area rugs with leaf design

Area Rugs With Leaf Design
Flower and leaf pattern area rugs are also an option. If the flower and leaf area rugs are too busy for your taste, you may want to go for a simpler look. Large solid color leaves on the ground has a strong visual effect.

If you have a floral print on your walls or furniture, you probably don’t want to add more flowers to the floor. Your room may seem too busy. Even though it looks like a verandah, leaf pattern rugs go well together. Make sure you don’t have too many patterns. It will make your room much smaller and feel close to you.

Deciding On Leaf Print Rugs!

The only downside to floral rugs is trying to decide what color to put on the wall. There are usually so many colors on the carpet that you end up with too many options.

If you are using fabric swatches or small blocks of a floral rug to make your decisions, keep in mind that larger prints will make the room appear smaller than it is and that you may not want to create this effect at all. Try to imagine your samples completely covering a wall or a floor. See if when you imagine it much bigger, it becomes overwhelming!

If you choose to match a carpet color to your paint, try turning it into one of the less noticeable colors. A shade of green from a leaf could work well, or a small leaf of lilac could be the color you want. You can combine the yellow of a little buttercup to make the walls light up and brighten the room.

When redecorating your space, keep the room’s attributes in mind and repeat them while reducing minor features.


The most top-notch point to remember when redecorating a room with a fall leaf rug is to have fun. Get creative and try something completely new. Try a color on the walls that you usually wouldn’t try. Painting is a very inexpensive way to change the look of a room. Your talent as a decorator should show your personality!

3 Steps To Decorate Your Home With Leaf Pattern Carpet

Whether you are browsing local stores or online, it is not difficult to find it in the vast collection of all types of rugs. People choose various rugs such as contemporary rugs, traditional rugs, outdoor rugs, floral/leaf rugs, and traditional rugs according to their preferences.

Today, leaf-themed rugs are very popular with homeowners as rugs come in various styles and designs, enhancing the beauty of the surroundings.

Even on leaf print rugs, different people choose different types. For example, you may prefer oriental or traditional floral rugs, while another may prefer contemporary floral rugs.

Whatever type of rug you are looking for, knowing the different ways you can decorate your home with these rugs is essential.


The first aspect to consider before choosing the best Autumn rug is the size of the room in which you want to place it. It would be best to determine how much space you have available and whether the area is large or small.

For the rug size to fit the space, it is essential to measure the room’s area accurately. Decide if you want a rug covering the entire room or a smaller rug for home decor. Also, determine if the area you want to cover is your hallway or hallway. If so, you can choose between a round floral rug and a floral runner.


Another essential aspect to consider when venturing to buy a fall leaves rug is the shape you want. You can pick from a variety of different forms available on the market depending on your preferences. Use your creativity to choose the right shape of the rug. It is not a rule to choose a square-shaped rug for a square room or a round-shaped circular room.

Oval or rectangular-shaped area rugs with green leaves can look stunning in a rectangular or square room. Today it is not difficult to find flower rugs cut in the shape of buds or flowers. These cutout rugs are eye-catching and attractive and will stand out in any contemporary decor.

3D flower rugs are precision crafted using machines that provide a unique 3D effect through thread color shading and a three-level hand-carving technique.


The next essential aspect to consider if you want to decorate your home with rugs is the pattern, color, and style you want. Its a must to look around the room and discover the important colors, styles, and themes used. For example, find out if the room has a relaxed, casual vibe or is a traditional formal room.

Before venturing into carpet shopping, it is also essential to determine if you want an understated carpet or something with an eclectic design that matches your furniture perfectly. If the room in question is contemporary, it is recommended to choose a contemporary/modern design with leaf cutouts, colorful abstract patterns, or stylized leaves images.

Leaf Pattern On Various Rug Types

Leaf rugs often depict a lush rain forest through their depth and dimension and capture both old and new times. Botanical prints look fabulous on a living room floor or an outdoor porch or patio. 

Many of these leafy rugs are hand-knotted, hand-tufted, and hand-hooked to give that old country look. A fine floral rug design delivers a look that brightens any home with a new transitional theme.

You can incorporate flowers and leaves into every carpet style, including modern rugs, area rugs, contemporary rugs, tropical rugs, and contemporary rugs. Below are some of the coolest rugs with leaves on them.

1. Contemporary Area Rugs With Green Leaves

21st-century designers are adept at creating the most impressive designs using the concept of floral pattern designs. They know how to integrate contemporary floral rugs with other furniture and accessories exactly. Although there are many different models, types, and designs of modern floral rugs available today, there is nothing that can beat the elegance and beauty of a floral carpet from the 1950s and 1960s.

As you explore contemporary floral rugs, you will find rugs with various scattered flowers or in the shape of a single giant flower. These oversized rugs are more stylistic than realistic and contain only a few transparent colors compared to the muted tones and fewer traditional rugs.

2. Knotted Persian Leaf Pattern Area Rugs

A Persian/Oriental fall leaves rug can have the most intricate leaf designs in various hues. Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, and other oriental rugs have utilized similar floral motifs that have been in use for centuries. Flowers can convey feelings without the use of words. Indian rugs and Egyptian art display the lotus flower as a symbol of purity.

Roses are symbols of love and are found in many Victorian rugs. Sunflower flowers represent homage and devotion, and Tulips represent perfect love. A palm leaf rug represents victory, peace and eternal life. Almost every variety of flowers and leaves are incorporated in a floral Persian area rug.

3. Tufted Fall Leaves Rugs

Unlike the expensive knotted rugs, a hand-tufted green leaves rug is the cheaper side to choose from for those with a low budget. Tufted area rugs are durable and will have the same soft and plush texture excepted for they are not knotted rug.

4. Hand hooked Leaf Area Rug

A majority of them are 100% polypropylene, which means they are easy to take care of. Hand-hooked country floral rugs are also purchasable in all shapes, colors, and sizes imaginable.

5. Flat weave Area Rugs With Leaf Design

Flatweave rugs, too, have lots of variety and patterns in them. The majority of kilim/Dhurrie rugs mostly come in either geometric or floral patterns. If looking for inexpensive leaf design rugs, dhurries are all for you.

6. Leaf Pattern Outdoor Rug

Outdoor rugs need not be boring just because they are going to be outside of the house. Even they take art to match and correlate them with the exterior designs and surroundings. Outdoor leaf print area rugs are the best fit to give a botanical look to your outdoor. Pick a green leaf rug, if you got a terrace garden; that would make a superb green siting.

7. Leaf Shaped Rugs For Kids

No words, speechless, your kids are going to love these green leaves rug.

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