Indian wool rugs

Indian Wool Rugs
Indian wool is some of the lower wool qualities except for some fine quality like the Bakaner wool. The sheep the manufacturers use for making different types of Indian rugs are of Indian breed. The sheep have shorter hair and are rough in texture. Once the wool is shaved, the wool must be highly processed with chemicals to remove the blood from the wool that arises from careless shaving.

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50 KPSI In Fine Indian Wool
50 KPSI In Fine Indian Wool

Indian Wool Processing

The chemical process leaves these wool types brittle and weak, like how your hair is before conditioner. Unlike your hair, though, this wool does not get conditioned. Instead, it is taken through a machine to be spun into yarn. Machine spinning cuts down on cost and time but results in tough yarn. By processing the wool and machine spinning the yarn, the yarn swells twice its size—a way to make the wool heavier wider to create the illusion of luxury.

With years of experience, the unique rug washing treatments given to Indian wool at Faisal International make the rug softer and shiner, so much that our Indian wool carpets are mistaken for higher-quality wool.

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New Zealand Wool

The wool of New Zealand is cruelty-free. Extra care and attention go into the shearing process to secure the sheep’s safety and well-being.

Since no harm is done to the sheep, the wool is not chemically processed, and it is sold in its raw, natural state. Hence this makes New Zealand wool rugs expensive, and so it’s only used in high-end rugs.

Using Indian wool is a pretty standard type of wool in hand knotted rugs, like how radio is standard in any car or truck. New Zealand wool is an upgrade, like a built-in navigation system.

Note: Indian wool rug is much cheaper than NewZealand wool rug, but by using superfine Bikaner wool(a type of Indian wool), the rug appearance between both types of wool is of very little difference. However, NewZealand is far superior to any other wool used for making rugs and carpets.

40 KPSI low pile semi-twist NZ wool
40 KPSI Low Pile Semi-twisted NZ Wool

Persian Rugs From India

There are so many options to conduct in Indian hand woven wool rugs such as unlimited colors, complexity, and fashion to your office and home.

The impact of an Indian wool rug is of Persian designs and architecture. Since the last two decades, Indian carpet manufacturers have brought a large variety of changes in their rug styles and knotting. One example for such is the hand knotted Persian Mir rug.

Indian cottage industry rugs can provide a wide variety of different knotted made rugs featuring uncountable shapes, sizes, and designs from traditional patterns to transitional and modern patterns in various kinds of materials.

More About Indian Wool Area Rugs

Indian wool rug furnishes palpable relief to feet. It lightens that very particular place with the beautiful work of art and incredible pattern, classic color combination, quality of various wool yarn, and individual necessary charms sober rug.

Handmade wool rugs from India are the best quality product at very affordable prices with maximum satisfaction of its unique and traditional design.

Indian hand knotted wool rug can modify your home look perfect by its stylishly charismatic good-look.

Rugs made up of Indian wool will help you protect the floor of your house well-kept and neat. Placing an Indian woolen rug in any of your house’s rooms will almost fulfill your requirement decorating the home interior at a lesser cost.

If the owner takes Indian wool rug good care, it can last for decades as they are fantastic and satisfactorily manageable at any place in your house.

One will love and appreciate any Indian made wool rug, feel great, and look even better at anywhere you place it. It also assures that not any other wool quality can easily beat them for its pricing and perfectionism.

If an Indian wool carpet is well produced in good quality, they are beautiful, soft, thick, and feels good. It is simple to keep them clean and comfortable to vacuum.