Persian Carpets

Persian carpets originally originated in Persia way back in 500 BC. This art of hand-knotting to weave a beautiful Persian designed rug was brought in the Indian subcontinent by the Mughal that invaded India in the 1600’s.

Faisal International produce Persian oriental rugs in various qualities from quality as low as 3.50/30 to quality as high as 12/60.
Wool is one of the most significant aspects of a Persian carpet that we never compromise with. This is what actually gives the real life to a Persian rug along with the type of wash.
For our Persian carpet development, we use 100% NZ or Semi-worsted wool in 60 & 100 counts or as per our customer’s preferences or one that goes best with the quoted price.

Bhaktiyar Rug
Bidzar Rug
Herati Rug
Kashan Persian Carpet
Masad Rug

Know why Persian carpets are so expensive!

Persian rugs are expensive types of rugs which is why it’s also known as ‘rugs for the riches and royals homes’.
Well, this no way means that people with a laggy budget cannot own one for their dream home, Persian hand-tufted rugs are just so good alternative to hand-knotted Persian carpets that equally look beautiful and classy.

Persian carpets are expensive especially because of two prime reasons:

  • ‌Time duration: Hand-knotting a Persian carpet is the most labor-intensive rug-making technique. To finish weaving a piece of size 5×8 rug it may take up time from 3 to 5 months, depending upon the design in them.
    More knots would mean denser the pile of the rug, resulting in more time in the weaving. However, this would add more durability and price value to the rug.
  • Weaver scarcity: This is an issue that every rug-producing country like India, Pakistan, Iran, China and others have been facing past 10-15 years. When the world modernizing rapidly and everyone after having better lifestyles, low wages to the weaving have let them switch over to other easy options to earn their daily bread with less effort yet high wages. Perhaps, according to sources, 35% (2000 – 2014) of the world carpet weavers left their home in search of other work.