Breaking Boundaries: The Allure of Irregular Shaped Rugs in Modern Design

What are irregular shaped rugs?
When the whole world of home decor is after the regular rectangular, square, and round-shaped area rugs, irregular area rugs have a next level of identity.

Why Simple Shaped Irregular Rug?

  1. Irregular unique shaped rugs are genuinely one-of-a-kind and never-seen-before modern rugs and pleasant to the eyes.
  2. These organic shaped rugs bring an immediate modern effect to any space.
  3. They are custom-made in wool in any size, color, shape, material, and pile height.
  4. Creative embossing of the design can add to the rug’s overall look, texture, and feel.

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Modern Irregular Shaped Rugs Construction Types

Irregular shaped rugs are playful rugs that can take any shape that may or may not have a geometrical look. These rug patterns may take extra work to get the figure in shape – precise and unique each time.
Irregular shaped area rugs can be designed into formation styles:

  1. Knotted construction style – Although abstract irregular rugs in hand-knotted style are more durable and must-have rug types, they are far more expensive compared to the tufted version. Hence, these rug types are less available in the market.
  2. Hand-tufted construction style – Irregular tufted rugs are more popular than knotted irregular shaped area rugs. These are affordable, easy to maintain, and more accessible to shape the design in less time than knotted style.
  3. Flatweave construction style – Irregular flat woven rugs are also famous for making odd shaped area rugs. However, weaving the curves, the twists, and the turns in the design is more challenging than knotted or tufted.

How Modern Odd Shaped Rugs Differ From Regular Rugs

In terms of their shape and design – Regular shape rugs, such as rectangular, square, or round, have equal angles and sides.

On the other hand, funky shaped rugs have sides of varying lengths and angles. Irregularly shaped rugs often feature organic nature formations or overlaying multiple geometric figures, adding an extra touch of uniqueness to your home.

How To Measure Unique Shaped Rugs

It may seem challenging to measure for someone who needs to learn about irregular shape contemporary rugs. There are ways to simplify the process. Just as we measure round rugs, we can also measure rugs of odd shapes.

How? Well, instead of focusing on every twist and turn, all you have to do is imagine the rug inside a rectangle or square. That’s it, done.

You don’t have to worry about every slight curve or corner. Just adopt the design in an imaginary/calculative frame! This simple method is ideal for measuring modern curved-shaped rugs, which will help accurately measure any quirky or weird shape rug without confusion or fuss.

Next time you need to measure an irregularly shaped rug, use a square or rectangle frame for perfect measurements.

But if you want to be exact about the rug’s shape measurement, eliminate the extra areas that do not cover the design, divide the design into small squares, rectangles, or triangles, and add up the total area.

Advantages Of Irregular Fun Shaped Rugs

The simple shaped Irregular rugs have various benefits that can improve the look of a room. Some of these advantages are:

  • They add an appeal and soft texture, making it more special and unique.
  • Be the room of any scheme; custom irregular rugs can make it workable with any decor scheme.
  • Irregular geometric rugs are ideal for wedding parties, meetings, or home events.
  • You can add character to other areas of your house using these odd-shaped rugs.
  • These area rugs are eye-catching and can be a focal point to draw attention to specific areas of the house.
  • They are handy to lay in any hallway, entryway, living room, restaurant, or lobby area.
  • It is effortless to clean and care for these out-of-the-box rugs because it only takes up a little space on your home’s floor.

Making Process Of Irregular Shaped Tufted Rug

Step 1: A CAD for the curved shaped rug is prepared.
Step 2: The desired design is drawn on butter paper and pierced with a needle.
Step 3: The paper is laid on a cloth canvas, and the unevenly shaped design is traced on the canvas with ink.
Step 4: Next, strands of wool are shot using a tufting gun, beginning with outlining the odd-shaped rug design.
Step 5: After tufting is complete, the rug is deep-washed to remove filth and bring shine and luster to the wool.
Step 6: The rug’s back is treated with latex to keep the yarn intact with the canvas, eventually leading to a better duration of the irregularly shaped rug.
Step 7: A skillful part begins with the curving and embossing, followed by binding the edges of the rug.

How do I Clean Weird Shaped Rugs

Cleaning the abnormal shaped rugs requires extra attention due to its unique shape, but the cleaning process is similar to regular-shaped rugs. The general measures you can take to clean a rug with an uneven shape are as follows:

  1. Regular Vacuuming: Caring for irregularly shaped rugs requires extra attention. To keep them clean, vacuum and remove debris, dust, or dirt. To ensure the safety of the fibers, use a vacuum cleaner with a non-rotating attachment.
  2. Spot Cleaning: When dealing with spills or stains, act quickly to prevent them from setting into the fabric. If you spill something, use a towel to gently blot the area and absorb as much of the liquid as possible.
  3. Professional Cleaning: It’s important to have your rug professionally cleaned every two to three years to remove deep-seated dirt and bacteria.
  4. Specific Cleaning Instructions: To clean your irregularly shaped rug in a better and safer way, follow the directions provided by the manufacturer.
  5. Avoid Excessive Moisture: Avoid over-saturating the rug with water or cleaning products during spot cleaning. It is important to let the rug dry completely before using it again. Please ensure that it has dried thoroughly to avoid any damage.
  6. Preventive Measures: Keep the rug away from high-traffic areas to prevent spills and stains.


If a home decoration needs to have something out of the box to accelerate the decor and bring about the wow factor, no doubt it’s irregular shaped rugs to go for. So try the irregulars, they could do you more than the regulars could do.

FAQ on Irregular Shaped Rugs

Where to place uneven shaped rugs?

Odd-shaped rugs’ beauty is that they can create an appealing decor effect in the living room, bedroom, and foyer.

What is a regular and an irregular shape rug?

Rectangular, square, or round rugs are regular-shaped, while any odd-shaped rug is irregular.

Are unusual shaped rugs costlier than regular rugs?

No, there isn’t much difference. However, the irregular design pattern of a rug may require more binding to cover the edges.

Why choose an irregular-shaped rug over a regular rug?

The main purpose of modern irregularly shaped rugs is decoration and adding uniqueness to a space.

Are odd-shaped area rugs for odd shaped rooms?

No, rugs are for any space but are better when synchronized with their surrounding scheme. Having an irregularly shaped rug for odd-shaped rooms is fun and unique.