What rug size do I need and how essential is the size of your rug? This is what comes in mind when walking about in a carpet store. Well, area rugs are super vital. They are a designer’s dream decor accessories for several reasons. They add comfort, texture, color pattern and most importantly they define your home’s decor. You may be having the finest color in your carpet or the finest pattern in it, it all falls by the wayside if you don’t have the correct size of rug.

Rugs define your space. In lounge rooms, rugs define the main seating area and gives the furniture arrangement a sense of permanence. A rug that is very small will look like it’s floating and you lose that sense of place. We have got some guidelines here that will help you understand what rug size one must buy for a living room as well as dining and bedroom.

How To Place A Rug In A Living Room

So let’s first start with a living room which is like the heart of a house. This is where guests are welcomed and the family spends time together. For this, there are three popular ways that you can lay furniture out here. They are: 

  1. All major furniture legs on the rug
  2. You can keep only the front legs on it
  3. Finally no legs at all on the rug.

This is really personal preference. Some would like to have the furniture on the rug while a few, on the other hand, would like no legs on it. So better decide what you may prefer to have it be like.

The next thing to do is measure your seating group so that the side table is on the rug at least three to five inches.

If you go with a rug that is too small it would have made the room look really cluttered. We would always say it is better to go bigger than very small.

rug size for living room
Rug size for living room

Rug Size For Bedroom

Finally, let us check out the ideal size of a rug for a bedroom. It can be really tough to figure out how to decorate with a rug here but it’s worth it because it makes a variation. 

With a small bedroom, you must go with a rug which only goes partially under the bed and not the nightstands. If there is a queen-size bed, look at five by eight size rugs. A queen-size bed is five ft. wide so an eight-foot area rug will leave one and a half feet on each side of such bed. Thereby allowing plenty of room for your feet to land on the area rug in the morning.

In a larger master bedroom opt to go with a big rug size that starts from the bed’s head up to the foot of it. The perfect size for this would be 8 x 10. This should do the trick. Now you got the idea about right rug sizes, so what are you waiting for, pick the ideal rug for your home.

rug size for bedroom
Rug size for bedroom

Rug Size For Dining Room

Even though if you are having a very good looking rug it all falls by the wayside if you don’t have the correct rug size. Area rugs mark the real beauty of a space. So it has to be done in a proper way. In a dining room where the family meets to have meals together, a rug centralizes everything acting like a foundation or a base. But the most wonderful thing about a rug in a dining room is its size. Let us discuss the number 1 rule to get this all right.

With feasting rooms, the key is to have comfortable space for the seating to move back and front beneath the dining table without it getting caught on the rug. In images(3A & 3B) are a dining room with a three-foot by six-foot table in the center and an area rug that sits under the table comfortably.

rug size for dining room
Rug size for dining room
choose right rug size for dining
Choose right rug size for dining room

Do's and Don'ts For Dining Rug Size

Wait! What’s wrong in the above image 4A?
The picture above in ‘4A’, although is beautiful is too clustered within the centre. What is noticeable here is that the chairs are on the edge of the rug. So if you pull out the chair, sit, then again adjust the chair closer to the table you’ll end up sitting half on the carpet and half off making it awkward and uncomfortable.
Unlike in image ‘4B’, you’ll notice that the placement of the chairs in image ‘4A’ is such that they are sitting half of it on the rug while the other half side is sitting out of the rug. Hence, in the above image(4A), the rug is too small. So what do we do! To solve the issue, here we add two-foot to each side of the covering. It is important that you add to each side not just two feet to the height and breadth.
When doing this, it will also enable space for the chairs to move in and out without it getting grabbed on the rug. So after the calculation here we need a custom rug that is of 7′ x 10′ ft. Well, this a size that may not be easily available in the market or might be difficult to find. So here opt for a round rug up to an 8′ by 10′ ft., they look really wonderful these areas.

What Are The Standard Rug Sizes?

To better understand the standard sizes lets simplify in the following categories  
  • LargeBig sizes like 8’x10′ ft. , 9’x12′ ft. and sizes above it can be grouped into one group. They are very big and their laying arrangement setup is very similar to each other. They are commonly placed in the lounge room, dining, and bedrooms.
  • Medium: 6’x9′ ft. and 5’x8′ rug sizes are ones that people mostly buy. They are not too large nor too small. They are perfect for being placed anywhere in the house except for the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Small: 4’x6′ and all below this size fall under the category of small rugs. The others are 3’x5′ and 2’x3′. They are mostly used in bathrooms, kitchens, doormats, etc.
  • Runners rugs: Runners are long rugs where the length is much higher than the width. They are widely used in hallways, kitchens, bedsides and to decorate staircases. Some of the common runner rug sizes are 2’x6′, 2’x8′, 2’x10′ (also, 2.5’x6, 2.5’x8′, 2.5’x10), 3’x6′, 3’x8′, and 3’x10′.
  • Round rug sizes: How can we miss the circular rugs, they really add a different dimension to the house. If located in the place they can seriously steal one third the interior decoration. The common round rug sizes are 4’x4′, 6’x6′, 8’x8′, and 10’x10′.
  • Layered rugs: This is a very trendy method of place a rug on a rug or a carpet. Now here the idea is that the base carpet is always lager than the top one. When placing the top rug let at least 24 inches of base rug be seen on all four sides to get the method work for you. [click here] for more.

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