how much do moroccan rugs cost in morocco

How much do Moroccan rugs cost in Morocco, or how much do rugs cost in Morocco, or how much should you pay for a rug in Morocco. These all questions come in mind when looking at the elegant Moroccan shag rugs made there. Keep reading, we’ll get to all of that including their price in India. 

What To Buy In Morocco When Visiting?

Of all the fun you can experience in Morocco, there is but one thing in Morocco, made by the Moroccans that you cannot miss buying. What is it? No surprise, it’s the hand-knotted Moroccan rug.

Purchasing a rug is not always affordable, but it is more economical than buying Moroccan rugs from elsewhere other than from Morocco.

How Much Should I Pay For Moroccan Rugs?

As far as the price is the concern, it differs like other home decorations. The cost entirely depends on the rugs’ material, size of the carpet, quality, and the type of wash the carpet got.

A good quality average-sized(5.9×8.9) Moroccon rug may range from US $450 to US $500. They can proceed substantially up till US $8,500, and it can cost you a lot more for antique, vintage rugs and the rugs with high-end quality.

A small Moroccan rug is quite reasonable price-wise, but the larger size rug may cost a lot more. Moroccan area rugs are mostly hand knotted high-quality sheep wool with different pile thickness, designs, and weaving methods.

Moroccan carpets are classically handwoven by the Berber tribes. Almost all the Marrakech Morocco rugs are semi-old with different color combinations and sizes.

Moroccan area rugs have subjected the design, usually presenting a diamond motif or a zig-zag pattern. It is trendy for its simplicity. In present-day, trademarks and developers are far and wide holding color-washed and wet area carpets highlighting a few of such identical fascinating geometric formations. It is for this very reason why the Moroccan fabrics are so famous.

Shipping A Rug From Morocco

For the price of shipping a Moroccan style rug, you need to check with your shipping agent. The shipping cost is subject to change from time to time. For the current shipping rates from Morocco to the USA or Europe, contact FedEx, DHL or any reliable shipping service present in your location.

Moroccan Rugs Made In India

The styles and models of Moroccan rugs have influenced the Indian carpet manufacturers. Looking at its popularity, now the handmade rug manufacturers in India have started producing Indian Moroccan rugs designs in various qualities such as,

  • 3.5/32 (28 KPSI)
  • 5/28 (35 KPSI)
  • 5/32 (40 KPSI) and others. 

They come in uncountable patterns, and gorgeous color combinations using mostly fine Indian wool, NZ wool, or occasionally classic worsted wool.

The Indian Moroccan design rugs are not semi-old; instead, they are fresh and newly-produced carpets treated with luster wash. Indian carpet washing system is far superior to any other carpet producing country. It is for this very factor why the Indian Moroccan design rugs are softer, shiner, and have a soothing effect on the eye.

Why Buy Moroccan Rugs From India?

For a current Berber carpet price or a custom Moroccan rug, contact Faisal International. 

Faisal International does not sell stocked or old carpets. 

However, also remember, after all, original Moroccan rugs are from Morocco, and that, “originals will always be original.”

Moroccan Carpets From Marrakech - 6 Simple Buying Hacks

1. Ask For Less

 Repeatedly – Bargaining, again and again, works in Marrakech. Many of the rugs made in Marrakech are not new or a fresh piece. So the thirst to sell the carpet quickly and make money urges the weavers to sell even at the least profit margin. So bargain and get the diamond at the price of gold.

2. Show Less Interest

If you come across a rug that you fall in love with, keep calm without showing desperate want.

3. Choose Your Area Rug

You can never tell from a folded area rug the actual size. The real beauty of a carpet is when it gets unrolled completely. Inspect the colors, the patterns, the finishing in good natural light. Do not skip to measure the rug size at least once before your eyes.

4. New And Aged

For new or inexperienced rug buyers, they may not be an expert at recognizing the difference between a new Moroccan and an Antique Moroccan rug. Hence they can easily be misled and pay more for the fresh piece assuming it to be an Antique. An antique Moroccan area rug is at least 50+ years old, and hence not every one of them is an antique.

5. Authenticity

Another aspect not to miss while Moroccan carpet is to check the authenticity of the rug’s material’s authenticity. Again, do not pay more, assuming it is wool fiber when it is synthetic. To test, slightly burn the wool thread at the rug’s corner. Wool will not lit up, and it will smell like burning hair. A synthetic fiber will catch fire and smell like plastic.

6. Compare

To make the right deal, walk into different rug shops, and compare the price and the quality of a rug. The more you walk in various shops, the more chances to get the best of what you pay.

How To Make A Moroccan Rug

  • The process of making the genuine Moroccan hand woven rugs starts with acquiring the wool from the particular sheep of Moroccan hills.
  • The wool then goes for cleaning as it has essential natural oils.
  • The yarns that are ideal for weaving means they are ready to weave on a set of a loom and warp. In a Moroccan rug, generally, the thread is one hundred percent realistic wool.
  • The next procedure of fabricating the carpet is the Knotting. Here, you will find the authentic capabilities of weavers and their artistry.
  • After the final weave completion, the rug is cut and separated from the loom. The irregular piles get trimmed with unique scissors to get the pile length in the desired size.
  • In weaving a rug, the actual wool becomes muddy and hard because of its long period of fitting to the loom.
  • After that, the rug goes for a wash at the washing plant. The carpet gets washed 2 to 3 times to certify its delicateness and shininess.

If you have any questions about how much do Moroccan rugs cost in Morocco, or need a Moroccan rug sample for free, contact us and our team will respond as soon as possible.