mir rugs
Indian Mir Rugs

Mir rugs are also popular by the name of ‘litchi rugs’ because of the rough illustration they carry of the small sweet fruit with white flesh and hard shell inside.

FiRugs rug manufacturing center located in Newada village lies in the core of quality hand-knotted rug making part of Varanasi. The litchi carpets, often knotted with a high pile, are of high quality and have beautiful colors and lively patterns.

This type of hand-knotted Persian carpets inspires Indian carpet weavers in their creations. Indo Mir rug is a hand-knotted oriental carpet offered at lower prices than their models due to the low density of knots.

Popular Oriental Mir Carpet Colors

  • Mir RED Rug (background-red, border-cream)

  • Mir BLUE Rug (background-blue, border-cream)

  • Mir IVORY Rug (background-cream, border-rust)

  • Mir GREEN Rug (background-green, border-cream)

Significance Of Indian Hand Knotted Mir Rug

The hand-knotted Indo Mir carpets are as evergreen as the jeans – the ‘Never Out Of Fashion’ rugs, not at least for the last five decades. It is a charm and works tremendously well for homes – modern or traditional.

Ask your nearby wool rug dealer, and they will tell you why purchasing a hand-knotted Mir rug is an investment. The value of these rugs increase with time; the older they get, the more valuable they become.

Brief History Of Mir Oriental Rugs

A Mir, whose word originates back from a few villages named Mir and Mirshi, is in the south of Ardabil, where these Mir pattern rugs were hand-knotted.

Western Persian regions such as Sarugh and Serabend, Mirabad, Kerman, and Tabris, were the centers for the production of Mir carpets.

Mir patterns have a constant field pattern, and they are also called Mir-e-Bota (or Mir-i-bota ) or “flea patterns.” It is repeated repeatedly on a red, dark blue, cream or, green-colored background.

In Oriental carpets, the Mir pattern used is one of the most common types of patterns in their carpets. It shows an upside-down drop that ends in a hook running to the left or right. The Sarough-Mir is probably one of the most famous carpets with this pattern, mostly knotted in an all-over design.

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