how to decorate with carpet runners

6 Places To Decorate With Carpet Runners

These runners create an ambiance of warmth and comfort they have installed mostly in the hallways, galley kitchens, runner rugs beside the bed, and other areas of your homes where the space is long but narrow.

Install on the stairs, but stair-runners differ. Runners do not have the backing like a carpet runner used on the floor. A runner rug in the living room is rare to find, but it can make a statement if placed correctly.

1. Runner Rugs For Entryway

Having entryway runner rugs at the entrance is an excellent way to greet guests. An entryway runner rug would be a delight to feel its softness under feet at the house entrance. Having the right size entrance rug runner can even make narrow ways look more spacious.

2. Runner Rugs For Hallway

One of the primary ways to decorate a hallway is by placing a beautiful hallway runner rug. Walking on a pathway with an art piece under feet is a fantastic experience, and is the last thing one can do for hallway decor.

Hallways receive heavy traffic, so choosing a hand knotted runner rug is the right choice, but synthetic-made rugs are cheaper options for tight budgets. The question is, can you put two runners in a hallway? Yes, of course. If it’s a long or lengthy hallway, you can put two or more rugs to fit the space.

3. Runner Rugs For Bedroom

Bedrooms are the most remarkable part of the house and need to feel the coziness level. There are enough places in a bedroom where you choose to place a bedroom runner rug. You can place two short runner rugs on either side of the bed; also, it is perfect to have one on the bed’s front edge. With a runner rug in bedroom, we bet you will never wake up stepping on the wrong side of the bed.

4. Runner Rugs Kitchen

Kitchen runner rugs have become a must need. A kitchen runner rug can not only help from slippery ceramic floor tiles but can enhance the overall look too. It can feel comfortable even after working for a long time at the kitchen rack. For best runner rugs for the kitchen, choose one made in wool, as they are stain and flame resistant.

5. Long Runner Rugs For Stairs

If you have hardwood stairs or a tiled staircase, then staircase runner rugs are a MUST have. A staircase runner rug can prevent from slipping and falling. It not only makes a great fashion statement but also can help reduce the noise of footsteps while moving up and down the stairs.

Although stairs are short in width, all staircases are not of the same size; hence Faisal International can provide custom-made runner rugs for you accordingly. To install them correctly, contact your home improvement person to assist.

6. Runner Rugs For Outdoors

Outdoor runner rugs are useful for enhancing decorating outdoor parties and lavish outdoor events. All you need to make sure is that the carpet is of the fiber that can stand exposure to the sunlight and rain. For this purpose, pick a nylon runner rug or any synthetic made area rug.

How Else Are They Used?

Apart from protecting your carpets from traffic, these runners are a striking decorative element. They make hardwood flooring more comfortable and warmer to walk on. They are excellent for the long and narrow areas that attract massive traffic.

Runner Rug Dimensions

Runner rug sizes vary from place to place; however, a standard runner rug ranges from 2-3 ft. in width, and from 6-14 ft. in length. Generally, for hedging, have at least 4-5 inches of the floor appearing on all sides of the rug runner.

Buy Area Rugs With Matching Carpet Runners

Area rugs are available in various sizes. If you want to keep them protected and want to enhance their decorative value, you can choose to purchase them with the runners. There are many merchants both real and virtual that sell carpets along with their runners.

If you purchase an expensive rug you are likely to get a runner along with it. They can fit well on the length of your counter space or cabinet and provide you with a cushioned area to stand on while doing dishes or preparing food. Some people choose them, not for decorative value.

Take Care While Purchasing Rug/Carpet Runners

You need to take care not to purchase a wool runner for your kitchen or for any area that has a lot of moisture. For washable runner rugs, use synthetic fibers that can be cleaned and maintained easily. Apart from that, synthetic material is water-resistant also.

In short, carpet runners are a great way to adorn the narrow and long spaces where an area rug would be a misfit. If these spaces attract heavy traffic you need a runner for them. So, buy your rug along with a runner and make sure that you choose a reliable manufacturer only. You can contact us to get the best deal. We have been offering quality rugs in attractive colors, sizes, and patterns.

Top 5 Runner Rugs To Buy Online

The top 5 best runner rugs that are available on the market for their pure quality? I tried to make a list based on their popularity, quality, price durability, user opinions, and more. For more information about these products, let us dive into the article.

ImageBlue Modern Floral Runner Rug
Floral Runner Rug Chocolate Brown LeavesRunner Rug Grey Moroccan BlythePersian Style Runner RugJute Natural Hand-Woven Runner
FiberPolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropylenePolypropyleneJute & sisal
Size2' x 7'2"1'10" x 7'0"2'8" x 8'2'7" x 9'10"2'6" x 8'

NUMBER 5 - Blue Modern Floral Runner Rug

Set it up in your home or office. You will never repent your decision of purchasing this classic runner rug.

It suits most interior themes efficiently, and it can add a high fashion to a bedroom, entrance, and hallways. The fiber of this rug is polypropylene and is cozy. The materials of the rug call it for less maintenance.

They can also resist soil, fading, bacteria, and stains, making it perfect for your kid’s room or even in an area frequented by your pet. You are going to find rugs rich and impressive. The pile of the rug is medium, not too thick nor too thin. However, because of its thickness, you cannot opt to wash it in a machine.

NUMBER 4 - Floral Runner Rug, Chocolate Brown Leaves

If you’ve got earthy tones in your home, this runner rug should fit in perfectly. The color of the carpet is a chocolaty brown, and hence chances that it will match with most motifs. It is a stain-resistant rug and does not fade as well.

With this floor cover, you need not worry about its maintenance, all you need to do is make use of a vacuum cleaner. The brown color of the rug is as such that it can help hide most of the dirt and dust. Therefore, you can opt to place them in high traffic areas, such as the kitchen, entryway, or even living room.

So the colors stay lively even after a long period. There is rubber support incorporated which adds a pleasant feel. The rug has a low pile, and also feels nice to feel under feet. To prevent the rug from slipping or moving, you can buy a high-quality rug pad or rug grippers that are inexpensive from anywhere online.

NUMBER 3 - Nuloom Runner Rug Grey Moroccan Blythe

A stunning and classy design this Moroccan Blythe runner rug from Nuloom is quite a sight to behold.

Look at the design, trellis patterns in rugs are very popular and admired throughout. Trellis Moroccan rug is a piece that can match with any interior space.

It is made in polypropylene fiber and developed by machine. It is soft to feel, and in a perfect size for home as well as office use. 

One observation, though, it has a funky smell when it arrives, not exactly like the usual smell of new carpeting. The airing out the rug should help in removing the bad smell.

NUMBER 2 - Persian Style Runner Rug

If you’ve wanted to enhance the beauty of any room, a gorgeous runner rug such as this is a perfect solution.

Did you know Oriental-style area rugs are the topmost desired rugs of all rug patterns? Here is an opportunity to own one for your home right now.

The fiber of this rug is polypropylene, a synthetic fiber, and it has a low pile. Low pile rugs are easier to clean and maintain. So they are fit for placing them in very high traffic areas like hallways, entryways, and kitchens. You can also use them outdoors as being in nylon.

The rug is so good looking that undoubtedly your guests and family will praise your rug choice. You can never go wrong with this narrow runner rug, but then the backing tends to peel off when you wash the carpet.

So, do take care of the rug’s backing while washing, especially in the long run. Additionally, you can further choose to add a rug pad if you have a slippery floor or hardwood flooring.

NUMBER 1 - Jute Natural Hand-Woven Runner

Leaning more towards a natural rustic appearance for your runner rug, then why not try this one from Nuloom. Now this rug is all in the jute and sisal fiber, the natural materials. Unlike the thick pile rugs, they stick low to the floor and look classic and very close to nature.

Rugs handwoven are very durable, and one cannot ignore this most important feature. You will love the natural texture of the area rug. It goes well with most interior themes.

Please do not use it in wet/moisture places, as jute is not moisture-friendly.

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