Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

Everybody uses a kitchen with character, and one method to provide your kitchen character is by using unique and fascinating add-ons. While canister sets, plants, and potholders can also add interest to your kitchen, the kitchen area rugs can provide some zing to it. Regardless of what type of kitchen flooring you’ve, you should use small rugs to unify your theme or color plan.

For any country kitchen, braided area rugs or area rugs having a theme like sunflowers or bananas might help add interest. A contemporary kitchen can use a sisal rug and oriental rugs to add color and splash to the Victorian kitchen. Regardless of what style your kitchen area is, there’s sure to be a rug for you.

Kitchen rugs could be an excellent solution for any kitchen which has a worn or broken floor. However, these area rugs aren’t for adornment to hide flaws only. Instead, they may also help keep individuals from sliding around the flooring when they’re wet and add comfort when you’re standing around the counter for lengthy amounts of time cooking or planning meals.

Why/Where Use Kitchen Mats, Kitchen Runner rugs?

Area rugs are most frequently placed in the door front or whenever you are there while watching the sink, while watching the refrigerator, and while watching the oven. Selecting a kitchen rug could be a challenge as you will find many styles, colors, and shapes to choose from. Before going searching for your kitchen mats, it is wise to create one piece of fabric out of your kitchen to ensure that you can obtain something.

Make sure to purchase a rug pad that will prevent the rug from sliding and help make your carpet keep going longer. Taking good proper care of your kitchen area rug makes it serve you for a very long time. Most area rugs could be machine cleaned, and actually, this is something that should search for when buying an area rug.

Care should be more on washing area rugs with colors because the colors could fade and run and stain other areas from the mat or any other. Most area rugs shouldn’t be machine dried because they are fragile and would break, so hanging them outdoors may be the best choice. A kitchen rug might help give your kitchen warmth, and it is also an enjoyable method to change or perhaps your decor. Then toss it and obtain one that is a bit more modern.

Fortunately, these little area rugs below aren’t costly, permitting you to change your area rugs for various seasons, holidays, or when you are getting tired of them.

Can We Use Traditional Rugs For Kitchens?

Kitchen rugs are especially vulnerable to stains and dirt as often, something drops, spills, or crumbles while cooking. Traditional knotted rugs are more expensive than flatweave rugs. Undoubtedly the greatest choice as well, but they may cause difficulty in removing spills and stains by yourself at home.

What Is The Recommended Rug For kitchen?

FiRugs recommends rugs with low or no piles for the kitchen. A Dhurrie/flatweave rug in wool or natural fibers like sisal or jute is an ideal choice. Rugs of such kind are an exceptional treasure. A Kilim rug has no pile and handwoven gracefully. One can easily remove all the dirt and simple stains by using a damp cloth or detergent for stubborn stains.

Some flatweave popular fibers are sisal, seagrass, jute, wool, nylon and other synthetic fibers. The sisal flat-woven rug is weather-resistant and can be used outdoors as a patio, garden or balcony rug.

So no more worries about dropping ketchup or spilling milk. A Dhurrie kitchen rug will look new and fresh in your kitchen for many years. Remember to choose non-slip kitchen floor mats to prevent stumbling while working.

Advantages Of Flatweave Rugs For Kitchen

Besides being handwoven, flat rugs come in several sizes, and it is easy to choose the perfect carpet size for your kitchen.

  • Unlike knotted oriental rugs that have a dense pile, flatweave/kilim rugs do not have a pile. Hence it is very easy to clean them as dirt does not get to penetrate deep into the rug.
  • Flat rugs can surprise you in the kitchen in terms of its feel and comfort. When walking barefoot on the rug, you feel pleasant, warm and soft.
  • We recommend customers to get flat weave kitchen rugs for indoor as well as outdoors.
  • The other advantage of flat woven rugs is that they are budget-friendly, the low price with multiple benefits make them an ideal product for floor covering.
  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming can keep flatweaves in a good state and boost their durability.
  • Another primary advantage of flat weave area rugs for a kitchen is that dirt does not enter the rug; hence bacteria don’t sustain in there for too long.

6 Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors

We know that finding a quality product can be challenging; that’s why we research by studying reviews by various other buyer’s specifications and the product’s performance. The article contains countless hours of research and reviews analysis to ensure that you can choose the best models if you pick from the list.

Let’s get started, and we will show the best kitchen rugs for hardwood floors available to buy.

At 6 - Hebe Kitchen Area Rugs

Hebe Kitchen Area Rug
SIZE18"x47" and 18"x30"
RATING1,060+ ratings
  • In position 6 of the best kitchen mats for hardwood floors list is this brown polypropylene rug.
  • Set the kitchen rug to the place where it absorbs water and dries quickly.
  • Protect your kitchen floor from stains and warm your feet from the cold floor.
  • For cleaning woven rugs, take it for professional cleaning, or opt to spot clean your rug at home using a mixture of mild detergent and water.

At 5 - Classic Southwestern Style Rug

RATING48+ ratings
  • At number 5 of the best rugs for kitchen hardwood floors, this Native American inspired low-pile geometric pattern kilim runner is a stunning style flat woven for the floor.

  • Easily use it in as a wall hanging too, and this contemporary twist on typical southwestern style will complement a transitional or farmhouse home interior.

At 4 - Mohawk Kitchen Rug In Oriental Style

RATING3,585+ ratings
  • In the list of rugs for hardwood floors in kitchen, this is a certified Green Label – MADE IN THE USA rug.

  • Felt constructed from the carpet fiber cut-offs remaining from the manufacturing process of open-loop carpets.

  • The rubber backing holds the rugs in its position.

  • Mohawk frequently suggests using a slip-resistant rug pad under your carpets and rugs.

At 3 - Kangaroo Original Kitchen Rug

original kitchen rug
SIZE39" x 20"
COLORIn 16 different colors
RATING9,815+ ratings
  • Now your kitchen area rug does not have to be monotonous. This oriental kitchen area rug is a popular choice as its non-phthalates and non-toxic.

  • It can hurt if standing for too long in one spot. Guess being rested while you do the dishes on the kitchen desk—something every woman needs, this rug does that.

  • The rug’s corners lay full flat on the floor that helps against slipping and tripping hazards.

  • There is a 10-Years Guarantee on this rug from its manufacturer.

At 2 - Gorilla Grip Gray Kitchen Runner Mat

SIZE5'x8' (11 other sizes available too)
FIBERFelt + Rubber Material
RATING215+ ratings
  • Its 100% recycled felt rug, with hypoallergenic properties and is resistant to mold, fungi and moths.

  • Excellent quality with 0.25” condenses needle punch that boosts the longevity of this rug and protects the floor well too.

  • This fine kitchen mat has one end that is dense, and the other end has a good grasp of rubber.

1 - iDesign Area Rug - Rugs That Look Like Wood | Kitchen Mat Waterproof

kitchen rug-rugs that look like wood
SIZE"24" x 72" (5 other sizes available)
COLORNatural Tan
RATING3110+ ratings
  • Are you looking for a rug that looks like wood? Here is one, this natural bamboo rug is waterproof and comes with a non-slip bottom. The traditional style perfectly accentuates any home decor.

  • Besides kitchens, it is ideal for hallways, entrance, office, bathroom or in front of the shower or vanity.

  • The non-slip bottom protects your hardwood floors, carpet or tiles.

  • Its a modern, natural style complements any home decor.

Benefits Of Adding Kitchen Mats To The Kitchen

  1. Placing a rug in the kitchen adds a touch of excellent decor.
  2. Technically, rugs can help to hide any worn or broken tile on the kitchen floor.
  3. Soft, cozy kitchen rugs feel comfortable underfoot when you have to stand long cooking.
  4. A kitchen runner rug takes less space, and sticking it close to the cooking desk can make the kitchen more spacious.
  5. Right rug with the right standing posture in the kitchen promotes comfort to the feet and the spine.

4 Best Washable Kitchen Rugs 2021

Now let’s get into some of the best washable kitchen rugs you can buy. The following is a list based on sound research that has high quality and high consumer satisfaction products.

At 4 - Woven Non-Skid Antibacterial Rug

non skid antibacterial rug
SIZE1'8"x5', 2'x3', 2'x7' Runner, 2'7"x12' Runner, 3'3"x4'7", 5'x7', and 18"x31" Mat
COLORRust Trellis, Dark gray, Light grey, Gold, Light and Dark Blue.
RATING365+ ratings
  • Next one in the list is a well non-skid and antibacterial rug. This red rust is incredible in terms of color and design.

  • It has a latex rubber backing that prevents the rug from slipping.

  • What makes this rug special for high traffic places is that it is 100% tight woven nylon as well as mold-resistant and antibacterial.

  • We recommend washing this rug in the machine with cold water and tumble dry.

At 3 - Leevan Area Rug In Microfiber

Area Rug In Microfiber
SIZE1.8 x 2.7 ft, 2 x 3 ft, 2.7 x 3.6 ft, 3 x 4 ft, 3.6' Diameter, 4' Diameter, 2.7' Diameter, and 3' Diameter.
COLORGray Mandala, Pink Mandala, and Teal Mandala
RATING654+ ratings
  • Next in the list is this super soft texture rug. Not only does it encourage sublime comfort underfoot, but it also makes the room look wonderful.

  • It has a non-slip latex backing finished with a pattern inspired by custom printed graphics.

  • This rug is simple to clean and environmentally friendly. Gentle machine washing and vacuum regularly are recommended. It is available in rectangular and circle size.

At 2 - Contemporary Reversible Indoor Area Rag Rug

SIZE2'x3', 2'x6', 4'x6', 8'x10', 20'x31.5", 36" Round, and 48" Round
COLORDenim, Gray, Nautical blue, Multi color, Mustard, Taupe, Aqua, Mint, Cream, Oliver green.
RATING3,960+ ratings
  • Next is a contemporary reversible indoor area rug.

  • This recycled fabric made colorful handmade rug is super cool for a super cool kitchen.

  • It is double-sided and can boost its life.

  • Besides being durable, it’s also wear-resistant. The use of a carpet covering the floor or carpeted surfaces is strongly recommended to prevent color transfer.

  • There are different designs and different colors available. You can buy what suits best for your kitchen.

1 - Flatwoven Small Area Rug In Cotton | Kitchen Natural Fiber Rugs That Are Soft

Flatwoven Small Area Rug In Cotton
SIZE2' x 3' ft, 2' x 4' ft, 2.6' x 6' ft, 3.6' x 6' ft, and 5' x 8' ft
COLORBlack-grey, Black-orange, Charcoal Grey-orange, Navy Blue-orange, Turquoise-orange
RATING760+ ratings
  • This small flatweave area rug is a hand finished area rug and is Turkey made rug.

  • It is super easy to wash, store and use over and over. One thing about this rug is reversible, so use both sides.

  • The rug is available in various sizes.

  • Remember to machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Let it hang dry. To wipe wrinkles off the rug, use a cool iron.

These 10 rugs were our picks for the “Best Kitchen Rugs For Hardwood Floors“, please do comment below and share your experience with your kitchen rugs.