how much does it cost to carpet a 10x12 room

How Much Does It Cost To Carpet A 10×12 Room? 

Many people think that hand-knotted and hand-tufted rugs are expensive types of home floor coverings, but rugs come in a wide range. The price of rugs depends on their quality, material, design, and style.

Nowadays, lots of fashionable and classy designers prefer and recommend high-end rugs that come in high-state-of-art or valuable material such as silk and New Zealand wool. These carpet types are mostly Indo-Nepali, oriental classical, and nearly all varieties of hand-knotted area rugs. 

Area rugs are tough to price, seeing the abundant assortment of quality structures, shapes, designs, and sizes.

Characteristics Of Rug Prices

Different rug manufacturers use different fiber yarns to construct the rugs in a wide range of qualities, significantly impacting all-inclusive rug prices.

Competitive hand-knotted rugs come at a price range of as little as US$ 2.00 per square foot. An area rug in fine quality wool with a beautiful design comes in US$ 6.00 per square foot or a bit more, but an average price of the classical and modern rugs in New Zealand wool and silk may go upto more than US$ 12.00 per square foot.

Although it is not easy to provide the exact price of any particular rug size-wise, we will do our utmost to bring rug prices, making you much more comfortable to differentiate the costs with the varieties of carpets.

If you want to buy a carpet in size 10×12, then it means the total area is 120 square feet. When choosing an area rug, make sure to analyze your furniture, entryway, and factors such as the styles, materials, quality (KPSI), and patterns.

How To Calculate Carpet Price

The price can range from US$ 2.00. to 30.00 for each square foot. If you multiply 10×12(width x height), you get the total area of the carpet. You will get 120 square feet. Now suppose the price of the carpet is US$ 5.00 per square foot. Next, multiply the total area with the price per square foot (120*5).

The total price of the carpet you get is US$600. It means your rug price for the size 10×12 will cost you US$ 600. In the same way, you can easily calculate the price of other rug and carpet sizes like 8×10, 9×12, 10×14, 12×18, 12×12, 12×15,15×15, 20×20, and so on.

Use our carpet cost calculator to estimate how much it costs to replace the carpet in a bedroom, living room, or dining room.

Quality And Pattern Styles

There is a variety of material which you can choose from so many types. Some of the popular fibers are wool, real silk, jute, cotton, nylon, acrylic, bamboo silk, viscose, etc. Although an expensive choice – for high quality, plush and royal feel, you can go with rugs like knotted Persian and Indo-Nepali.

Large Size Carpets As Wall Hangings

Wall hanging rugs start from US$ 10 to US$ 1000 per piece on average, but the price depends on the material style and sort. The price will be much higher for better quality. They’ve often woven in silk, wool, olefin, nylon, and polyester. They look elegant, classy, and eye-catchy in the drawing-room, living room, home office, and hallway.

Before setting on the wall, look for the rug material and quality, wall hanging rug style, shape, furniture, and room size.

Selecting Rug Styles And Choices

Rugs are an all-important aspect of any office and home, which is why the carpet must be perfect and error-free because your dining hall, living room are an essential part of your home, so your rug should reflect your likings in style and flavor.

There are lots of assortments of rugs in today’s market. The different types of kinds are Persian rugs, which come in multiple qualities from the lower end to the higher end. You can also choose loop pile, cut pile, and ‘cut and loop’ pile rugs. Each pile height rug serves its purposes and varies in prices.


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