How To Get Wood Stain Out Of carpet

Several types of stains are always a significant threat to carpets and rugs. It frustrates to see marks of stain on our beautiful and adorable flooring. Some of the prevalent types of stains in carpets are like stains of coffee, oil, wine, urine, ketchup, tea, fruit, curry, juice, chocolate, mustard, shoe polish, grease, vomit, and many others.

2 Common Causes - Types Of Wood Stains

  • Furniture legs stain carpet
  • Wooden flooring stain

DIY Tips - How To Get Old Wood Stain Out Of Carpet At Home

  1. By using WD-40 lacquer thinner and blotting with a white towel.
  2. By using detergent and home ammonia solution.
  3. By using nail polish remover.
  4. By using vinegar and baking soda.
  5. By using ready-made wood stain remover for carpet available in the market.

How To Get Wood Stain Out Of Fabric/Rug

Whatever kind of organic stain on a carpet it be, it’s always challenging to clean them up. One of the kinds of organic stains that should be paid more attention as they are even more challenging to clean is the wood stain spots. To clean wood stains from a carpet, it needs a bit different approach compared to others just as mentioned above.

Let’s learn 2 easy and best methods to deal with these wood furniture stains on the carpet and how to get wood stain out of fabric.

METHOD 1 (not wool)

This method of cleaning is for wooden stains on carpets that are somewhat fresh and not too long since stained.

  1. First, dust out and clean the area by removing dirt and soil from it. If the stain spot is wet, then blot the area and dry it by using a paper towel.

  2. Apply the Stain Magic solution on the spotted fiber and swipe/rub the area with a damp cloth. Meanwhile, also look for if there is any discoloration happening.

  3. Cover the spot with a piece of plastic. After doing so leave it covered for a whole night. The purpose of placing the plastic is because Stain Magic tends to evaporate very quickly even before it completes its job. So the plastic piece would help stop the solution from evaluating rapidly and slow down the evaporation process and force it to work more in removing the stain.

  4. Next day, remove the plastic and walla! You will be amazed to find the stain has gone away. If you still notice the stain on it then mix up more of the Stain Magic solution and repeat the process as in the previous step.

  5. You might require the use of DCI light too.


This method will deal with stricter stains of wood furniture where it’s nearly tough and frustrating to remove them.

After having traced a spot of wood stain on your carpet, you need to figure out if the stain is fresh that just got there recently or if it is too old and has been there since long. The old stain would mean it’s probably going to be a stubborn one and would need a more intense and a superior approach in removing them.

The criteria is just the same as above except for it will require a steam iron along with the solution.

  1. Spot the affected area and be generous in spraying enough Stain Magic solution over the stain till it reaches the dept of the fibers.

  2. Let the solution on the rug sit there for a few minutes., this will allow them to react and help in loosening up the stain from the fiber.

  3. Check the reaction happening between the stain and the solution. To do so, take a piece of white cloth/towel and gently scrub over the fiber. Spray another round of the solution on the scrubbed area.

  4. Pick and set the steam iron to a low temperature. Then, cover the affected area with a fresh white cloth and place the steam iron on top of it. Make sure the iron does not run out of the cloth boundaries, or it may cause severe damage to the fiber depending on the type of fiber the carpet is made.

  5. The stain mark should have gone by this step. In case you still see any mark left behind, then all you need to do is repeat the previous step for a better result.

(TIP: if you do not have a steam iron you can make use of a regular iron too. All you need to place the iron on a slightly wet cloth instead of dry one over the stained area with the solution on it.)

How To Prevent Carpets And Rugs From Wood Stains

The relationship between flooring and furniture can change the whole scenario of a home interior. They together can make any space appealing and fabulous. Specific basic rules have to be set up and strictly followed to keep home decors in the discipline. Scroll below and learn the dos and don’ts of coordinating carpets and furniture for optimum care and outlook.

  • It is highly recommended that you always tab & block your every furniture after the carpet has been cleaned. Tab & block everything, whether it is a metal, plastic or wood. No exceptions. This will by far also help move heavy furniture smoothly and efficiently over the carpet with a backache.

  • Never drag your furniture; this is done quite often, it may tear apart and damage the fiber of your rug and carpet. It may leave trails of wooden stains over the rug.

  • Other than plastic covers under furniture legs you can also prefer using stainless steel because other metallic or steel-less leg covers might soon contact moisture and oxygen and form rust. It will, in return, leave behind rust stains on the flooring and create an even worse situation.

  • Never place furniture on a rug that has just been painted. Please leave it to dry up for a few days completely, or the paint will stick on to the fiber.

How To Get Water Based Wood Stain Out Of Carpet

Compared to dried wood stain, it gets easier working to fix rugs that have a wettish stain of wood on them.

The process is simple:

  • Dilute the spot for 10 minutes.
  • Using a piece of cloth, begin blotting with it.
  • Repeat the process, till no sign of the stain, is visible. Else follow the steps mentioned above.

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