non slip rug pad for hardwood floors

Best Non Slip Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

Before learning about the ideal non slip rug pad for hardwood floors, let’s know, what is a rug pad.
A rug pad is a thin foam or rubber pad placed under a rug to protect the floor from the rug’s weight and to prevent it from slipping.

A rug gripper pad is essential to any rug, helping them stay in place and preventing them from sliding around. They also help keep the floors underneath them clean and are designed to prevent rugs from getting dirty and stained.

Advantages Of Using An Area Rug Pad

  • A rug pad has many benefits and can make your life easier.
  • There are many cons to using a rug pad. Some are:
  • Pads protect your flooring and do not scratch or damage the surface.
  • It keeps your rugs in place, so they don’t slide around on your floor.
  • It can reduce noise from walking on the rug, which is especially important if you live in an apartment with thin walls or have kids running around on their rugs.
  • It can protect your floors from spilling food and liquid.

Best 8×10 Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

Disadvantages – Area Rug Pad For Hardwood Floor Issues

  • One is that it’s not always easy to find a rug pad that is the perfect size for your area rug.
  • Another disadvantage is that you might have to get used to the feeling of walking on a padded floor.
  • The pad under the rug makes the rug’s pile look thicker than the actual, which may not be adorable.
  • Carpet pads can be too thick for hardwood floors and can cause damage to the flooring over time.
  • Despite the pads being inexpensive, it still costs the overall installation.

How To Choose The Best Rug Gripper For Hardwood Floors

Choosing the best waterproof rug pad for hardwood floors can be a difficult task. There are so many good options to choose from, and it can be challenging to know which one will work for your floor.

A good rug pad is essential to protect your hardwood flooring. The rug pad will help prevent the wear and tear of a rug on the floor and protect your flooring from stains or other damage.

1. Thickness Of Rug Pad

A rug pad is a rectangular pad placed underneath a rug to protect the floor from wear and tear.
There are many reasons why you may need to know how thick a rug pad is.

If you have small children who like to play on the floor, having a thin rug pad will make it easier for them to get around without slipping or tripping.

Also, if you have pets who like to dig or scratch the carpet, having a thicker rug pad will help protect your carpet from getting damaged.

2. Rug Pad Material

There are many rug pad types available on the market. They are made from different materials; some may be more suitable than others for your hardwood floor.
Rug pads are made of various materials, for example:

  • Natural Rubber
  • Felt/Foam.
  • Memory Foam
  • PVC
  • Latex
  • Hybrid
  • Cushioning

These non slip rug pad for hardwood floors come in various thicknesses and densities depending on the material they are made of.
Some rug pads might not be safe for hardwood floors because they could cause damage like scratches on the floor’s surface. It’s essential to read reviews before buying a pad to know what others say about it.

3. Right Rug Pad Size

The rug pad size is another crucial point to consider while purchasing one.
Pick the size of the pad to the size of the rug. Ideally, always select a rug padding in a size bit smaller than the rug.

A larger rug size pad will show from the sides and will upset the floor decor.
So, measure your rug correctly but leave half an inch from all sides, so the pad is not visible at the edges when installed.

Is A Rug Pad Necessary On Hardwood Floors

A rug pad on hardwood floors may not be necessary, but it will surely provide extra protection for your floors.

  1. It minimizes sound transmission.
  2. Helps your area rug last longer. In the opinion of the Carpet Rug Institute, padding extends the life of rugs and carpets. With thicker rug padding, you’ll enjoy better cushioning, insulation, and soundproofing.
  3. Keeps your rug from sliding (and keeps your space safe)
  4. Protects hardwood floors (as well as laminate and vinyl floors) from scratches caused by area rugs. It prevents carpet bleed through and maintains the floor’s finish.
  5. Enhances the room’s comfort and warmth by providing extra padding, softness, and warmth.

What Is The Best Type Of Rug Pad To Use On Hardwood Floors

The best area rug pad for hardwood floors is one that will not move around and create a tripping hazard.
Rug pads are available in many materials, but the most common are felt or rubber. Felt is better for wood floors because it will not stick to the floor or cause any damage.

The rubber rug pads are suitable on any flooring type, but they tend to move around more than felt pads and may cause damage to the flooring over time. Felt pads are also less slippery than rubber and last a little longer.

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Types Of Rug Pads

Wide varieties of rug pads are available for different types of rugs
Rug pads can be made of various materials, such as PVC, rubber, felt, or memory foam. Rug pads of the highest quality generally combine a layer of synthetic felt with a natural rubber backing.

The following is a list of some of the most common types of rug pads:

  1. Felt
    A felt rug pad for hardwood floors works great. Pads made of felt protect floors from scratches and reduce cabinet door noise. Made of heavy-duty felt with solid adhesive pads, they’re designed to withstand heavy-duty use. If you are padding rugs, choose a lightweight one since rugs aren’t as heavy as furniture.

  2. Natural rubber/PVC
    A natural rubber rug pad is made of recycled material and has a PVC layer against the floor, providing cushioning. It also has rubber edges to provide more traction and grip. Depending on the padding, some types may be more durable than others. A thin layer of foam or rubber could cause damage faster than a thicker layer of material.

  3. Combo of felt and natural rubber
    The most popular and the best type of rug pad to use on hardwood floors is the one with a combination of natural rubber and felt materials.

    A Felt and natural rubber rug pad is a wise choice if you have a smaller rug.
    One advantage to this type is that it absorbs sound well, so it’s suitable for hardwood floors in high-traffic areas like hallways or living rooms.

    Generally, large-size rugs that do not require anti-slip should have a 100% felt area rug pad. You may also choose a rug pad with memory foam to add comfort, softness, and sturdy support.

    Felt and rubber are ideal for flat-knit rugs because the needle-punched surface naturally adheres to the underside of the rugs to anchor it.

  4. Jute
    Jute made rug pads are another option used widely for padding rugs. However, there are a few drawbacks; they are expensive, and the slightest moisture can make the space smell terrible.
Important Notes:
If you find that the pad sticks like glue to the floor when removing the rug, be alerted that it's a cheap pad for hardwood floors. It can seriously stain the floor.

Cheap pads do not provide shock absorption as they hardly have a cushiony feel.

Be careful in choosing the right pad for your hardwood floor, as inferior pads can damage the floor. Investing a little in a good quality rug pad can save the floor and the rug.

Some of the problems with bad quality or cheap pads are that there are layers of glue added to increase the grip. These adhesives may emit toxic gas that is hazardous to health.

Your Top Picks of Non Slip Rug Pad For Hardwood Floors

Choosing a rug pad for hardwood floors is easier when you know what to look for. A non-slip rug pad for the hardwood floor should indeed be the prime focus while buying one, but also consider the durability and all other important points mentioned above.


What kind of rug pads are safe for hardwood floors?

One that does not damage the hardwood floor and helps protect from scratches, etc.
If you have a rug that has a latex backing, then you need to use a rubber-backed pad.
The pad will likely slip on your hardwood floor if it has no backing.

What is the best rug pad for hardwood floors?

One that is non-slippery, thin, cushiony, and durable
A rubber rug pad is a good option that you may want to consider. Rubber rug pads are thin and won’t damage your hardwood flooring as much as carpet pads.

What rug pad material is safe for hardwood floor?

The best rug pads for hardwood floors are made of rubber or foam. These pads are designed to be durable and provide cushioning to the floor. They also don’t leave any residue on the floor and are easy to clean.