best area rugs for high traffic areas

Best Area Rugs For High Traffic Areas

As compared with most areas of the home, the guest room, public room, and living room receive more traffic. These places are regarded as the most famous where people go for gatherings. This reason makes it challenging to select the class rug intelligently you intend to utilize in that same part of your respective home.

It is known to everyone that there are some types of rugs styles in particular which resist damage. Always be sure that these damages occur by dense traffic or high traffic. If your family is big, owns pets, and is continuously visited by relatives, quests, and friends at your respective residence, then always consider buying excellent durable rugs.

What Are Best Heavy Traffic Rugs

So what is the best carpet for high traffic areas? Remember a few points while buying rugs for high foot traffic, the rug must be:

  1. Low profile
  2. Dark colors
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Authentic and durable fiber

The wool rugs are pretty durable, but some other rugs are not suitable for heavy traffic areas.

Shaggy carpets are popular area rugs, but not preferable because heavy foot traffic areas as their pile will set down, weaken and outwear when walking on it.

Another type of rugs that are doubtlessly not satisfactory for a high-traffic area is natural plant-based materials like seagrass, sisal, jute, and coir. They will soak up or consume any water drops and spoil, and it is also better to decline to buy silk rugs because it’s not durable.

Wool Rugs - The Best High Traffic Rugs

One of the frequently asked questions is, are wool area rugs good? The life of wool rugs is nearly going for a longer duration by placing rugs pad underneath mainly because area rugs wear out from the under part. The bottom part is the position where the knot’s friction is relatively high in contact with the ground.

Wool is the best natural material for the floors, and the cause behind choosing a wool rug is the availability of vast designs, colors, qualities, durability, and softness.

The properties of wool are such that the waste, dirt, and remains are easily cleanable, and one can keep them in good shape for a more extended period, and it is excellent for heavy foot traffic.

Some Drawbacks Of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs absorb extra wetness and moisture present in the air, especially in a moist or damp climate as of wool’s highly porous and absorbent nature.

If wool rugs are in the bathrooms, storage rooms, or basements, it can become cold, decay, dust, and fungus because these areas are mostly moist. So it’s better to dry out in the sunlight after a little gap of time. Wool rugs are naturally resistant to the fire, and it is also held on a lot of wetness from the atmosphere.

It is always a great idea to treat the stain, mildew, or fungus instantly of the woolen rugs; otherwise, it will become difficult to clean or remove odor.

Although woolen rugs are costly, it can last for years if adequately kept up. Always try to avoid placing it under direct sunlight for a long time because of its proneness to fading. It may need occasional cleaning or washing by a professional expert.

Viscose and Silk Rugs

Real silk, bamboo silk, and viscose rugs have nearly the same appearance, and both are delicate and elegant fabrics. They both have a beautiful look but can break down or outwear from high traffic. These fiber rugs are not heavy-traffic friendly rugs, and we recommend using silk rugs only in low or medium traffic places.

Polyester Rugs - Best Carpet For High Traffic

The life of polyester fiber is little, but it has excellent resistance to stains. In a short period, polyester rugs give an impression of getting old, and it is not good resistance against deterioration. It is relatively cheap too.

Cotton Rugs - Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas

Flatweave in cotton is a moderately durable rug. Cotton rugs come in various designs and color combinations and are very easy to clean and wash. It is delicate and soft on the feet and is also inexpensive.

Natural Fiber Rugs

Besides cotton, other natural rugs like the jute, sisal and seagrass rugs also make some of the best types of area rugs for high traffic areas. Rugs made from fibers extracted from the plants create a great sense of decor, modern and traditional style.

Are jute rugs good for high-traffic areas? Cleaning jute fiber rugs may need some care, but yes, they are also amongst the best carpeting for high traffic areas.

Nylon Rugs

At least twice a year nylon fiber rugs require a steam cleaning for its long life, and it is very absorbent and will absorb spills. There are lots of color alternatives and have the highest capable resistance of facing foot traffic, and it is the high-priced synthetic choice.

Synthetic Rugs

The materials of these types of rugs are unnatural or, in simple words, human-made fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, and nylon. Synthetic carpets and rugs are quite famous. It is one of the most usual rugs available in the market. It is resistant to scrape; detrition doesn’t break and mash, and extremely resistant to blemishes and stains that make it favorable for many buildings, factories, and homes. It is relatively more straightforward in cleaning them, and they are reasonably affordable as well.

If you do not find the right size, color, and design in the suitable material, fill out our custom rugs form or send us by email at [email protected].

However, below is a list of some of the best h t rugs to buy instantly from other popular brands in the rug market.

Choosing Right Rug Color For High Traffic Places

When dealing with colors in a heavy traffic rug, make sure that it has to be dark whatever colour you choose. Dark color rugs hide stains, and dirt very well, and cleaning them is more manageable than cleaning light color rugs.

Some of the colors for rugs to go with for high foot traffic areas are light/dark gray, black, brown, beige, dark green, rust, navy blue, etc.

Top 2 Best Area Rugs For High Traffic Areas

1. Hexagonal Pattern Rug


  • The rug is a 1/3″ thick pile Turkish machine-made rug. The quality of the fiber-polypropylene is super good and has a soft cotton backing.
  • Available colors are Black, Dark Grey, Ivory, light blue, light Grey, Baby Pink, Beige, Fuchsia, Navy Blue, Orange, Dark Pink, Red, Yellow.
  • It is effortless to clean this polypropylene area rug. Moreover, it’s a stain resistant rug, and the carpet does not shed.
  • The rug being one for a high traffic area, make sure to vacuum at least 2-3 times a week. When it gets dirty, use any mild detergent for washing.


  • The rug is flexible and does not show break lines if you fold them. The flexibility is by the effect of its soft cotton foundation.
  • The availability of different colors in the same beautiful pattern adds more value to its specialties. It can make your room look modern.
  • The rug’s geometric pattern is such that the rightly chosen one can go very well using the living room and even bedroom.
  • It is one of the highest-rated polypropylene rugs available online.
  • You cannot be mistaken with this rug if you are seeking to buy an inexpensive rug. It is one of the best high traffic entryway rugs you can choose.

2. Contemporary Wool Area Rug


  • Next is this 0.33-inch thick pile handmade wool rug made in India.
  • There is no comparison to woolen rugs as they are known as the real type of rugs. The handcrafted work put in by the artisans adds to the uniqueness of this geometric rug.
  • Available colors are Black, Gray, Light Pink, Navy, and Rust. The patterns of each rug are drawn in White color.
  • Cleaning wool area rugs is simple but needs some special treatment compared to polypropylene fiber rugs or other synthetic rugs.
  • The rug is durable as it has the best quality wool used in it, so it’s an ideal rug for high traffic areas.
  • Shedding in wool rugs is quite common, but that reduces with time and stops. Vacuum routinely to keep the rug fresh and new.


  • There are many advantages of using wool made rugs; it brings warmth to anywhere you place, its stain-resistant, its an environment-friendly rug, and whatnot.
  • It is the most ideal for using this rug in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, entryway, hallway, and dining room.


We hope by now you have learnt from this article about the Best Area Rugs for high traffic areas. Furthermore, comment to share about the rug that you have been using for your heavy traffic areas. Let our viewers know about your rug’s durability and the fiber of your rug.