how to clean cotton rugs

How To Clean Cotton Rugs!

Cleaning a cotton dhurrie rug might be like to do with cotton cloths, except that rugs are thicker and larger. The question here isn’t if they are washable or not; its even larger, it is “how to wash cotton rugs.” While it is less challenging to clean cotton area rugs than wool rug, there still are points to hit, and you must not be careless about it either.

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How To Wash Cotton Rugs STEP BY STEP

Cleaning a Stain From a Cotton Rug

Natural fibers like cotton can be tricky to clean, especially if you’ve never cleaned them before or never had to deal with a stain. The natural fibers in cotton mean it can cling to soapy residues if left behind and can then cause discoloration in the rug’s base.

Here are some tips on how to clean a rug, especially removing a stain from a cotton rug:

1. Hoover It

Regularly hoovering your rug will help protect it from debris build-up and accidental soiling anyway, so you should always hoover it alongside your other carpeted areas when possible.

If you have a stain, the only hoover after you have blotted the stain (if the stain is still new or wet); otherwise, you are at risk of spreading the stain around and making the job much bigger for yourself. Hoovering it when you are sure the liquid or food droplets are gone means you’ll pick up anything on top of the stain likely to be worked in during the cleaning process.

2. Blot It

Never scrub at the stain spot, as you will more than likely damage the fibers and ruin your rug. Dab at the stain gently working from the outside and spray a little water on if you feel it will help. Please don’t be tempted to over-wet the area as it may lead the base to moldy and rot.

Remember to always use a clean tissue or towel for blotting to ensure you aren’t working in any more stains.

3. Use Clear Washing Up Liquid

If you make a little of your cleaning solution to lift the stain, you’ll want to make sure it is apparent rather than colored. Doing this is extremely important if you’re going to ensure no detergent coloring gets transferred onto your rug (especially if it is light in color!).

Use a tablespoon of washing up liquid and one cold cup of water mixed to make an excellent solution to start cleaning. Remember to dab and work with the fibers rather than scrub.

4. Don't Be Afraid To Get Your Hands Dirty

It is worth using a carpet friendly steam cleaner first to try gently easing any dirt out.

If the stain doesn’t give up easily, consider hand washing the entire rug. Of course, you have the option of hiring someone to clean it professionally but, that can be costly, at least a lot more costly than doing it yourself (if it’s a priceless family heirloom, it’s probably worth the investment).

To wash a cotton rug, hang it over your washing line or similar and spray it with a mixture of laundry cleaning liquid and water; you could also use carpet specific shampoo’s.

The crucial part of this process is not the washing but the rinsing. You must make sure all the shampoo is removed from the base to avoid staining and oil build-up.

Once the rug is adequately rinsed, let it dry naturally, taking care not to forget about it as the sun may cause the fibers to fade.

While we hope that these tips will clean your rug – they may not always work. If you do not want to take the risk, it would be wise to get your carpet cleaned professionally.

Can Wash 100% Cotton Rug In A Wash Machine?

Another very frequently asked question is if it is possible to wash cotton rugs in a washing machine. Of course, you can wash cotton rugs or wash a rag rug in the washing machine. Washing rugs in a machine makes it convenient, but there are a few points one must take care of before beginning to wash:

  1. The size of the cotton rug is one thing to consider before going for it. The smaller the size of the rug, the better it is. A large size rug that easily fits into the capacity of the machine is better to choose. A rug must not suffocate in the box, or the machine will not work to its optimum level.

  2. The cotton rug’s color must be fadeless. To check that, apply some detergent and water solution to one corner of the rug and rub the surface with a white cloth. If there is little color blotted to the white cloth, then it fine to wash it in the machine, but for not too long. Anything more than the little, use a milder detergent or soap or completely avoid machine washing and go for professional rug cleaning.

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