DENIM AREA RUG - The Denim Jean Rug

Denim Area Rug is a stylish cool rug made from recycled Denim or the jeans wears. Denim blue area rugs are the most popular for elegant and unique flooring decor.

Even your old jeans that you usually throw away can benefit even when it’s all worn out. How? You will learn that in a while, so keep reading.

Why Denim Area Rug?

A good jeans rug is handmade from used Denim. In earlier days, the framework method of weaving Denim area rug started in India.

It comes in numerous tones of blue, silver, grey with trims of a golden or rustic brown from the jute or cotton association. Denim Chindi area rug or rag rags are the other of its type.

The blue jeans rug is reformable and extremely durable, lightweight, and delicate underfoot. They are creditable, maintainable, and ecologically sound.

Denim is one of the highly acclaimed and most ageless fabrics for any area floor covering. The simple recycling of old Denim or last year’s worn-out jeans is excellent for the rug-making concept.

You can also buy Denim from mini-mart or a boutique in various shades without spending too much money. It is always good to purchase a larger size like men’s shirt, wide-leg jeans, women’s long Denim skirts, or a Denim jacket.

Types & Patterns Of Denim Blue Rug

Hand-tufted Denim area rug
Supersized round blue jeans rug
Handwoven drugget and runner
Denim rag rug
Handwoven horizontal and vertical pattern blue jeans rug
Custom-made Chevron pattern rug
Denim loops rug
Ceinture Denim rug
Handwoven rug in blue jeans
Stitched Denim rug
King-size Braided Denim rug
Cross-stitched blue jeans rug
Customary Denim rag rug

denim blue area rug
Denim Blue Area Rug

Buy the best denim blue area rug from the comfort of your home.

Denim blue area rugs are great for their color that is ageless and never goes out of trend.


  • Jeans rug features a stripe pattern
  • Its is a beautiful hand-braided rug
  • The material is a mix of cotton 60%, and 40% of jute
  • This rug is Indian made
  • The height of the pile is approximately 0.75″.

Various available sizes are ranging from small denim rug 2×3 to large size denim rug 8×10 and others.

Care And Maintenance

For cleaning the denim area rugs, there are simple tricks you can follow.

  • You can do simple vacuuming once a month.
  • For spot cleaning, do detergent with a wet sponge on the dirt area spot.
  • Do not pull out loose threads from the rug, cut, trim or tuck it to the carpet.

Denim Pocket Rugs

A Denim pocket rug is another unique flooring. They are cool rugs and dramatically add a unique style to a room.

These rugs have several cuts of pockets from old jeans and stitched together to a piece of canvas to form them.

Denim Rugs DIY - Make Patchwork Denim Rug From Old Jeans

The preferences of the jeans rug may vary from its purpose of usage. Sizes and shapes are other factors to look for before deciding to make them. You can choose a round, square, or rectangular denim jean rug. A large-sized one is better for placing in living rooms as well.

Let’s get started with learning about denim rugs today.

Instruments And Materials For Denim Rug Making

Jeans or Denim,
Heavy cotton textiles,
Scissor or knife(optional),
Revolving blade or cutter,
blade or rotary cutter and sewing ruler,
Sewing machine or Denim needle,
Iron and ironing table,
Strong thread,
Flexible wire brush.

denim rugs diy
  1. First, you need to collect old jeans from your closet. Choose your desired color, but stick to a single color rather than multiple colors.

  2. As in the video below, cut the jeans into small 3×3 size square pieces. Make sure whatever size pieces you choose applies to every piece evenly.

  3. Take another piece of cloth sheet or canvas in the size that you want. Another inexpensive backing could be a jute sack canvas.

  4. Now begin with the making. Pick the square-cut jeans pieces and place them on the edge of the canvas’s end.

  5. Now pin the cut pieces so that they do not move from its original place.

  6. Now stitch or sew the pieces pinned to stick them permanently to the cloth or jute canvas. Remove the pins after the stitching.

  7. Repeat the same for all the other three edges of the rug. Once all four sides are complete, move to the next inner outline of the canvas and repeat the same process, and stitch them well.

  8. Once the process is complete, now the rug will look like boxes of rug pieces.

  9. Cut long stripes of the jeans and stitch them to the rows and columns of the blocks/boxes.
  10. Lastly, with a long jeans stripe, sew them to the rug’s sidelines or edges for a thoroughly cleaner finish.

Advantages And Disadvantages


  • Original Denim is a fiber produced from pure cotton. It provides year-round cheer.
  • A Denim rug is entirely simple to match with any interior decor.
  • It is easy to clean and dry and does not need professional cleaning.
  • The strength of these rugs is incredibly strong.
  • The class of Denim area rug is wrinkle resistant.
  • It required low maintenance.
  • Denim jean rugs are eco-friendly.
  • It is undoubtedly a very long-lasting and durable product.
  • Denim rug has infinite styles and is trouble-free to layer.


  • The color of denim rug may bleed during washing and wipe-out in the direction of dissimilar exteriors.
  • Denim creates a hefty coating of the yarn when knitting or sewing or stitching.
  • There is a need for hot water washing and drying to regain suitability when Denim outstretches.