cut pile carpet vs loop

Cut Pile Carpet Definition

Cut pile rug weaving came into existence by clipping the fibers in half. They are coming out in only the highest point of the fiber, which inclines to the area rug’s backing. As a result, cut pile rugs generally have looser, longer fibers with too much shifting.

While flatweave rugs have no pile, a cut-pile rug can have various pile thickness and length. For instance, coarse woolen cloth has quite long twisted strands, and on the other hand, Saxony has a shorter thread cut. They are very cozy for strolling, standing, sitting, or lounging.

Do Not Confuse:
A cut-pile carpet can have a long or short pile, regardless of the pile height of the rug or carpet. The term “short pile carpet” differs from “cut pile carpet.”

cut pile carpet diagram
Cut pile carpet diagram


What would you guess a loop pile rug would mean? Well, it is different from a twisted pile carpet. A looped pile rugs form when the rug pile is left untrimmed. A rug with a loop pile originates from a low, firm, tightly woven carpet. A loop pile rug is very durable, and you can use them in areas that receive high foot traffic.

Where Is Loop Pile Carpet Used

Well, they are excellent for stairs and hallways. Loop pile rugs are very famous and have demand for offices, game rooms, cinema halls, auditoriums, and guest rooms. These are great as they can bear the highest traffic and have a different type of designs.

It is always excellent to choose the tighter loop rugs because it is more competitive to crush and matting. Their finely twisted loops are much more durable, but pet owners need to take extra care for these rugs.

loop pile rug diagram
Loop pile rug diagram

Cut Pile Carpet Vs Loop – Top 8 Differences

Before selecting any style, whether it is a textured cut pile rug or a loop pile rug, you can consider your preference by putting up a relatively clear-cut difference between the two to draw your last conclusion. So, it is better to know the modes of these two rugs by a brief cut pile vs loop pile rug comparison.


Cut pile pattern is a form or fashion of rug that is clipped to an unchanging length, showing up the ends of the rug thread or yarn. Cut-piles come in various thicknesses and lengths. They can have a subtle effect on an entire house category rug. These are the natural forms of area rugs where the carpet is sheared and given a pile height.

Looped pile rugs come in various thickness weights, and they are unclipped and left as loops. Handmade rug manufacturers produce lots of textures and designs in the loop pile pattern rugs where the pile head is left untrimmed.

A particular 2 in 1 tufting gun can create a cut pile and/or a high pile with the same tufting tool in the hand-tufted technique of making rugs.


Yes, both can have their restive heights. Cut pattern pile rug entails a twist which supports it hold up and withstand rubbing out, suppressing, washing out and decolorizing.

The fiber of the loop pile carpet flatten by feet or sits on the rug’s foundation on frequent foot traffic or placement of heavy objects on the carpet.


Generally, both rug patterns come in various yarns. Cut pile style carpet comes in materials such as wool, polyester, silk, silk blended nylon and bamboo silk, etc.

The tighter loops are additionally resistant to rubbing out or suppressing. The making of them is mostly by the use of wool, nylon, bamboo silk, viscose, etc.


As cut pile area rugs have an upright pile, therefore it is gorgeous and gives a more formal appearance.

Loop pile carpets are very modish in living rooms, drawing rooms and also suitable for official areas. Loop rugs are undoubtedly excellent for mass-market projects as well as familial purposes.


Cut-pile is more durable when its twist is tighter. It comes in different color combinations as well as in multi-colors.

Loop carpets are also very durable if just taken care of to prevent them from pets. The sharp claws of pets can easily bring damage to the rug when scratched on its surface.


Cut plush pile carpets are the well-known models of today’s rug and are very soft when walking on them. Wool pile rugs are soft and smooth, viscose cut fiber rugs are more delicate and a good alternative to real silk rugs.

Although, a looped pile rug is a little bit irregular on feet yet it is a quite preferable rug style for its delightfulness and prettiness.


Both rugs often cost nearly the same. The cost of both the carpet depends on the intricacy of the rug’s design and the material used in making them. However, at times, a looped rug might cost a bit higher because of the extra effort and time put in finishing them. Nylon cut pile carpet, and a nylon loop style carpet is much cheaper than wool or silk fiber made.


In the “Cut Pile Carpet Vs Loop“, cleaning them make a significant difference. Cut pile pattern rugs are easily washable at home unless they are of high-quality Persian rugs in silk and wool. Speak to your nearby rug cleaning house for stubborn stains. Deep pile carpet may require a little extra care.

There is an increased need to vacuum and care for loop rugs. Vacuuming loop rugs in all directions is essential to pull out any element stuck into the looped yarn. The design of a loop rug is evident when the loop yarns are at different heights, and loop piles occasionally display vacuum lines and footsteps.

Cut And Loop Pile Carpet Combined

The combination of the cut loop carpet patterns when merged into one rug piece is an excellent piece of creative art. Note how the low and high pile variations in the rug play their magical roles in beautifying the carpet.

cut and loop pile carpet diagram
Cut and loop pile carpet diagram

The creativity version of cut and loop carpet art is furthermore extended by playing with different types of fibers and colors on them. A few of them are entirely woven in a single material, while some are handwoven in two different materials for each pile(loop and cut).

It can have a combination where the loop is of wool, and the cut is of silk.
The other interesting twist is the difference in colors that cut pile and loop pile can have individually.

loop vs cut pile hand tufted rug
Loop vs cut pile tufted rug

Types Of Low Pile Carpet

Within the cut pattern pile carpets, there are about five carpet pile types. They are:

  1. Cable
  2. Frieze
  3. Velvet
  4. Shag
  5. Saxony

All of these cut pile rugs give a variety of texture and appearance. The primary difference in them is their styles. They differentiate in the amount of twist in their yarn, which credits the durability and look of the rug.

How Long Are Carpet Strands In Cut Pile Carpets?

A carpet pile can make a difference in the home’s flooring décor. Height of the pile can vary from client’s preference. It’s more about personal choice than any fixed number. However, there are standard numbers, but they often range from as little as 5 mm to 15 mm strand height. The rug’s pile height can give a variety of vibrant effects on the carpet.

Pros And Cons Of Cut And Loop Carpet


  • Cut and loop designs come out with delightful finish and apparent gratification.
  • Cut and loop models are nicely suitable for contemporary decoration. The reason behind this is that, nowadays, pattern customs depend entirely on the rug’s texture.
  • The influential mastery of loop and cut style is the look and aspect.
  • One can feel very comfortable when walking on them.
  • It is quite simple to conceal stitching or tucks.
  • Cut-loop pile carpet comes in a vast range of colors and patterns.
  • A cut and loop pile carpet is a blessing to any home as they are tender and durable.


  • The drawback to this rug model is that it goes to set up an over fatigued appearance.
  • Those people who own a pet that enjoys rubbing and scratching the rug, loop pile pattern rug may not be the most exceptional choice. Doing so, they can sprint or ruin the rug’s loop pattern. Sometimes it can also leave behind a trail of a run to the carpet.
  • Cut-loop carpet is brought on by the extended cut yarns looping or brushing farther up of the low-lying looped yarns, suitability overshadowing the looped yarns.
  • Approximately, loops and low cut carpet styles are more costly than Friezes, Berbers, or Saxonies because of the increased complicacy of innovating the designs.
  • It is challenging to clean a cut and loop rug because the dust and stains can run deep into the fiber’s foundation.
  • It has a propensity to exhibit concavity from vacuuming, foot traffic and sofa, tables, chairs, and any heavy items.

What Does High Pile Rug Mean?

Let us tell you what ‘pile’ means in the world of rugs.

The fabric loops of the rug refer to the ‘piles.’ The carpet is very famous and lasting because of its delicate surface. The area rug with taller and looser fibers is known as a high pile, like the shag rugs, flokati rugs and Moroccan rugs. Area Rugs with tighter loops and shorter fibers are the ‘low pile rugs.’

High pile rugs create a comfortable home environment of its high pile rug texture. These types of rugs will suit you for its coolness and comfort. These rugs have little chance to flatten despite having taller loops. These are sophisticated and also very luxurious.

Low Pile Carpet Definition

A low pile patterned carpet helps you protect against allergens from temporary habitation in the inner part of your rug surface. The flatter surface of a small pile rug is quite easy to remove stains speedily and entirely. It is easy to move your thing on the flooring of a short cut pile rug.

So what is a short cut pile carpet? The regular woven area rugs like hand-knotted oriental rug, hand-tufted rugs and Indo-Nepali rugs with a pile height less than approximately 15mm are often considered short pile area rugs.

Which Is Better Loop Cut Carpet Or Loop Carpet

If you read above the cut pile carpet vs loop you probably know what is most suitable for you.

A short summary of the two should help you pick one for your home.

Cut Pile Summary

Cut pile rug is stylish with clipped, showing the ends of the rug fiber. These area rugs have so many thicknesses and lengths. In today’s world, they are widely popular styles of rugs for their tenderness under the foot and smoother to touch than the loop pile rugs.

The use of a rug with a cut pile can go with any interior home decor.

The most crucial matter to look for in a cut rug pile is its twist when choosing to buy it. When the twist is tight, the durability of your carpet cut pile is more. When the twist is more, the texture becomes better, which helps hide any worn outs and dust.

You will find rugs with piles cut in different patterns, colors, sizes, and even multi-colors. The materials used to make them are wool, silk, polyester, jute, nylon, or viscose.

Loop Pile Summary

Carpets with a loop pile are those that do not have clipping like the cut piles. They come with various thicknesses and weights. The sloops of it are left unclipped. You can use loop pile area rugs either for commercial or residential purposes. Many people love to use it in various places like a guest room, offices, games room, for their different kinds of designs and durability.

The tighter loops are much more resistant to crushing and matting. A nicely and very well twisted yarn of the loop has a more durable life. The materials used to produce them are wool or olefin wool, silk, nylon, jute, polyester, or viscose.

One must take care when adjusting furniture on it or when using a vacuum cleaner on a loop pile rug. To avoid runs in your carpet, do not drag heavy furniture on the rug. Instead, while shifting them, lift the furniture and place it on the rug carefully.

We hope you found our detailed guide on “cut pile carpet vs loop” helpful. For custom made rugs in any preferred pile height or for any discussion, please contact us, right now.


What are loop pile carpet disadvantages?

1. The purpose of loop pile rugs is mainly to give them a new texture and make them less durable.
2. If a thread of fabric is pulled away, it will continue to pull away and cause damage if not repaired.
3. Loop pile rugs stay flat to the rug and fluff less than cut pile rugs.

Where is cut pile carpet used?

A cut-pile carpet is the most popular pile type, covering over one-third of the carpets and rugs made and sold. They are fit for every space: living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.

Where is a patterned loop pile carpet used?

Patterned loop pile rugs add class and a unique texture to any space and are placed in a low-traffic area such as a gaming room, office, bedroom, etc.