how to uncurl a rug corner

So how to fix carpet corners and crease in new carpet? Let’s know how to uncurl a rug. The article also covers solutions on how to flatten a rug on carpet. If your rug has been in accommodation for a while, the chances of it having curled edges are pretty high.

Now curled edges on a carpet are merely unattractive, and it’s also a tripping hazard. A rug may flatten out on its own over time; however, if you follow these few steps, you will hasten the area rug uncurling.


If you stay in a hotter climate or summertime when the temperature is around 75 to 80 degrees, you can take your rug and keep it outside for many hours. The heat of the sun will reduce the tension of the rug fibers, and it will uncurl. Showing the rug to the sunlight also removes any allergens and awful smell, such as pet urine out from the rug.

Please do not keep them out in the sun more often as some rugs may lead to fading of the colors.


The other alternative for you to follow is to fold the rug in the curl’s inverse direction. Well, this is also the most common technique practiced to fix curled rug corners. Fold it in the opposite direction and let it stay there for a while.

Don’t fold it for too long. If you detect breaking noises, then stop folding.


Another idea you can follow is, lay the rug out fully flat and place heavy things on the rims where the curl is.

You could set books; you could put a piece of furniture, a coffee table or an Indian Charpai daybed and just let it be there for a couple of hours or maybe even overnight. Surely this must help you to uncurl the rug.


Another way how to flatten a rug that has been folded is to use painters tape. Lay the carpet out flat and use painters tape along the corner and let it sit there overnight or for a few days if you need to. Eventually, when you remove the painters’ tape, the rug should be flat.

In case there is still any noticeable curl in the rug, try to prolong the taping for better results. If not, try out with the other four rug uncurling methods mentioned.


One alternative thing you can do is wet the curled portion of the rug with water and then put a cloth over the area rug’s surface. Next, use an iron on a low to average setting and even out the carpet. You may have to do this repeatedly until the rug is flat.

If none of these measures works, the ultimate option for you is to take your area rug to be professionally steam cleaned. Steam, much like the heat of the sun, will eventually remove the tension in the rug fibers and help the rug flatten out.

Finally, these are the few easy ways how to flatten a woven rug, flatten a round rug, or any carpet.

How To Straighten A Runner Rug

It can take a bit more effort to uncurl a runner rug as these are long and narrow area rugs. The five simple techniques to uncurl area rugs given above are applicable for carpet runners as well.

  1. Fold the curl option in the opposite direction,
  2. Place furniture on the carpet runner curl,
  3. Make use of tape stripes, and
  4. Iron the part of the curl in the carpet runner.
  5. You can also use metal rug corners and rug corner protectors.

How To Get Bumps Out Of Area Rugs

So how to flatten a new rolled rug? Sometimes, you might notice the rug curling after cleaning. Now, if your rug has been in storage for a while, then chances are it’s going to have a few wrinkles. So the first thing you’re going to want to do is to roll the rug in the reverse direction and let it sit there for a day or two. Hopefully, that should get the tangles out of the carpet.

If that does not work, then lay the rug out completely flat and place heavy objects wherever you see the kinks and leave that for a couple of hours or perhaps even overnight.

Okay, if that doesn’t work, then you might want to take your rug out into the sun and lay it there for a couple of hours because the heat of the sun will reduce the tension of the fibers and the rug, and it will reduce the creases and the wrinkles.

Finally, if that does not work, you might want to take your rug for a professional steam clean. The steam, much like the sunlight, will work in the same way diminishing the tightness in the rug fibers. These are a few easy ways to resolve the problem and help you get the creases out of your rug.

How To Roll A Rug Correctly

Rolling a rug doesn’t require any creative art in doing it, but rolling them up in the wrong way does harm the rug. Hand knotted are more prone to damage due to incorrect rolling as they have wrapped knots on a cotton string foundation. 

Begin rolling up the rug. After three to four rolls, look to its either ends and see they are rolling up together. Now, this is the most critical phase as uneven rolling can lead to misshape of the rug’s edge. The misshape is more noticeable in geometrical and border carpet patterns

Make sure the rug rolls up tightly. A tightly rolled-up rug prevents the rug from breaking in the center while carrying them. It is more challenging to roll silk made rugs as they tend to slip over the smooth surface.

If the rug width is more than six feet, it may be challenging to roll while adjusting both rug corners at the same time. Here is where you’ll need to take a helping hand.

We hope this article on “how to uncurl a rug” helps you how to fix curled rug corners quickly with the smallest effort. For any questions or feedback, please comment below or email us.