how to get hair dye out of carpet

How to get hair dye out of carpet?

Dyeing our hair in many shades and vibrant colors is a way to enhance our look and show a bit of our personality through our appearance. You can also have fun changing your hairstyle.

But while hair dyeing can be very nice, a bad thing that can happen is accidentally putting some hair dye on the carpet. The staining can happen in several ways, but no matter how you put the hair dye on the carpet, one thing you need to do is remove it as soon as possible.


Any method you choosing for the cleaning, always check for colorfastness when treating your rug chemically or anything other than mild shampoo and water.

Among the many carpet cleaning FAQs, some common questions asked across the internet are about hair dye stains, including:

  • how to get old black hair dye out of carpet
  • how to get blue dye out of carpet
  • how to get red stain out of carpet

How To Get Rid Of Hair Dye From Rugs/Carpets

The tips below help how to remove hair dye from the carpet of any color: red, black, brown, blue, including mehndi color dyes. It is easy to do by only using some readily available home products.

  • Shampoo for light very light dye stain
  • Detergent with some bleach for more challenging hair dye stain
  • Baking soda powder
  • Nail polish remover
  • Hairspray
  • Rubbing Alcohol / Vodka
  • WD-40
  • Professional Cleaning

How To Get Hair Dye Out Of Carpet Without Vinegar

Hair dye stains are a picnic because they can be a mess to clean up and consume your time and energy. If you have this problem in your home, check out the constructive tips below to remove hair dye stains from your carpet in no time.

1. Use Detergent / Shampoo

  • Wipe up excess liquid – If you have spilled hair dye on the carpet, the first thing to do is wipe off as much of the spilled dye as possible. A sponge can do the job to absorb excess liquid carefully. Make sure you do not spread the stain further while doing this.

  • Prepare a Carpet Cleaning Solution – The next step in removing the hair dye stain from the carpet is to prepare a cleaning solution to help to remove it. You can easily do this by blending a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with a cup of warm water. The mixture will effectively break down the stain to remove it in the following steps you take.

  • Blot the hair dye stain: After applying the carpet cleaning solution you prepared in the previous step, you should now dry the affected area of ​​the carpet with a clean white cloth. The rag will help transfer the stain from the carpet to its surface. Doing this means that as you continue drying, the stain will lighten until you can eventually remove the hair dye stain.

  • Rinse the area with water – You are not yet finished with the process. You will still need to pour a cup of water over the affected area to help remove any residual cleaning solution that may have remained. It is necessary to avoid any build-up that can damage your carpet in the long run.

2. Use WD-40 / Nail polish Remover

Don’t let hair dye ruin your fine carpet. The use of rubbing alcohol and hairspray are a good hair dye stain remover. If that doesn’t work, use nail polish remover or WD-40.

  • Spray onto the stained area with WD-40, or rub with some nail polish remover on cotton balls.
  • Give it a few minutes to do its work on the dye stain.
  • In addition, you can use a regular carpet cleaner for stubborn stains.
  • Gently cleanse with a cotton or sponge and warm, soapy water. Repeat until the stain vanishes completely.

3. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Surprised how to get hair dye out of carpet with hydroperoxide? Yes, you can use it following simple steps.

  • If you have a bleach-cleanable carpet, dab the area with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Rinse with cold water after doing this several times.
  • Let it dry.

Warning: Never mix ammonia and bleach.

4. Use Dish Soap And Ammonia Mix

  • Add one tablespoon each of detergent and ammonia to two cups of water. Make sure the stain is saturated.
  • Blot the area with a clean white cloth for about 30 minutes.
  • Use cold water to rinse it.
  • Dry it.

Warning: The use of ammonia may harm wool fiber rugs/carpets.

5. Use Baking Soda

  • Begin with squeezing some liquid detergent on the spot of the rug or carpet having the stain.
  • On top of the detergent area, sprinkle some baking soda. Spread the baking soda powder properly using a spoon.
  • Next, pour some vinegar(optional, but recommended) onto the stain. Then using a toothbrush, scrub the area so that the mixture blends, removing out the stain.
  • Allow the spot to dry completely after rinsing.

Click here for cleaning with baking soda.

6. Use Vinegar To Remove Hair Dye

The amount of ingredients you may need depends on the size of the area to clean. For a small area, the recipe is:

All you need is:
Dish soap
White vinegar

  • Prepare the solution by mixing in 2 cups of warm water, a tablespoon of white vinegar and liquid soap.
  • Take a brush, dip it into the solution, put it on the rug and start scrubbing away.
  • Dry the rug using a hairdryer to find how much the stain has gone quickly.
  • If any hair dye stain is visible, you may want to do more rounds on the leftover areas.
  • Dry again and repeat until you get desired results.

Bottom Line

So in this how to get hair dye out of carpet article, whatever above method you choose for cleaning out the hair dye from your carpet should help. If the stain is on a massive part of the carpet, better call for a professional cleaning. Although it will cost a bit more than doing it yourself, you will at least revive your rug rather than buy a new one. 

If you ever had accidental hair dye spill on your carpet, what did you do to remove them? Please comment below to share your success tips so that others also benefit from your experience.

FAQs About How To Remove Permanent Hair Dye

Does nail polish remover remove hair dye from carpet?

Yes, it does to a great extent. The ingredients in nail polish, such as n-methyl-pyrrolidone, methyl ethyl ketone, and Isopropyl acetone, are powerful solvents that help remove hair dye easily from carpet and rug fibers.

How to get fabric dye out of carpet?

Carpet cleaners available online can help remove black hair dye or any color from carpet fibers. However, try homemade hair dye remover such as cleaning with detergent, nail polish remover, vinegar, baking, etc. For more, read the article above to follow step by step.

Can you dye carpet with hair dye?

Some specific dyes and methods follow when dying carpet fibers or carpet overdyeing. You will only end up staining your carpet if you dye it using hair dye. However, if you have tiny rug pieces, it may be possible. Well, give it a try and share the disaster with our readers, as we don’t recommend doing it.

How to get rid of semi permanent hair dye quickly?

To remove light dye stains from rug fibers, use shampoo or detergent. Rub the stained surface with a white towel dipped in the shampoo water. Rinse and dry the rug properly so that it doesn’t smell.

How to get red dye out of carpet?

If you don’t have hairspray or rubbing alcohol on hand, vodka is a popular substitute. Irrespective of what you will be using, ensure to rinse entirely.

The cleaned area may seem soiled days later since chemical residue, even if removed, attract dirt.