southwestern wool rugs

Southwestern Wool Rugs

Southwestern rug decors also reflect the history and spirit of Americans when the country was just starting to develop. And what better way to show your patriotism than to display it in your living room by using these great carpets from the Southwest? Show your love for America in style.

Why Rustic Southwest Rugs | Brief History Of Navajo Style Rugs

Having a wool rug from the Southwest is like going back to the ancient era of Native Americans, as images of their people, gods, and traditions are incorporated into these rugs. It brings an aura of warmth and character to space. This unique look comes from 18th-century Native American weaving and makes southwestern rugs very popular for their rustic and western appeal.

Modern and vintage Southwestern rugs are rich in antiquity. At first, they weren’t even rugs. Instead, they started as blankets made to wear around the shoulders. In ancient times, southwestern tribes used hand-spun cotton yarn for weaving. Later in the 1500s, Spanish settlers introduced local wool from the Churro sheep, and since then, the wool has been used primarily to make their vibrant rugs and other popular fabrics.

Today, most Southwest rugs come from areas where the Spanish and Native Americans created colorful designs. They are often also called the Native American rugs. Sometimes they are recognized by the tribe’s name those who produce them, such as Zapotec or Navajo. Religious figures are woven into these pieces with unique patterns and colors, reflecting an impressive amount of craftsmanship and hard work.

Care And Maintenance Of Navajo Area Rugs

  • Southwestern rugs of various types require more care and maintenance due to their complex textures, colors, and patterns. Here are helpful tips to help you take better care of your prized and valuable possessions.

  • Be sure to use a specially designed pad to prevent slipping. A buffer will also help extend the life of your carpet.

  • Turn the carpet over regularly to equalize wear and tear and treat it for insects and beetles.

  • Take care not to spill anything on your Southwest carpet. If this happens, be sure to clean it quickly; otherwise, the stain may get permanent.

  • Vacuuming is better than machine brushing. Send it to a professional for cleaning if it becomes dusty or starts to fray.

  • It is not a good idea to expose the southwestern wool rugs to moisture. Ensure to keep it away from plants to protect it from mold or rot. This fantastic historical and spiritual piece of art will add beauty and charm to any home.

Best 5 Southwestern Tribal Rugs Online

Turquoise southwestern rugs 8×10 can turn to an epic decor for your large living room. These rugs demand a high material density and can consume more than a year to finish the weaving.

The Southwest is famous for its handcrafted rugs, Mexican Guadalupes, Spirit rugs, and Oaxaca Mexico rugs, including Navajo rugs, Mohair rugs, and Zapotec Indian rugs. Buying such pieces not only makes you a proud owner of a centuries-old tradition, but it also helps the native community carry on a beautiful tradition that reflects their rich heritage of creating beautiful rugs and other arts.

Southwestern Style Wool Rugs
Southwestern Style Wool Rugs

Southwest Rugs: Buying Tips

Southwestern area rugs are beautiful with lovely patterns. These rugs are typically durable and provide ample amenities to beautify your home or office. Although they are beautiful and mysterious, it is not easy to find a good and reliable piece of rug from the Southwest area.

1. Find the Right Area Rug Store

Despite your knowledge of rugs, you can be sure that the retailer will know more than you do. If you plan to buy a rustic or modern southwestern rug, it would be better to buy directly from Native American weavers or, if it is not possible, from any well-known American company.

Some foreign companies sell products like these, but they are not equivalent to the quality of the authentic ones made by Native Americans themselves. If you’re purchasing a genuine piece, choose FiRugs or some brand you know you can trust.

2. Knowledge Of Southwest Area Rugs

Another essential factor is to decide the reliability of a store. The rug store should have at least one experienced staff familiar with the rich history of Navajo rugs. They should know details like the rug’s material, the source of the product, and the comparison between the different rug types and various kinds of Southwestern rugs.

Stay away from the store if they cannot answer your questions. They are not enthusiastic about knowing your products.

3. Pressure Selling

Stay away from the store that asks you to decide to buy instantly. Reputable stores that trust their products allow you to shop around and compare with other stores to make an informed decision.

4. Color And Material Of Southwestern Area Rugs

They are usually wool, silk, and cotton materials. Make sure to buy natural and non-synthetic products as they last longer. Suppose you want to place the rug in a very crowded room, such as the stairs, the living room center. In that case, it is advisable to choose natural wool as it is easy to clean and is exceptionally durable. It is advisable to pick a dark shade for practical reasons.

5. Carpet Display Area

Before going to a store, measure the floor area to place the carpet. Consider an estimated size so that the southwestern area rug you plan to purchase will suit your bedroom décor.

6. Purchase Budget

Always keep a budget in mind. A simple-designed Navajo rug can easily cost you hundreds of dollars. An exotic designer rug can easily cost you thousands of dollars. Being on a budget saves you from overspending and searching for the best Southwest rugs.


Selecting a floor covering depends on your preference and the kind of furniture you would place along with it. If you prefer a western vibe, southwestern wool rugs are sure to complement the entire room with its rustic, antique look. No two Southwest corridors and tapestries are the same. Many designers prefer hand-woven flooring due to the abundance of colors and patterns.

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