kitchen rag rugs washable

Kitchen Rag Rugs Washable

Rag rugs are usually homemade with rags woven together to create an elongated multi-colored rug. You can buy rag rugs today for much less than you can make, although some people still make rag rugs by themselves.

There are so many decorative ways you can use a rag rug in your kitchen. They are ideal to use both in the kitchen and the bathroom in the washing machine conveniently without any problem.

Where To Place Hand Woven Rag Rugs

Rag Rug Under The Kitchen Sink

Washable rag rugs 2×3 size are adorable next to a kitchen sink. One place you want to put a rag mat in your kitchen is in the area before the sink. If standing on the sink, you’ll want to have something soft under your feet rather than a hard tile. Click for kitchen area rugs for hardwood floors.

Washable kitchen rugs are easy and convenient to use as they look good and are easy to clean/wash. You can usually buy these inexpensive rugs from discount stores and online stores for a few dollars, and it is well worth it.

Rag Rug Under Pet Dishes

If you have a pet, you probably have pet dishes in your kitchen. If this is the case, the pet dog will often spill some of its food or water while eating and drinking. One way to eliminate this problem is to use rag rugs under the pet supplies to be easily cleaned and protect the floor. Animals cannot learn to eat properly, so it’s best to accommodate them with some inexpensive form of protection under your pet carrier.

Under The Table And Chairs

While you can use small rag rugs under pet bowls and next to the sink, you’ll want to use larger rugs under the kitchen table and chairs. If you are looking for buying online or retail stores, you are sure to find the ones that match your decor. It is best to use a rug under the table covering the entire dining area, including the table and chairs.

Rag Rug In Front Of The Patio Door

If you have a patio door in your kitchen, you’ll want to use rag rugs in front of your patio door so people can wipe their feet when they enter and not leave dirt or mud on the floor. The entranceway rug is handy and useful if you have pets frequently strolling in and out of this entrance.

You can clean the pet’s paws all by itself by placing a rag rug at the entrance of your home. You can also wash it in the machine easily and quickly when it gets soiled. Rag rugs are ideal for kitchen entryways, especially when they face the outside and you have children or pets.

There are multiple decorative uses for rag rugs in your kitchen. They are inexpensive and can be used not only to brighten up your kitchen decor but also for practical functions.

Rag Rug Care And Maintenance

Unlike any other rug type, a rag area rugs need good care to prolong their durability.

The beautiful rag rugs being a product made from the wastes/recycled fabrics may show signs of wear and tear sometimes a bit early. So there are some steps to take to prevent shedding in rag rugs and early wearing.

  • Firstly, NEVER pull out any loose fabric from the rug. Instead, by using a pair of scissors trim out any peeping fabrics.

  • If attempting to hand wash the rug, make sure not to rub the rug’s surface too hard. Harsh washing can damage the binding or even break open the stitches in the rug. Machine washing is a good option though. Know how to clean cotton rag rugs.

How To Make A Cotton Rag Rug In 5 Steps

Rag work is a traditional craft that has become very fashionable in recent years. The great attraction it has is that it is very economical and respectful with the environment. Today, everything that is good for the environment matters. In rag work, recycled materials transform old and worn clothes into useful and beautiful works of art.

We will give you simple instructions on making a small rag rug out of materials that you probably have around your house. The design you choose is entirely up to you and your skill level. At first, you can try simple shapes and patterns like squares, each with the different fabric color.

Learn how to make a braided rag rug.

Things You Need

Strips Of Cotton Fabric: Cotton rag rugs are cheap/affordable. Old patterned shirts and dresses or old sheets and pillowcases cut into strips ½ inch wide and as long as you like.

Jersey Fabric Strips: Cotton t-shirts cut into long ½-inch wide strips.

Plastic Bands: Plastic shopping bags with text and images, also ½ inch wide and as long as you like.

Aluminum Foil Strips: Wrapping paper, candy foil, and chocolate bars also ½ inch wide and as long as you like.

Canvas Tapestry: You can buy this at a craft store, and it’s pretty stiff, so you don’t need a frame. Try buying with a 3-inch hole weave.

Carpet Tying Tape: Used to join the edges and seams on the back of carpets.

Latex Carpet Adhesive: You will need this for the backing of your finished piece. Use in a well-ventilated area.

Carpet Hook: There are different types of carpet hooks that you can find in the same section as your upholstery fabric. It usually has a wooden handle with a silver or brass hook on top.

Super Household Glue: Finally, you need glue to help stick the edges on the back.

Basic Techniques Of Weaving A Rag Rug

Crochet is the most common technique, and this is when you use strips of your fabric and pull them through the hole in your fabric. The material can be hung and left as a loop pile surface or cut with scissors to create a cut pile surface.

An interesting effect is to combine the pile of loops and the cut pile in one piece to create a sculptural look. When starting your project always leave around 2-3 inches of the border, at the end. That left out border will be flipped over to create a professional finished look.


First, place one hand under the canvas and run a piece of cloth between your thumb and forefinger. Then with your other hand on the canvas, push the hook through the hole. Pass the fabric over the hook.


Pull the hook up through the fabric, bringing the end of the fabric strip up.


Poke a hole in your canvas, so the loops don’t get too full. Push the hook through the fabric and insert the fabric loop over the hook as before. Pull the hook up through the canvas to make a loop about ½ inch high. Continue with this looping process, lift the ends of the fabric and cut to the same height as the loops.


To create the look of cut hair, make your curls ¼ inch high and trim them with a good pair of scissors.


Flip the edge over two inches and adhere it to the back of the canvas with strong glue. Let dry for a few hours and then apply a coat or two of latex carpet glue over the entire surface. Let dry overnight and read the directions on the back of the carpet adhesive for details.

Once your project is dry, you can place your new rag rug anywhere in your home and enjoy it for years to come. The good news is that these rugs are durable enough to throw in the washing machine after a few months of heavy traffic.

Top 2 Best Rag Rugs For Kitchen | Kitchen Rag Rugs Washable

1. Multicolored Washable Kitchen Rag Rugs Cotton


  • It is one of the best and high rated washable kitchen rag rugs handmade from recycled 100% cotton fabric.
  • The multicolor horizontal pattern makes the rug look elegant yet straightforward. There are other colors to suit your kitchens such as Denim, Gray, Nautical Blue, Cream, Mustard, Taupe, Aqua, Black, Brown, Mint, Oliver Green, and Wine Red.
  • You can position the rug to the spot of usage with three different sizes it comes in – 2’x6′, 4’x6′, 20×31.5″, and 36″ round.
  • The quality of the rag mat is excellent, which makes the rug very durable. The rug very well handles high traffic and endures wear and tear excellently.
  • Like some good machine washable rugs, this rug is washable in the machine without any hassle.
  • What adds to the specialness of the rug is that it is reversible.
  • Besides using it in the kitchen, you can also use the rag rug for the entryway, under small furniture, or even at your bathroom door.

2. Large Rag Rug Runner For Kitchen


  • If you have been looking for a cotton rag rug runner for your kitchen, then this one for you. It is one of the bests as its highly rated and reviewed rag mat online.
  • It is in the ideal size of 2.3″ x5,” making it a perfect runner for the kitchen.
  • The rug’s grayish color is attractive as very well can hide stains and dirt in the mat. However, there are other colors to choose to decorate your kitchen floor effectively. Other than gray, there is Blue/Multi, Ivory/Multi, Rust/Multi, Yellow/Multi, and Purple/Multi.
  • The cotton fiber pile makes the runner rug so soft to feel and to walk over.
  • If taken good care and maintained well, the rug can last for more than five years.
  • It is reversible and a machine-washable cotton kitchen rag rug, so you save much time and money in its maintenance.

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