do wool rug shed

Wool rug shed?
Wool rug shedding is a crucial task, and its a must. Let’s know what easy steps Ms. Laura from Laura Designs takes to prevent or stop the rug from shedding.

At around this time every year, I find myself in a total frenzy of spring cleaning. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t obsessed with organizing all year, but even my typical orderly trends seem to increase in the spring.

I want my space to be spotless and shiny from top to bottom.

When Operation: Spring Clean started this year, I promised myself that I would find a solution to one of my biggest cleaning frustrations: the constant dump carpet.

I have a couple of beautiful Morocco-inspired shag rugs that are all the rage right now, and I love them except for one thing: the trail of dust bunnies they leave behind.

So, I did some research and found a few tricks to get rid of that dreaded thing. Check out some tips below.

Rake Your Carpet

You can buy a unique carpet rake from a carpet store or any online store. A pet brush can also do the trick, but using the intended tool eliminates the risk of pulling on the delicate carpet fibers.

I know it feels fun fixing your carpet like you would your dog, but trust me, help!

Don't Skip The Rug Pad

In addition to protecting your carpet from dirt, moisture, and general wear and tear, using a carpet pad absorbs some of the impacts of walking on your carpet.

Some of the sheddings will be removed by lightly stepping on your carpet using a carpet pad or placing it in a lower traffic area.

Vacuum Your Carpet The Right Way

You may get tempted to use full force on your moving area rug with its arsenal of vacuum accessories. But in fact, a brush attachment or blender bar will extract more of the fibers. If you are going to vacuum the carpet, be sure to use a brushless low-pressure setting.

Note: Do not over-vacuum wool rugs; this may have an adverse effect and shed more.

Be A Smart Buyer

If you already have a carpet at home, your best option is to resort to the previously mentioned tips. But if you are looking for a shag rug and want to find one that sheds less first, make sure you know what to look for in your area rug.

A “continuous filament” rug means they are of a long fiber that will not untangle or pull out. These are generally more expensive but of much better quality.

A “staple fiber” carpet is of many short strands that can come off and cause excessive shedding. It is a kind of “you get what you pay for” case. If the fiber type is not on the label listed, there is no point in asking a seller.

How To Stop A Wool From Shedding?

Does wool rug shed, and for how long? What measures to take to prevent wool rug shedding?

One must know that shedding in wool rugs is a normal phenomenon. It is completely natural if you find your wool area rug shedding. Shedding is especially the case with new woolen carpets. Now wondering how much shedding is okay and when is there the need to reach a rug repair shop.

Let us discuss how much shedding in a rug is normal and what steps to take to deal with 100% wool carpet shedding problems.

What type of wool rugs shed more?

Wool rugs that have a pile in them tend to shed more. Shedding is not the case with flatweave rugs that have no pile, except for the jute rugs. According to the amount of noticeable shedding, woolen hand-tufted rugs often shed more than hand-knotted carpets.

  1. First of all, every new rug made of wool will shed irrespective of where you buy them from, the color, or size. So when you find this happening with your carpet, do not worry.
  2. The shedding in a new wool rug tends to continue for the first three weeks or say a month. Vacuum the woolen carpet or broom every few days.
  3. After a period of a few weeks, you will notice a significant decrease in the amount of shedding. The shedding gradually reduces to a great level and stops after some time.

Shedding In Hand-tufted Vs. Handknotted Rugs

That’s right. Wool rugs are the most exquisite rugs of all kinds. Within them, hand-tufted carpets shed a little more than knotted carpet. However, the shedding in them reduces with time.
Why? The reason being the nature of their weaving. In tufted rugs, the shorts of wool to the cloth canvas are joint together by latex, meaning that wool sticks on to the foundation supported by glue.
While in hand-knotted rugs, the wool ties around cotton string on the foundation. The tied knot turns out to be more durable and hence have a more firm foundation.
Remember, you cannot stop shedding, but you can control it.

Easy Tips On Shedding Area Rugs

It is better to remove any shedding elements before placing the rug in the desired space. To do so, ask your carpet installer first to dust the rug. Ask the rug man to use a new broomstick and broom with force at a 35-degree angle or use a wool rug rake.

Do not pull out the loose fiber; this can damage the rug. Instead, if you see any thread popping out on the rug’s surface, cut it using a pair of scissors.

Wear a face mask and a goggle from preventing rug shedding dust.

How To Stop A Jute Rug From Shedding?

Just like the wool rug shed, jute rugs also shed. Some dusky elements drop in jute, which needs individual addressing separately.

Please do not use a beater bar to dust them. Strictly avoid them. Beating jute rugs can break the fiber apart and result in more frequent shedding.

Do not broom them hard; using a vacuum cleaner remains the best option for cleaning jute rugs.
Also, remember, do not wet-wash jute area rugs.

How To Stop A Shag Rug From Shedding?

Shags rugs made of hand-spun wool may tend to get loose and result in shedding. They can shed irrespective of the quality of the wool high or low. 

The best way to treat a shag rug from shedding is to vacuum on a low level. Vacuuming on high can pull the long fiber of the shag carpet to its nostrils.

Make use of a beater bar or a wool rug brush with a soft bristle to control shedding.

However, shag rugs made of polyester or other synthetic fiber do not shed.

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