How to pick a rug pattern? Well, this article about how to choose a rug pattern is a small but very useful guide all about area rugs and their common patterns. Hopefully, by the end of this, you’ll know which one is right for you. So without further ado lets jump in and learn some of the popular ones to choose from. 

how to choose a rug pattern

Popular Types Of Rug Pattern

Before you think of how to pick a rug pattern, take a note here. In the world of carpets, some of the most popular and evergreen patterns are- 

  1. Floral Pattern
  2. Geometric  pattern
  3. Southwestern pattern


The first pattern we’re gonna take a look at is a floral pattern. This offers a feminine touch to any room. How it looks depends on the style and color of the floral pattern. This abstract floral can work in a contemporary or modern home. While the traditional floral is perfect for a country or cottage style space.

For a timeless look try an oriental rug. They’re versatile because they are very variant in color and honestly they’re perfect for any design style. The distress oriental rugs are very popular right now. The distressing makes this traditional pattern feel much more casual.
Floral pattern rugs bear in them designs of different types of flowers. They may be with or without leaves, trees, branches, flower buds, and plant stems. Most of the time they are a mix with design patterns to create newer styles. They bring the essence of nature into the house making you feel closer to nature itself.

floral pattern rugs


For something totally different try going with a geometric pattern. This is gonna provide crisp clean lines in your design. So look at patterns like circles hexagons or even diamonds. These rugs are more modern and eclectic so you can have a lot of fun with them. A twist on a geometric rug is gonna be chevron this is a design that’s been popular over the years and looks like a zigzag. Chevron can go two ways, it can either be really bold or more classic with tone on tone.
Not every space needs to have complex designed rugs. Geometrical designs can do wonders on rugs as well. They are not just squares, triangles, or circles. Instead, go for other creative styles like a chessboard, herringbone, stripes, etc.

geometric pattern rugs
Geometric Pattern Rugs


Finally, let’s look at the Southwestern pattern. This is probably everyone’s favorite. This is because it provides an eclectic and a little bit more rustic look. Also, so many different colors and tones work well with southwestern, especially the ikat version. Ikat is a curvy tribal pattern that works well in homes of all styles. A Southwestern pattern is more traditionally known for the diamonds. Ikat is going to be a little bit curvier in tribal. Both of these are great for any style of home. So there you have it now it’s time to go start having fun with patterns in your home.

southwestern pattern
Southwestern Pattern Rugs

How To Choose A Rug Pattern

How To Choose A Rug Pattern
Now you know the different rug pattern types, but is that it? Actually, the best part comes in now in knowing how to choose the right pattern for a specific space. Here is one question for you. Take one minute of time and answer it to yourself. Assume that you are in a carpet store and you find several rugs in all sizes and colors. Now the question for you is, what kind of rug will you select of them?
Let’s guess, the red one with white strips! Maybe your favorite ‘Fleur De Lis’ pattern! One with a silk touch or the low pile one? Three, two, and one, times up. Still wondering and doubting over your own choice right! Well, this is normal so do not worry. Here is a two-step rug pattern guide you need to follow:

  • Follow the color: Note the major color around the space particularly the furniture. If the color of the sofa is sharp, then go with the same. For the secondary and the other minor colors, consider matching up with the pillows, curtains or the wall.
  • Follow the pattern: This next step is the real deal. It would be a wonderful and unique style if you get an essence of their design or pattern on the rug. For this, you will need a custom design rug that matches the pattern of your curtains, pillows or wallpaper. Go for it. This is the key to stand out from the usual and boring home decors.

Note: if you choose a floral pattern, make sure the rug’s primary color (background color) matches the room’s primary color. So if you do all this in its right, you know know how to pick a rug pattern for your space.


How To Choose A Rug Material?

Choosing the right rug material is very crucial. To begin with, first, think about the area of its placement. For example, it is not ideal to pick a woolen area rug for outdoor and bathroom. For this go for a synthetic material rug like nylon. Wool material is the most popular amongst all but is costlier than synthetic which is much inexpensive. Wool rugs although are not inexpensive but they are a great investment. Some of the rug materials are wool, polypropylene, viscose, polyester, nylon, linen, silk, cotton, etc. Click rug material for more details.

Should Rug Match Wall Color?

Of course, matching the rug with wall color is one of the prime objectives to get a perfect rug color combination for any space. The other things that should look upon are matching the color and the pattern with the furniture, curtain, etc.

How To Choose A Rug Size?

Rug size depends upon the size of the space. It may need a larger rug size in a living room than a bedroom. It’s more about the space where a rug is required than any rug in a space. Learn more about rug size

How To Choose A Bedroom Rug?

For a bedroom rug, go with the size of the bed rather than the size of the room. Take a glance at the link mentioned above and learn about bedroom area rug sizes and their proper placement methods. If space is too lager, opt to cover the extras with a matching runner rug. Then select the right material and the rug from several types of rugs.

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