with minimal effort.

  • The tools you get with this model in its package are different shape/size tools for confined spaces. For hardwood floor, a muscle-head floor tool, and a unique stair vacuuming tool.

  • Another spectacular feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it is built with an air spin technology that separates all allergens and soil particles from the trash. So this turns out to be healthier for the person vacuuming.

At 3 - The Miele Electro Plus - Best Vacuum For Wool Area Rugs

As the best value product today, we have the Miele Electro Plus, a compact canister model made of excellent material that delivers impressive performance and power to your cleaning process. 

The quality of the material is strong. There are 8GPA filters for cleaning the air and conveniently separates the allergens and soil from it. The device comes with many different adjusting brush systems and has a very potent suction.


  • It is the best vacuum cleaner for knotted Persian rugs and any delicate woolen carpets.

  • On the interface, it has a dial system where you get to see real time working levels. It has 6-suction power options with directions for various floors. Besides vacuuming rugs and carpets, with this nifty device, you can also pick to clean hardwood floors, upholstery and curtains as well. There is a quiet mode/power-save mode too, which is a far superior feature of all.

  • Moving on, it has an auto-wined retracting system. The length of the cord is approximately 21 feet, although it is not that long it is still manageable.

  • Inside the package, you’ll get a 3.5 liter dust bag, Joule filtration system, and the machine’s engine. There is a separate filter system for the exhaust and the motor. The motor filter can help increase its life.

  • Another feature is its HPPA air clean that keeps the soil particles and allergens out of the space.

  • To prevent from causing any harm to the delicate rugs, it’s brushing has a shut-off rotation system.

At 2 - Hoover Linx Cordless

The number two in the list is the Hoover Linx Cordless. As the name suggests, it is a super cool item as it is a very affordable wireless vacuum cleaner for rugs and hardwood floors in its price range. So instantly vacuum anything in your home now with ease and comfort quickly.


  • What’s impressive is that this device is made cordless. So it has no lengthy wires, and you need not have to look for plugging. So plug it to charge it and start using this high reviewed rug cleaning machine. The good news about this product is that you get an automatic chargeable removable lithium-ion battery with it.

  • There is so much to this device regarding its functions and ease of handling it. The best characteristic of Hoover Linx Cordless is that you can change the battery of this device when it goes old. So this means that you need not throw your vacuum cleaner when the battery dies, but instead you can install a fresh one and keep using the device for an extended period.

  • Compared to ordinary cleaners, this device pulls out 3x more soil and dirt from the rug with its Windtunnel technology. To meet a certain height to clean, it has an automatic height adjusting feature. Moreover, it also has a power brush to clean dusty and dirty carpets easily and quickly.

  • One of the significant benefits of this device cleans edges and corners quite better, and it can swipe a wide path at a time. Hence, it takes less effort and time to clean huge areas.

  • Not to forget to mention is the 18-volt battery that can run continuously for 15 minutes. To charge up completely, it needs at least three hours . At this price, it’s perfect for small houses or places that require less vacuuming.

At 1 - Shark Navigator Lift-Away

Finally, here is the number one multi-use cleaner. It works in both the modes, caster as well in upright mode. Above all, this device is an excellent choice for those with allergies as it has a filter that can trap 99.9% of all the allergens. With this stunning performance for both hardwood and carpets, it’s the best vacuum for deep cleaning carpet and pet hair.


  • Now, this is the number one MUST have a vacuuming device on the top of the list. It’s all for the great and many features it has compared to others. With its three cleaning modes, you get to vacuum just anything, whether office or home. Besides cleaning area rugs and carpets, you can use it for bare hardwood floors too. It’s rotating brush very well cleans out all dirt including pet hair present in rugs and carpets.

  • Another super cool function is that there is an indicator that illuminates a green color light to let you know if the brush is ready or not. To vacuum places that are not easy to reach like stairs, etc., separate the canister by pushing a given button.

  • One crucial feature and often much-needed feature this device has is its dust holding capacity. Unlike its other models, it carries 2.2 dry quarts.

  • With the lightweight, cleaning modes, and so many functions this device has, you will indeed find it fun working with it effortlessly. This number one cleaning tool has an impressive suction which is very good for both; carpets and hardwood floors.

  • If you differentiate this rug vacuum cleaner with others on the basis of their price worth, this number one ranked machine is going to impress you. There is no better rug vacuum cleaner in the market in the category.


Technology advances with time, and better gets even better. Accordingly we will keep you updated with the list of our “best vacuum for area rugs, and pet hair” above. For any questions please comment below or send us an email. We shall get to you within 24 hours.